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Kip Kinkel’s Hallucinations and Delusions

Kip reported that he began hearing voices when he was in sixth grade. The first time he heard a voice it told him, ‘You need to kill everyone, everyone in the world.’ It also told him, ‘You are a stupid piece of shit. You are’t worth anything.’ Thus, from the onset of his psychosis, Kip heard voices that urged him toward both homicide and suicide.

When asked where the voices came from, Kip had a couple of ideas. One idea was that he was hearing the devil. Another, was that the government might have put a computer chip in his head, with satellites transmitting messages to the chip.

Kip went on the describe three different voices: A, B and C. The ‘A voice’ was loud and authoritarian and told him what to do. The ‘B voice’ made derogatory statements to him. The ‘C voice’ repeated what the other two said or commentated on them. Sometimes he heard the voices talking to each other about him. Kip tried a variety of things to make the voices stop, including exercise, watching television, and punching himself in the head. After he was arrested and was giving his confession, he cried out about the voices and began banging his head against the wall.

Less than a month before the attack, Kip yelled in class, ‘God damn this voice inside my head.’ He was cited for misbehaviour, and a disciplinary form that quoted his outburst was sent home and signed by his mother. When his teacher asked Kip if he was really hearing voices, Kip denied it. He was painfully aware that being ‘crazy’ would lead to ostracism at school and be a major disappointment to his parents. Thus, his fear of being labelled as crazy prevented him from getting the help he desperately needed.

Kip’s delusions included paranoia that China was going to invade the US. In preparation for this, Kip had built bombs and stockpiled guns. Kip said about China: ‘They are so huge. They have nuclear weapons. Seemed like I would end up fighting them. I had lots of fantasies about fighting the Chinese.’ Another of Kip’s obsessions was his fear that the world was about to experience a plague. He feared the end of the world and the falling apart of society. He wanted to build a bomb shelter and accumulate food and supplies. Kip also believed that Disney was taking over the world and would replace the American dollar with the Disney dollar, featuring a picture of Mickey Mouse. In talking about Disney, Kip told Dr Bolstad, ‘No one of average intelligence sees it with Disney. You have to be smarter.’

Kip had other delusions. He said that sex criminals had chips put in them. He seemed to think that the television show The X Files indicated that the government was experimenting with putting chips in people. He said the chips could produce voices, adding, ‘Maybe that’s the way they’re controlling me.’ After the attack, Kip continued to be paranoid. Dr William Sack, a psychiatrist who worked with Kip in prison, reported that Kip thought visitors might have cameras in their glasses. He was also afraid his medication might be poisoned.

Besides auditory hallucinations, Kip may have also experiences visual ones. He told strange stories about a man who allegedly lived nearby and drove a car with bullet holes in it. Kip was so afraid of him that he said he bought a stolen gun because he needed protection in case the man came after him. It is not clear if Kip was paranoid about a real man who lived nearby, or if he was having visual hallucinations.

Adapted from ‘Why Kids Kill’ by Peter Langman

Throwing away something so beautiful, so wonderful… It’s mind-boggling to me. I’ll still go to the theatre to see TFP with my boyfriend in London, because I need to know everything, but afterwards I’ll be done with them. I’m a queer historian and literary critic, and I know what I’ve seen. Everything was heavily queer coded. It wasn’t even subtext. It wasn’t a mass hallucination. And believe me when I say we should write an anthology of essays to tell the world what they’ve done to us.

The Beacon Post Master Post

I’ve been told some people have had some trouble finding old TBPs so, being the benevolent god that I am, here is a comprehensive list of all the Beacon Post goodness you’ll ever need. So go ahead and binge read the whole damn thing. I won’t stop you.

Note: This post is subject to change. If reblogged, it may no longer be accurate. 

- Volume 4 Articles:

1. V4E01. 10/23/16: Just Got Contacts. Holy Shit Everything Looks So Much Clearer! 

2. V4E02. 11/3/16: Team RNJR Lost After Confusing Blank Paper With Map.

3. V4E03. 11/6/16: Giant Monster Attacks Ship (Like the boat kind not the weird internet thing). 

4. V4E04. 11/21/16: Absent Mother is Exactly as Much of a Dick as you’d  Expect Her to be.

5. - 

6. V4E06. 12/12/16: Man Shoots Boar during Cocktail Party, Rich Assholes “Simply not amused”

7. V4E07. 12/25/16: They said “B*tch” on a Kids Show. I am Fucking Appalled. 

8. V4E08. 1/1/17: Happpy News YEar FUcckfaaacessssssssssssssssss.

9. V4E09. 1/13/17: Patch-Man Punches Daughter in face, Proceeds to made Dad Jokes.

10. V4E10. 1/28/17: Everything Perfectly Fine in Kuroyur EVERYTHING IS NOT FINE.

11. V4E11. 2/8/17: Patch Woman gets Caught Sneaking Out to Buy Weed, Now has to go on Adventure.

12. V4E12. 2/27/17: Local Parody News Article So Late That No One Cares

- Volume 3 Articles

1. V3E03. 11/14/15: Vale man decapitates robot, shows up drunk to sword fight.

2. V3(WoR)1. 11/21/15. Vytal Festival Delayed One Week, Mass Stylized Hallucinations Ensue

3. V3E04. 11/28/15. Alcoholic Assassin wins Video Game Tournament, Rich Girl whines about made up problems

4. V3E05. 12/11/15. Icy Hot Lesbians Fight dem dank ass memes lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5. V3E06. 12/13/15. Crowd Horrified as Blonde Bimbo Takes Sister’s Advice Literally

6. V3(WoR)2. 12/27/15. The Voices in my Head Give us Dramatic Reading of Wikipedia Article 

7. V3E07. 1/3/16. People Even Less Sympathetic of Man After Learning He Doesn’t Have Legs

8. V3E08. 1/10/16. Instead of Prison, Yang Xiao Long put in Time Out and Given Stern Talking To

9. V3E09. 1/17/16. Penny’s a ROBOT??!? Also I think the world is ending or something…

10. V3(WoR)3. 1/24/16. The Beacon Post suffers massive Security Breach and I think I’m losing my mind

11. V3E10. 1/31/16. Heroic Students Combat Grimm by Posing Dramatically

12. V3E11. 2/7/16.  Worst case scenarios get even worse than thought possible. Dragon surprisingly uninvolved 

13. V3E12. 2/14/16. Terrorists Invade School, Set up Amazing New Wildlife Reserve

- Volumes 1 & 2 Articles: (may contain rwby3 spoilers)

Trailers. 2/27/16. Schnee Heiress Tripping Balls on Stage, Werewolf Genocide continues.

V1E01. 4/3/16. Not-Sketchy-at-All Narrator is Super Menacing and No One Notices for Three Years. 

V1E02. 5/1/16. Ozpin “Totally Not Hungover” During Initiation Speech, Numerous Students Affected in Teleporter Accident.

- RWBY Chibi

E1. 5/14/16. Breaking NEWS: Ruby is Cute While Trying to Lift Spoon

E2. 5/15/16. Beacon Swimming Pool Mysteriously Frozen, Racist Bigots Totally Nail It

Beacon Post Chibi Announcement 

E3-7. 7/29/16. EXTRA EXTRA! RWBY Chibi Officially Sucks! No It Doesn’t Take That Back! MAKE ME!

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#10 Ana’s Diary: Aftermath. 11/3/16

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#12 Ana’s Diary: Recursion. 2/8/17

Coming Soon: #13 Eris’ Journal: The Sunset

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