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Just Stop

I am so, so tired of Tumblr having a meltdown over who they may or may not be able to bang in Mass Effect Andromeda. Representation in media is very important, but throwing a hissyfit and swearing off a game because so-n-so isn’t gay or straight or bi or ace is goddamn idiotic, and really disrespectful to an amazing company that offers a complexity in romance and friendship almost NO OTHER COMPANY EVEN COMES CLOSE TO.

Contrary to the jokes we fans make, Bioware games aren’t shiny dating simulators here to fulfill your every romance novel expectation by inserting a story. They’re amazing, complex games with difficult choices and themes of race, sexuality, relationships, and sacrifice handled in increasingly open ways. It’s not about who you romance, it’s about exploring the freaking galaxy, and if you aren’t interested in that, chances are you’d hate the game even if you could fuck the whole cast.

I love Bioware, and I know they make mistakes, but I’m excited to join their next great adventure.

so recently I unfollowed some people and did some general dash cleanup, and I’m ready to get some new folks around

right now I’m into:

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Soooooo I already talked about how I like to think that Garrus and Shepard don’t really do PDA because they’re private people, out of respect for the people around them, personal reasons etc etc

HOWEVER this one time Shepard, Garrus, and Zaeed were on a mission and Shepard accidently called Garrus ‘honey’ just once and Zaeed IMMEDIATELY grumbled about how gross they are and how they should get a room. Weeeell Shepard isn’t having any of that so for the rest of mission Shepard and Garrus were like “CAN YOU SNIPE THAT ONE IN THE FACE, MY SWEET ANGEL?” “I SURE CAN, HONEY DARLING” and basically just tormented Zaeed the whole time.

Unfortunately for Zaeed, this starts A Thing and Garrus and Shepard put on this act every time he happens to be in the room alone with them. First it’s just pet names but then it somehow turns into them aggressively cuddling/making-out whenever he scowls in their direction. Eventually it escalates to the point where they violently launch themselves at each other the second Zaeed enters the room.

A Taste of Home

This beautiful post happened, and I couldn’t resist using it as an AU for my own Ryder, Erin! So I take no credit for the concept, just running with it to drench myself in more gross fluff involving Jaal and Ryder :3c

I’m 100% sure I can’t do more justice to Jaal’s side of the story than the original post did, so this is from Ryder’s side of things.

Spoilers for game ending!

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Never Change Mind

Kent wanted to tell the entire world about his boyfriend. His amazing, talented, loving, wonderful boyfriend. But he knew that wasn’t possible. He was out to his team (that had happened after an unfortunate incident in a club that Swoops still refused to talk about) and Alexei was out to his (he had come out under much better circumstances, as a show of support for Jack), but no one knew that they were dating.

Well. Swoops knew that Kent had a boyfriend, but, no matter how much he wheedled, he couldn’t get a name (he just knew it wasn’t the guy from the club). Alexei said that Jack also knew that he had a boyfriend, but Jack, being Jack, was respecting his teammate’s privacy and not asking.

“It’s great, being out and all, but I want to be able to brag about you,” Kent said one day, dragging his fingertips lightly over Alexei’s face on his laptop screen as they talked over Skype. “I mean, I know that it can’t happen. We’re expected to be rivals on—and off—the ice. But god, it’s hard.”

Alexei nodded. “Zimmboni talks about tiny baker always. Bitty this, Bitty that. I want to say my Kenny, he does great things too. My Kenny, the most pretty and most talented and best at hockey. But I cannot.”

“Damn, secret relationships suck,” Kent said with a frown. “And the only reason that I can’t tell my team is because you play for the Falcs. I mean, I’m fine—my boys will chirp me to hell and back, but they do that anyway. But there’s the whole Falcs-Aces thing and I don’t want to bring that down on you.”

“I know, Kenny,” Alexei replied.


They had left it at that, although it didn’t get any easier. And then as they got into post season things got even harder. Both the Aces and the Falconers were looking good for a Cup run and Alexei was playing incredibly—god, Kent wanted to express how proud he was of his boyfriend. He had accidentally made friends with Bitty somewhere along the reconciling-with-Jack road, so the two of them shared increasingly excited texts during the Falconers game (when the Aces weren’t playing, at least) shouting about their respective boyfriends. But as nice as that was, it wasn’t quite the same as being able to talk to Swoops or anyone else on the Aces.

And then, finally, they were at the final playoffs. The Falconers and the Aces in direct competition for the Cup.

“I’m thinking maybe coming out,” Alexei said as they Skyped a few days before the first game between the two clubs. “Jack, too, after end of Cup. He wants ask tiny baker to marry him. I’m just done waiting.”

Kent bit his lip. “I’ll come out, too. If you’re coming out, I want them to know that you’re spoken for, that you’re mine. That I’m yours. We can come out together.”

Alexei’s face lit up with a grin and that was that. They were coming out after one or the other of them won the Cup. It was real.


Kent shifted his weight from foot to foot, rocking slightly on the blades of his skates, as he waited for their introduction. They were playing game seven for the Cup on home ice and sure, that was stressful, but it wasn’t the only thing on Kent’s mind.

“You okay, Parser?” Swoops asked, punching Kent’s shoulder lightly. “I know that this game is it, that no matter what happens someone’s going home with the Cup, but we’ve won twice before, and last time was in game seven, and you’ve never been this nervous.”

“It’s not the game. It’s—gah,” Kent said. “It’s that after this I’m coming out. Publically. I talked to management and PR and they’ve okayed it. It’ll be me and my boyfriend presenting ourselves to the world.”

Swoops’ eyebrows shot up. “You’re coming out? And your boyfriend is here? We finally gonna get to meet the man who makes our captain into a lovesick fool?”

“Oh shut up,” Kent got out before he heard the beginning of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face followed by “here come your Las Vegas Aces!”

As they circled through warmups, Kent caught Alexei’s eye and winked. His boyfriend grinned quickly, then went back to his own warmups.

Kent had to focus. This was the Cup; he had to be the best. He couldn’t be anything else, not until the game was over.


Everything seemed to be going perfectly for the Aces. This was the way they should have been playing all along—if they had, they would have won the Cup in four; the series wouldn’t have dragged out to seven games.

When the final horn sounded and the Aces poured onto the ice in a shouting, hyper-excited mass, Kent couldn’t meet Tater’s eyes. He knew that only one of them was going to get to hoist the Cup, but he still didn’t want to see the sadness and pain associated with coming so close just to lose. It made even hoisting the Cup—for the third time; more times than anyone had every thought that the Las Vegas Aces would ever win—bittersweet.

“You gonna hold this thing with your boyfriend?” Swoops asked as Kent handed the Cup off to him.

“Haha, no. I can’t,” Kent said, and Swoops looked confused. He didn’t question it, though, until the next person had the Cup and he returned to Kent.

“What the hell do you mean, you can’t?” he demanded. “You just being selfish or what?”

Kent glanced across the ice. Most of the Falconers were gone, although Jack and Alexei still lingered, probably waiting for Kent.

As soon as Alexei saw that Kent was looking over at him, he started skating over to him.

“Not being selfish. It’s only superstitions,” Kent said and skated away from a still very confused Swoops, meeting Alexei at center ice.

“I’m sorry you lost,” he said, looking up at his boyfriend. “How do you want to come out? Interviews?”

Alexei shook his head. “You ready?”

Kent furrowed his brow. “Of course I’m ready. Are you changing your mind? Is that why you’re shaking your head?”

“No, not at all.” Alexei looked closely at Kent, gaze firm. “I’m never change mind about you.”

Before Kent could ask any more questions, Alexei wrapped his arms firmly around Kent and leaned down, pressing his lips to Kent’s.

Kent didn’t react for a moment, not believing what Alexei was doing, then he kissed him back. It was perfect, so very them.

“Hey, Tater,” Jack called after a moment, skating up behind them. “Coach is looking for you.” He glanced at Kent, still held tightly in Alexei’s grasp. “Congratulations, Kenny.”

As Alexei and Jack headed off the ice, Kent went to regain his team.

“What the fuck?” Swoops asked, staring at Kent. “I thought your boyfriend was here, but you’re out there at center ice making out with fucking Mashkov? What’s your boyfriend going to say?”

Kent shrugged. “I think my boyfriend is going to say ‘I’m never change mind about you’ and kiss me on the ice after I win the Cup.”

Lost and Found

Contains end game spoilers and Ryder family secrets. 

When Jaal first sees Sara after her visit to the Hyperion her eyes are glistening with fresh tears. He doesn’t notice the faint smile tugging at the corner of her lips, he only sees what he assumes is pain hiding just underneath the surface as thin lines of salty tears run across her cheeks.

His arms wrap around Sara. There is a light squeeze which surrounds her as he voices his concerns. Is she alright? Did something happen? What can he do to help his Darling one?

Pure joyous laughter fills the air. It is confusing at first. Odd. Crying meant pain. Laughter meant joy. The two didn’t necessarily mess and yet, the small human he had come to love, expressed both simultaneously. Curious blue eyes focused on the bright endearing smile pulling at her lips- the tears slowly drying on her soft skin.

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