sometimes i wonder if darth vader was a character created in this decade if tumblr culture would shame him and people who stan him too. HES PROBLEMATIC. HES A MASS MURDERER. HE TORTURES PEOPLE. YOU’RE PROBLEMATIC PIECE OF SHIT IF YOU LIKE DARTH VADER. liek chill b i like him cause he got a scuba breath. 

Disney: sells star wars merch of a mass murder and his entire genocidal army instead of selling merch of its protagonists Finn (a black man), Rey (female protagonist), and Poe (a latino man)

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Hey so maybe someone else pointed it out already, but someone on here said that Romani people where the only people targeted for extermination by the nazis, but weren't lgbtq people and people with disabilities as well?

I said “total extermination.” LGBTQ people and people with disabilities were often attempted to be “corrected.” There was no such effort with Jews or Romani. This is not say that mass murders didn’t occur, they most certainly did, rather it is to explain that they were done with different goals and in a different context. Also, LGBTQ and disabled Jewish and Romani people were always killed.

I don’t like how people are comparing Bellamy to Finn. Like I get it they both did wrong things and took a shit turn bet let’s break this down.

1) Finn only lost Clarke. Bellamy on the other hand lost his girlfriend, his best friend (Clarke), and is losing his sister because she doesn’t really associate as sky crew anymore.

2) Bellamy killed the mountain men in S2 along side with Clarke. And this season couldn’t protect his people when they got blown up in Mount Weather because he trusted someone. In particular a grounder.

3) Along with him killing those mountain men in S2, his only friend who could possibly know how he was feeling because they did it together (Clarke) left him. Left him to deal with his feelings alone. and it’s only been 3 months since then. a mass murdering like that doesn’t just wipes away your feelings so quick.

4) Bellamy has always thought he was a monster. That he just brings hurt to people. He says this in S1 with so much passion because he REALLY BELIEVES IT. He even said himself that it was him who told Gina to stay in mount weather. HE FEELS RESPONSIBLE FOR MOST OF THE DEATHS THAT HAVE HAPPENED SO FAR.

5) Finn didn’t have anyone to manipulate him into becoming who he was. That was all Finn. Pike literally said to Bellamy, “IT WAS YOUR FAULT” who the fuck says that when honestly at the end of the day it really was not his fault because Bellamy was trying to look out for his people and come on I would have trusted echo too considering what they both went through. Bellamy is trying to compensate for all the deaths HE BELIEVED HE CAUSED. and he tried being all friendly but look where that got him. He’s probably thinking of a different approach now because he probably feels like he’s run out of options.

What I’m trying to say is that Bellamy is in a really really vulnerable place more than people make him out to be right now. Just like jasper but that’s a whole other blog post.
Finn in S2 is not who Bellamy is becoming because there’s no way to compare them at all. Even though I think this season isn’t that great and the writers are doing a shitty job so far; Bellamy’s mental state right now is arguable. Not to mention he probably didn’t think that Pike was going to kill EVERY SINGLE GROUNDER. he probably thought that they were just going to stand guard and shit. I don’t know, just my opinion on that.

But Bellamy, as seen in the trailer, realized his wrong. I think people don’t really get the saying of “try to walk in other people’s shoes before you judge” because honestly these scenarios would never happen until post-apocalypse.
So just like with jasper, Bellamy and the state he is in right now makes more sense in the heart then it does in the head which people should think more about.

End of rant.

I’ve never understood what draws the line between animal cruelty and the systematic torture and killing of animals in slaughter houses. there is really no difference between dogs and cats, and cows and chickens and any other animals that we somehow decide are inferior to the rest of the animal kingdom and deserving of a short life of endless agony. how can we have the right to dictate which animals are allowed to live and which deserve to die? if animal cruelty laws are going to exist, they should apply to all animals because, the simple fact is, it is impossible to care about the lives of animals if you turn your head from the gruesome reality of what happens to the millions of animals in slaughterhouses on a daily basis. it is shocking to think of the amount of people who fervently support and enforce anti-animal cruelty laws amongst household pets, but who are also fully aware of the mass murder of innocent animals and do nothing to help them. people who eat animal flesh have absolutely no right whatsoever to claim that they have even the slightest care for the lives of animals. I find people’s ignorance simply so sickening

I’ve noticed the Tommy Merlyn fandom (myself included) tends to get their feelings hurt on Tommy’s behalf when Malcolm says he thought Oliver was better, like a son, etc.

You know what, though?

Those comments are a negative reflection of Malcolm and of Oliver.

Tommy was a good man with a kind, heroic heart and he would be proud he was such a disappointment to his mass murdering, malicious, manipulative, monster of a father.

I know I’m proud of him for that.

i’m actually really sad about how screwed bellamy is right now. it kinda felt out of character what he did?? like how could he do that after all he went through with the grounders tho… with lincoln and his sister. it’s like all the character development he went through in season 2 was for NOTHING. and this had probably ruined bellarke for a while… i like their relationship i don’t want it screwed uGH

also pike or whatever his name is needs to die in a hole, thanks. i guess now i understand why octavia said bellamy is dead to her because holy fuck i’d react the same

i also wonder how monty will react to his mother being part of the mass murderers…

Pike: Finn Collins 2.0?

The last time a Skaikru commited a mass murder on the innocent was back in Season 2 with our boy Finn Collins.

(Also the time Murphy was the reasonable one)

Well, hoe did it …and he killed 18 innocent grounders at TonDC.  

So Finn had to pay the price with his life in order for a truce to begin with the Grounders and the Sky People but mainly to pay for the bloodbath that took innocent lives.

Now, we have this turd Pike who’s going to massacre, not 18, but 300 innocent grounders who were sent there to protect his sorry ass in the first place.

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Jus Drein Jus Daun, Pike.

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Me! I want you to explain about them!

There was a company supported by a even bigger companies where they save nearly dead people and make them part android, there were more companies for moneymaking and famous people. PFX though is a lesser known company that saves people they think deserves to live again. Big al had died saving a kid in a fire, Sweet Ann died in a mass murder saving multiple school children, Yohioloid died early on his eighteenth birthday of a sickness and Ruby refused to tell anybody how she died. The lesser known companies cannot reverse most damages to the body like big al’s scars


Miss Eva Ernst/The Grand High Witch: Any questions?

Millie: Madam, what would happen if one of the chocolates we give away was accidentally eaten by a grown-up?

Miss Eva Ernst/The Grand High Witch: Hehehe. Then that’s just too bad for ze grown-up.

-”The Witches”