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Are you sure Florida is real? I'm pretty sure it's a mass hallucination caused by people really wanting Disney to exist in places other than California

That would explain my neighbors who dress solely as Disney mascots

the fact that it’s chicken in chili and not chicken and chili has literally changed my life but the fact that louis acknowledged the Weed Video™ four years later despite the thing actually feeling like a fever dream/mass hallucination has got me shookest

Most people know Waluigi doesn’t have his own game or had any role in a main series Nintendo game, but I don’t think some people understand how bizarre Waluigi’s situation really is.

He hasn’t just ‘not had a role’, we don’t see him at all. He’s never mentioned, not by his ‘bro’ Wario in Warioware, not by his nemesis Luigi. Not by anyone

Outside of spin-off sports titles, second party games and Smash bros. there are a few hints of him (from my knowledge)

  1. In Game and Watch (not Warioware!), he’s a boxer for a mini-game
  2. In Thousand Year Door, you can get a purple hat and sleeves alt.
  3. In Super Mario maker, he’s a playable mushroom power-up

That’s it.

Waluigi has been in over 50 games and the only sports game in recent memory I can think where he wasn’t playable was Mario kart 7 and even then he had his own course ‘Waluigi Pinball’ in it. Since his creation, there hasn’t been a year where Waluigi has not appeared in a game. 16 years straight of consistent Waluigi right there, folks.

Waluigi has had serious screen time. He has had more voice acting, lines of dialogue and more information dropped about him then some main characters in other games. He’s had considerable parts in the tennis and golf games, with cutscenes and large roles alongside Wario. We all know his character, we’ve seen him around everywhere.

So why have we never seen him in a Nintendo game? Not even as an npc whose only line of dialogue is ‘wah’. Not even as a passing Easter egg? Not even as a poster in the background or in a single line of text from a toad hinting to him?

Its just so strange. It makes him feel like a mass hallucination that only appears when you say the words ‘sports’

Kip Kinkel’s Hallucinations and Delusions

Kip reported that he began hearing voices when he was in sixth grade. The first time he heard a voice it told him, ‘You need to kill everyone, everyone in the world.’ It also told him, ‘You are a stupid piece of shit. You are’t worth anything.’ Thus, from the onset of his psychosis, Kip heard voices that urged him toward both homicide and suicide.

When asked where the voices came from, Kip had a couple of ideas. One idea was that he was hearing the devil. Another, was that the government might have put a computer chip in his head, with satellites transmitting messages to the chip.

Kip went on the describe three different voices: A, B and C. The ‘A voice’ was loud and authoritarian and told him what to do. The ‘B voice’ made derogatory statements to him. The ‘C voice’ repeated what the other two said or commentated on them. Sometimes he heard the voices talking to each other about him. Kip tried a variety of things to make the voices stop, including exercise, watching television, and punching himself in the head. After he was arrested and was giving his confession, he cried out about the voices and began banging his head against the wall.

Less than a month before the attack, Kip yelled in class, ‘God damn this voice inside my head.’ He was cited for misbehaviour, and a disciplinary form that quoted his outburst was sent home and signed by his mother. When his teacher asked Kip if he was really hearing voices, Kip denied it. He was painfully aware that being ‘crazy’ would lead to ostracism at school and be a major disappointment to his parents. Thus, his fear of being labelled as crazy prevented him from getting the help he desperately needed.

Kip’s delusions included paranoia that China was going to invade the US. In preparation for this, Kip had built bombs and stockpiled guns. Kip said about China: ‘They are so huge. They have nuclear weapons. Seemed like I would end up fighting them. I had lots of fantasies about fighting the Chinese.’ Another of Kip’s obsessions was his fear that the world was about to experience a plague. He feared the end of the world and the falling apart of society. He wanted to build a bomb shelter and accumulate food and supplies. Kip also believed that Disney was taking over the world and would replace the American dollar with the Disney dollar, featuring a picture of Mickey Mouse. In talking about Disney, Kip told Dr Bolstad, ‘No one of average intelligence sees it with Disney. You have to be smarter.’

Kip had other delusions. He said that sex criminals had chips put in them. He seemed to think that the television show The X Files indicated that the government was experimenting with putting chips in people. He said the chips could produce voices, adding, ‘Maybe that’s the way they’re controlling me.’ After the attack, Kip continued to be paranoid. Dr William Sack, a psychiatrist who worked with Kip in prison, reported that Kip thought visitors might have cameras in their glasses. He was also afraid his medication might be poisoned.

Besides auditory hallucinations, Kip may have also experiences visual ones. He told strange stories about a man who allegedly lived nearby and drove a car with bullet holes in it. Kip was so afraid of him that he said he bought a stolen gun because he needed protection in case the man came after him. It is not clear if Kip was paranoid about a real man who lived nearby, or if he was having visual hallucinations.

Adapted from ‘Why Kids Kill’ by Peter Langman


In 2035, a mysterious outbreak at the North Pole shook the whole world and made him tremble in anticipation. Anomaly was noticed by a group of climbers-researchers. They did not dare to approach the point of the origin, but pictures were taken. After the incident, 5 continents decided to send the best scientists to study the phenomenon, but unfortunately, the connection between them was lost. Six months later their bodies were never found.

After the incident, people began to see what they had never seen before.

Effre - is an unknown creature. It eats the emotions of a person, which causes it to evolve, and is always next to its “host”. They can develop intellectually, but at an early stage of evolution, they don’t have a permanent body shape. Depending on the type of emotion, they acquire new traits. If a person experiences negative emotions, it tempts effre, and it is very difficult to give up. They are palpable only for their “host” and for them. If you interact with another person, the effre will imitate, but only with each other. They are hermaphrodites, but they can not reproduce. If desired, a person can show their effre.

Fanatics refer to the aliens’ machinations. In church, effre is considered a sin, which follows the possessor (the person themselves). Scientists consider them as a mass hallucination, because of the incident that occurred at the north pole.
The military initially was highly in doubt, but three years later after the incident, the effre became the enemies of mankind. More precisely, their subspecies - “Tangible”

Every effre knows that a complete devouring of a human means death to themselves . Therefore, if the “host” tries to commit suicide or has suicidal tendencies - they will be swallowed. After that, the person lives in the effre, like a baby in the womb of the mother. This happens until the effre will no longer consider the “host” compatible enough to live on. The effre itself becomes - “Tangible”. But not all of them are good. They are individual. Each of them has their own opinion about people, their “host” etc. Some of them began to attack people, which causes a great panic and massive resonance.
Scientists have tried to study the “tangible”, to negotiate with them or to remove the “host” from the effre, but all attempts only caused death of the person inside the “tangible”. Subsequently, the negotiations of world powers created a special organization for the extermination and studies for these creatures - “Cycle”.
The plot develops around two employees of this organization “Cycle” - Simon Schempp and Ralph Hardman. 

Ralph Hardman is 37 years old, height of 182 cm, widower, and does not have a relationship. He is asexual, has a quick temper and is regularly grumpy. At the expense of his military classification, he went to work for this organization, where he is put with a partner named Simon Schempp, which Ralph is not very happy about. He often has conflicts with him because of his irresponsibility and sloppiness, but the organization constantly refuses to give him a new partner.

Simon Schempp is 42 years old, height of 186 cm, married, and has a 7 year old daughter, Angela. He is pansexual and works in the organization practically from the very beginning. He has an excellent reputation as a hunter, but because of repeated sex with the “Tangible” and his relationships with his partners, he has a mixed reputation in the team. He loves his daughter and his wife Samantha, about whom nothing is known. He is sarcastic, prideful, and a cunning man, and sometimes deliberately substitutes his partners in consequence of which they are perished.

“Pidge said that they were ‘born a girl’ though!! Lol saying pidge is a trans girl is the REAL transphobic thing to do uwu”

Like can any of you pull up a screenshot of her saying ‘I was born a girl’ bc? It never??? Happened?? What the fuck are any of you talking About?? Mass hallucinating maybe?? Lmao

We are infantilized, we are told you can wonder around within the sanctioned playpen of ordinary consciousness and we have some intoxicants over here if you want to mess yourself up: scotch, tobacco, red meat, sugar, television… but, the boundary dissolving hallucinogens that give you a sense of unity with your fellow man and nature are somehow forbidden. This is a sign of cultural immaturity; a society that is as oppressed as that of the past. This is part of our birth right, the substances will deliver. We are caged by our cultural programming. Culture is a mass hallucination.
Psychedelics are a catalyst for imagination. Catalysts to say what has never been said, to see what has never been seen, do what has never been done, to push the envelope of creativity and language. We have to stop consuming culture, we have to create our own roadshow..
—  Terence Mckenna
Nine Tenths [1/1]

Happy birthday to the fantastic, funny and talented Mama @dassala !!!! Wishing you a wonderful day and many many more to come! This is a very quick silly fic for you based on our Hub Shenanigans, I hope you enjoy! <3 <3

Captain Swan. 1.8k, T. Post S6 but with no S7 spec whatsoever cause I don’t roll that way. Contains material that may be offensive to tourists, sorry not sorry, it’s been a long summer.

Curses have many disadvantages.

It isn’t that Emma’s unaware of that - after spending half her life on the run from some curse or another you’d think she’s be delighted  by the new, peaceful side of Storybrooke.

You’d think that, but you’d be forgetting one very important point.

Magical curses had protected them from the worst curse of all:


It isn’t that she doesn’t get the appeal, she does, she really does. Storybrooke is quaint and idyllic, a place where time has stood still since 1983 - quite literally, for most of it - so when the first wide-eyed strangers with New Hampshire plates roll into town she’s one of the first to instruct Granny to hoover the dust bunnies from the B&B. It’ll be good for them, she thinks. The normality.

But Storybrooke’s never been good at normal.

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Mass Hallucination?

When I started to think about the group still being stuck in the train car at Terminus, I thought back to bethgreenewarriorprincess’s idea about how the reverberation of the explosive going off in the train car could give everyone in the train car some kind of head injury. This made me question if a group of people could have a similar, almost simultaneous psychological episode (or dream or hallucination) and here’s what I found. 

I first typed in “group hallucination” which led me to “mass hallucination” which led me to “mass hysteria.”

Mass hysteria is defined as:

1. Spontaneous, en masse development of identical physical or emotional symptoms among a group of individuals, as in a classroom of schoolchildren.
2. A socially contagious frenzy of irrational behavior in a group of people as a reaction to an event.

I think that during a zombie apocalypse where the entire situation is irrational and there are few people you can actually trust or depend on and you never know when you’re going to die, this definitively justifies mass hysteria.

I think we also saw evidence of this when Bob was taken and Daryl and C@rol left the church to go find Beth and right away Sasha (and Rick) became suspicious and accusatory of Father Gabriel when in reality there was no proof that he had anything to do with the group members disappearing (though I still don’t necessarily trust him).

I also found some symptoms/clinical findings associated with mass hysteria:

Nausea, loss of consciousness, vertigo, headache, shortness of breath, fainting, screaming, shaking, crying, muscle weakness, hyperventilation; a general lack of symptoms in those sharing the same physical environment, but in a different timeframe—i.e., of temporal, and not spatial, significance.

Any one of these could be connected to at least one member of the group considering all they’ve been through.

The part that seemed the most interesting to me was how they said that the shared symptoms occur when people are in the same environment during the same timeframe. This makes me think that the group members are all in the train car at the same time and even when they play with timelines I don’t think that this will change.

Sorry for how long this got but I just thought it was interesting and definitely relates to the theory of them still being in the train car and having group dreams/nightmares/hallucinations.

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Not a clue who you are, I'm just wandering tumblr, but you want asks... I suspect Sebastian Stan may be a mass hallucination, because how is that man even real? He can't be real. What did we do to deserve this?

well I was just sleeping so maybe its all a dream and one day we will all wake up……….. NAHHHH 


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yes, this man just can’t be real!!!