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Waiting for Daybreak

The clock in the corner of your computer screen just hit 12:00 AM, making today May 16th, 5617. You’ve turned 18 years old today! You’re a real live, bona fide adult! And you aren’t anything less than absolutely fucking stoked. Think about all of the incredible adult things you’ll be able to do! You know… get a job… go to college… and some other stuff… Yeah, no matter how you cut it, it still sounds like a lousy gig. So you’re mindlessly scrolling through your dashboard on Bumblr to help you ignore the mass of responsibilities piling up on top of you. But that’s just how it is, right? Though, we have a story to tell here, so why don’t we decide this young lady’s name, shall we?

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I guess the way I see it is, you either reveal your romance options or you gate flirts.

Like, maybe this is just me, but as a… chick for chicks, let’s say, a ladybro for ladybros, a spectre for spectres… the conversation where the woman you’ve been flirting for several interactions with who’s given no prior indication that she’s straight tells you she’s so not into it? That’s not a clever game mechanic. 

(Oh, it’s realistic, sure, but it’s realistic in the way that a daily shit is realistic, and funny how you don’t see much of that realism in video games.)

It keeps being treated by the writers as this fun thing - explore! discover! you’ll see, haha! - when the interaction they’re describing is one that isn’t even a little fun in real life. When it’s so closely related to the reality that when I came out as bi, years ago, all my straight female friends had to pull me aside and make sure I knew that they weren’t interested in women. (Despite the fact that I was married at the time.) There’s no real awareness on their part that I can see that for a specific group of people that kind of conversation has extremely negative connotations in real life that it doesn’t hold for others.

It’s not about entitlement, or being able to romance whoever you want. It’s about wanting to play a goddamn video game about scanning virtual rocks and seducing aliens without having to sit through the pained-smile-’well-as-long-as-you-know-i’m-not…-you-know’ speech in two fucking galaxies at once.


Happy Birthday Keith Haring!

(May 4, 1958 – February 16, 1990)

“The public needs art — and it is the responsibility of a ‘self-proclaimed artist’ to realize that the public needs art, and not to make bourgeois art for a few and ignore the masses.”  

 – Keith Haring –

I think the hardest emotional gut-punches that Bioware dishes out are putting music from earlier games in a series during key plot parts of latter ones

like the ME1 theme playing after you cure the genophage in ME3 or literally any scene in Inquisition where you could hear the Hawke family theme in the background or the Origins theme redone as a tavern song. like that shit messes me up so bad. 

Flexible BAMF Lance Part 2!!

They should’ve went left. But nooooo. Nobody listens to Lance. His gut told him to go left, but the team ultimately decided to go right. Guess it wasn’t the RIGHT decision (sorry, I’ll stop). To be fair, nobody knew that it would lead them right into Lotor’s trap. The main reason why they invaded the Galra ship is because they had more information about Pidge’s family. And Lance was a family kind of guy. He understood. So he swallowed down his protests and went with the team. Now they were here, handcuffed to a metal post whole Lotor paced in front of the paladins. “You foolish children. You honestly thought you could easily sneak into MY ship and just stroll away with confidential information? If this is what Voltron has become, taking total control will be,how do you earthlings say, a walk in the park.” Lotor laughed menacingly. Alright, Lance had heard enough. While Lotor continued to blab and swish his hair, Lance silently gripped his thumb with his other hand. Wearing a deadpanned expression and with hard and quick twist and tug, he easily dislocated his thumb. He easily slipped his hand out from the cuff. Now to get Lotor into range. “Hey, Lord Fuckboy or whatever your name is, your roots are horrible.” “Lance, what are you doing?!” Keith hissed at him, who was chained right beside him. “Trust me. I know what I’m doing. Yeah, you’re fooling nobody. We all know that’s not your natural color. And look at those split ends. More like divorced ends, am I right?” Lotor quickly marched to Lance, grabbing him by the collar of his suit and putting him right in front of his face. “You dare disrespect me? Say that directly to my face, and see what you get.” “No thanks, I’m done talking now. I’d much rather move on to the park where I kick you in the face.” “Excuse me?? You dare threaten the mighty Prince Loto-” THWACK!! Lotor quickly crumbles to the ground. Lance slowly lowers his leg back to the ground with a pleased grin on his face, and he resets his thumb back into place. “Wow, I never thought he would shut up.” Sirens blared and the thunderous sounds of footsteps fluttered throughout the room. “Sorry guys, I don’t think I’ll have enough time to free y'all before backup comes, but don’t worry.” Lance smirked. “Papi Lance is here to save the day.” Galra guards quickly fled the room and Lance wasted no time. He ran directly toward the mass, ignoring his teammates yells. As he approached the first Galra and before it could shoot, he quickly done a backflip, extending out his leg and kicked the guard under the chin, landing easily on his feet. Lance grabbed the disregarded gun, and somersaulted over the remaining Galra. He scaled part of the wall in order to gain leverage and reach the railings of the low ceiling. Holding the gun in his mouth, he grabbed the rail with both hands, and quickly spun himself until he gained enough momentum to launch himself to the other side of the room. When landed, he quickly drew the gun, and all hell broke lose.
Gun marks scattered all over the floor and walls of the ship, along with the bodies of Galra soldiers. Lance brought the smoking gun to his lips and blew away the remaining smoke. “Now that’s how you get it done.” The team stared at the Blue Paladin in shock. Pidge whispered, “Holy shit.” “Pidge, language.” Was Shiro’s breathy reply as he stared with wide eyes. Hunk started slow clapping, quickly gaining speed and crying while Keith just confirmed that he was, in fact, the gayest person he knew. Lance turned to his team and shrugged. “I’m super flexible. I do yoga two times a day, and I’m the champion of Twister back home. I also wanted to run away and join the carnival when I was younger, so I took gymnastics.” Lance smirked. “It was pretty impressive you gotta admit.” The team comes pack to their senses and shakes their heads and chuckles, getting the information they came for. They then head back to their lions. Before they can get in, however, Lance stops them. “Hey, before we head back to the castle, I just wanted to say something…” The teams waits patiently. Lance takes a deep breath, and with tears beginning to form in his eyes, he quiznaking dabs.

Imagine a renegade Shepard developing feelings for their LI. Imagine that they are terrified of their feelings and try to suppress them bc they just have this gut feeling that it’ll never happen. They are a ruthless monster covered in glowing, gnarly, crimson scars, how could anyone love them? How could their LI love them? Also, love is weakness that their enemies could exploit and Shep knows that by heart. “Love is useless and I’m too horrible to deserve it.”

Now, imagine Shep coming to terms with their feelings. They may not get together with their LI soon, hell, maybe not at all, but they now have something (or, in this case, someone) to fight for like they probably never have before. Shep attempts to protect them in fights and their stoic, hard expression softens a bit when they are near their LI.

Finally, picture renegade Shep hearing from their LI that they actually like them the same way. Shepard’s heart pounds and they are completely stunned. Thousands of questions go through their head, but never come out of their mouth. They accept and confess that they love their LI back with confidence.

Throughout their entire life they never had a choice but to be pictured and designated as ruthless and a monster, but for the first time, they found someone who views them as more than that. They don’t view Shepard as the butcher of Torfan, the first human spectre, the savior of the Citadel, or the conqueror of the Collectors. They view Shepard as what they truly are: a living being that is flawed in many ways, like everyone else in the galaxy.