mass is a coffin

Small Lesson about Estonian:

One of the articles found on reads as follows:

Currently, it translates as “It seems that the coffin leech of Mass Effect series has been nailed shut permanently.”

The problem lies in the word “kirstukaan” which should instead be “kirstukaas”.

It’s a mistake that even native speakers do as word “kaan” (leech) is often mistaken to be singular nominative form of “kaas” (lid).

It happens because the genitive and partitive forms of the words are quite similar:

Lid: kaas (nominative) -> kaane -> kaant

Leech: kaan (nominative) -> kaani -> kaani

Of course, nominative plural forms add on to the confusion:

Lids = kaaned

Leeches = kaanid

So in conclusion, be smart, don’t invent new species of leech. Look it up from EKI if you’re not sure ;)

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headcanons when you date Subaru and Shu?


  • Loads of cuddles and using the other as your pillow/sleeping mattress
  • Playing with each other’s hair as you cuddle whilst staring into one another’s orbs endearingly
  • Falling asleep with in each other’s arms while sharing an earbud and the soothing tunes with him
  • Those very few occasions when he’ll play the violin for you when you’ve arranged a candle-lit dinner for the two of you
  • He’ll tease you when you’re out in the field of another person’s vision, insisting on how your lewd nature enjoys such exhibitionism
  • He’ll show you his favorite, secret outdoor spots that you’ll spend a lot of alone time in, the areas happening to be ones that he and Edgar used roam around in
  • Dragging you with him as he ditches his classes and sometimes getting dragged to classes by you where he’ll just sleep against your shoulder


  • He’ll worship both your body and soul, sometimes openly with a blush, occasionally with determination and no visible shame
  • He’ll take you on strolls across the rose garden and decorate your hair with the rose that reminds him of you (color and shape-wise)
  • You’ll feel absolutely safe and protected… aside from the little slips in violence that he’ll tend to perform (that may be directed even to you)
  • He’ll ensure you’ll get plenty of quality time alone with him, away from his pesky brothers and the disturbing masses around you
  • Sharing the cramped space of his coffin at nights and bringing you two closer than ever
  • Full moon flights he’ll take you onto occasionally when he’s not completely driven by his libido, usually leading to passionate vanilla sex
  • He’ll accompany you into activities that he’d rather stay far away from… usually


Day Ten: Crispin Hellion Glover - “Ben”

The 2003 remake of the 1971 film Willard, about a young man’s strange and powerful connection with rats, is something of a fascinating mess. Helmed by X-Files alum Glen Morgan and driven by an incredible performance by none other than Crispin Glover (in a rare lead role), the movie was severely screwed by New Line Cinema’s discomfort with it. Demanding numerous re-shoots and re-cuts to make the film more palatable for a mass audience, the studio drove the final nail in its coffin when they ordered it be cleaned up and and given a happy ending to achieve a PG-13 rating. Gone were Willard’s ultimate comeuppance and R. Lee Ermey’s masterful use of vulgarity in the role of Willard’s evil boss, leaving the movie a wishy-washy shell of what it could have been.

What retained its artistic integrity, though, is the music video shot to promote the film. Glover himself (returning to a music career mostly abandoned after his fascinating 1989 album The Big Problem ≠ The Solution. The Solution = Let It Be) recorded a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Ben” (a song written as the title track for the sequel to the original Willard) and directed the accompanying video art film, enlisting R.Lee Ermey to play several characters. Like Crispin Glover himself, it’s perplexing, fascinating, and beautiful.

The Willard DVD is worth tracking down, not just for the movie itself, but because it features a great documentary and commentary that are brutally honest about the movie’s flaws, as well as this video and its own breathless Crispin Glover commentary.

And, as long as we’re talking Crispin Glover nightmare fuel music videos, here’s Clowny Clown Clown.

Showmen’s Rest, Woodlawn Cemetery, Forest Park, 1918 

In 1918, 86 members of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus were killed in a train wreck just outside of Hammond, Indiana. 61 of the dead were interred in a mass grave at Woodlawn cemetery in Forest Park, dubbed Showmen’s Rest. 

There are, of course, rumors of ghosts at the site, often accompanied by the faint din of circus music. 

bonnyanne’s ultimate pirate mix listen

  1. Master of Tides-  Lindsey Stirling
  2. Merry Men- Marc Streitenfeld
  3. Sea Legs- The Shins
  4. The Islander- Nightwish
  5. The Pirate’s Gospel- Alela Diane
  6. The Fortune of Edward Kenway- Brian Tyler
  7. Main Theme- Brian Tyler
  8. Hoist the Colours- Hans Zimmer
  9. Black Sails Opening- Bear McCreary
  10. When the Ship Comes In- The Chieftains/The Decemberists
  11. La Leyenda Del Tiempo- Camarón De La Isla
  12. Shanty for the Arethusa- The Decemberists
  13. This Shell of Mine- Rosie May
  14. The Captain and the Hourglass- Laura Marling
  15. Oh Sailor- Mr. Little Jeans
  16. Don’t Forget Your Old Shipmate- Jerry Bryant and the Starboard Masses
  17. Away Rio- The Revels
  18. Rolling Down to Old Maui- David Coffin/Revels Men Chorus
  19. Mouthwings- Mountain Man
  20. Buried In Water- Dead Man’s Bones
  21. Burial At Sea- Mono/The Wordless Music Orchestra
  22. Starfall- Two Steps From Hell
Black Mass Setlist for Black Veil Brides
  1. Heart of fire
  2. I am Bulletproof
  3. Coffin
  4. Faithless
  5. Wretched and Divine
  6. Knives and Pens
  7. Overture
  8. Shadows Die
  9. Goodbye Agony
  10. Last Rites
  11. Rebel Love Song
  12. Christian ‘CC’ Coma Drum Solo
  13. The Legacy
  14. Sweet Blasphemy
  15. All Your Hate
  16. Perfect Weapon
  17. Fallen Angels
  18. Love Isn’t Always Fair
  19. In the End

Many, many  years ago,
in a house not far from here,
there lived a frail old lady,
who filled us all with fear.
She lived alone in a big old house,
in a garden overgrown,
with trees and hedges growing wild,
behind walls of jet black stone.

She stood no more than four foot tall;
the  clothes she wore, would fit a doll,
with hair that nearly touched the ground,
and all  us kids, called her Hairy Moll.
At certain times she could be seen;
you could see the curtains twitch,
through curtains stiff with grime and age,
we could spy the wicked witch.

One time we saw her out of doors;
we peered through cracks in the garden wall,
as she laid flowers on a bed of rocks,
we could hear her eerie, witches call.
As she spoke her words, the wind did rise,
and in her garden the trees did groan,
whipping and lashing and blowing around;
we took to our heels and scampered off home.

And then one day as we played outside, 
two cars pulled up at Old Molls door,
they carried her out in a black body bag,
and of Hairy Moll, we saw  no more.
People were talking at their garden walls,
wondering what had become of Old Moll,
and two days later at her funeral mass,
she lay in a coffin, that was fit for a doll.

T’was near Halloween and the nights had grown cold,
as we sat on the wall around Old Molls home,
we were daring each other to enter her house,
but all were afraid, so we made our way home.
Then Halloween night, t’was blowing a gale,
as two of us scampered o’er Hairy Moll’s wall,
we entered her house through a broken back door,
we stood in her parlor and started to call:

We called out her name, we were teasing the dead,
and the wind, it was blowing and squalling about,
we climbed the old staircase with fear in our hearts,
when a voice full of rage screamed at us to GET OUT.
We flew down the stairs like bats out of hell,
we ran down the hallway, so dark and so black,
we ran through the kitchen and into the yard,
screaming and shouting, HAIRY MOLL has come back.

We scaled the stone wall, as agile as cats,
we collapsed and lay panting and gasping for breath,
we were sure Old Moll would follow us home,
and not go away ‘til she scared us to death.
Our friends,they all laughed at what we had seen,
they would not believe one word that we said,
but me and my friend, we will never forget,
the night Hairy Moll, came back from the dead.

Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts.

A metal song about NIto
A metal song about NIto

Shit i forgot to save
In this hard ass game
He’s Nito, lord of the dead
Sign says: Treasure Ahead





I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this 80’s style!





He is made out of skeletons and pubes.


Some of the most powerful pictures ever taken.

  1. Eyes Full of Wonder: A little boy, deaf from birth, hears sound for the first time after getting cochlear implants.
  2. Defiance: A young soldier defiantly confronts Heinrich Himmler in a German POW camp. Himmler, who was virtually the second in command to Hitler during the Second World War, committed suicide while in British custody after the end of the war.
  3. Devotion: A Hindu devotee takes a plunge in the holy waters of the Ganges river
  4. “Hold My Hand”: A little girl holds the hand of a 105 year old woman as they are evacuated following Hurricane Katrina.
  5. Inside Auschwitz: Scratch marks inside the gas chambers at Auschwitz made by prisoners frantically trying to escape the fatal gas.
  6. Standing Guard: An Orthodox Jewish man looks on as riot police stand guard following massive protests and demonstrations by the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel. The community was protesting against legislation that would enforce involuntary conscription on them.
  7. Final Goodbye: John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes the coffin of his father.
  8. Mass-Wedding: A mass-wedding in South Korea where over a thousand couples got married together.
  9. Hope is the Only Thing We Have: A Japanese soldier holds an abandoned baby girl following the 2011 Tsunami. The girl was soon adopted after this picture was published.
  10. All is Lost: A woman comforts her son after a massive tornado ripped through their home in Concord, Alabama.
Black Mass: I saw BostonBatch this morning - bury me in a Y-shaped coffin for I am DEADED : Cumberbitches

Hi, ‘Bitches. Long time lurker, first time poster here. Be kind. So, I decided to stroll past 111 G st in Southie this morning. I had my kid in the s…

“He is taller than I’d thought (I’d suspected he was a 5'11” wannabe 6 footer, but no, he’s def 6’ tall), and ripped. Like, really much more muscly than I was expecting - those arms! Dat ass! And the arm veins were in Full Effect. Popping. There is not an ounce of fat on that man, it’s all muscle, sinew and wholesome goodness. (And the hat looks better in real life, too.)“