mass for the end of the world

As we approach the 7th of N and we move into a new era of space based gaming, let us look back fondly at the adventures we all shared in the most bestest of games ever “#1 space boss centre of the universe best person in world simulator 2183-2186″ more commonly known as “Mass Effect”. 

In honour of the occasion I’ve drawn the 100% true and real ending of ME3 that we all know well, where Shepard is totally okay and so is Anderson, he was just napping and then Thane’s ghost showed up and everyone was all like “wow, Shepard, you’re like the best dancer ever, we were all just pretending you weren’t to keep you humble!” and they all danced and had lemonade :3

Thank you Bioware.



(p.s. Mordin’s ghost is at the bar with Sam and Karin… The artist thought of this beforehand and is in no way a forgetful fool) (p.p.s. Legion is data now and is in that screen making that message.)

“The reports we had are of people being shot in the street trying to flee and shot in their homes,” said U.N. spokesman Rupert Colville. “There could be many more [than 82 dead in east Aleppo].”

“They have gone from siege to slaughter,”  British U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said. “Aleppo will join the ranks of those events in world history that define modern evil, that stain our conscience decades later - Halabja, Rwanda, Srebrenica and now Aleppo,“ said U.S. ambassador Samantha Power.

[…] The rout of rebels from their ever-shrinking territory in Aleppo sparked a mass flight of terrified civilians and insurgents in bitter weather, a crisis the United Nations said was a "complete meltdown of humanity”. 

Reuters: Battle of Aleppo ends after years of bloodshed with rebel withdrawal


Gah! All this time and I still don’t know how to find old posts. So, forgive me I’ll have to repeat myself.

My stand has long been that the true triumph would not be to just deliver these two as a queer fait a complit. Rather, Mofftiss have to make their mass audience actively want this pair of hearts united together so the world can be put to rights. The master stroke is to get as many viewers as possible finding themselves -even against their own latent prejudices - hoping for it. And that would be something truly groundbreaking in prime time tv. And even now on the cusp of 2017 it’s a cultural gamble. This is where “softly, softly” is put to the true test.

And for that to happen we would need an obstacle. A serious emotionally driven obstacle that the audience will want - need - to see overcome. Something that will make the story seem at odds if it doesn’t happen - turning the audience into the boy listening to his grandfather read The Princess Bride, willing our heroes back together where they belong. Because that is how every straight romantic drama ever works.

It’s not enough for us to want it. The casual viewer would have to want it too and to realize that that’s what they should want, that this is the very same story they’ve been seeing from the start but they just didn’t know it. They were blinded by their own assumptions to all the clues. “Harry is my sister.” “There’s always something.” That’s what the audience need to experience for themselves. And not to feel like idiots and impressed mentally but instead to want this story to *emotionally* be made right.

For me, this was never about us on here getting what *we* want. That just doesn’t go far enough. We need a leap forward into new queer territory than something that can be dismissed as fan service. And if you are going to up-end 130 years of literary history, our storytellers need to win a whole lot more people out there. They first need to make the viewer care. A lot. And then have them anxious and wanting resolution. If it’s “not a ship but the plot” then it demands that the everyviewer has to need it resolved *before* it can be delivered.
If that’s not the endgame? Then the Dads are seriously less ambitious than I have counted ‘em being.

With one word, the stage for all that is set…


Confession:  Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who liked the ME3 ending. Well I didn’t “like” it exactly, but I liked that it showed that sometimes, you can spend a lot of time and energy into creating something that should work, like Shepard spending so much time buidling alliances, gathering the fleets against all odds, rallying worlds… And then, in the end, you still lose. I liked being unhappy with all the choices, because the “happy ending and everybody lives” possibility is almost always an utopia. You did your best, and sometimes, you still lose. It’s so much more real to me.

Video Games

Week Ending November 7th, 2016

  1. Overwatch
  2. Mystic Messenger
  3. Pokémon Sun and Moon
  4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  5. The Sims 4 +1
  6. Undertale −2
  7. Kingdom Hearts −2
  8. Mass Effect +7
  9. League of Legends
  10. Pokémon GO −2
  11. Final Fantasy XV −4
  12. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim −1
  13. Five Nights at Freddy’s −3
  14. Fire Emblem Fates −1
  15. Dragon Age: Inquisition −3
  16. World of Warcraft
  17. Team Fortress 2
  18. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator
  19. The Sims 3
  20. Ace Attorney −4

The number in italics indicates how many spots a title moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded titles weren’t on the list last week.

Random Dragon Age (Inquisition) headcanon -

Consider Merrill… post-Trespasser.

Merrill, who witnesses her Eluvian suddenly go dark, pathways and possibilities closed.

Merrill, who knows “a little” of who and what Asha'Bellaner was/is, who may have known the enormity of the bargain that Marethari struck.

Merrill, who is no stranger to research, to secret and dark things unlocked by patience and with blood, who may have felt the pulse beat of the world catch and then resume when the players changed, sides chosen, lines drawn across the Veil…

Merrill, who watches and wonders as elves begin a mass exodus, lured by the whispers of a risen god. Who hears the howl of the Dread Wolf in their tread, in their weary hearts singing with vengeance.

Merrill, who reasons out and charts the very point, the precipice where the world will balance delicately at its end, or its beginning. Merrill, with daisies and thorns in her hair, Veilfire hovering over her shoulder, new scars, and flint in her eyes… moving on the fringe, a blur in the peripheral. Making her way to Tevinter.

For the People.


October 30th 1938: ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast

On this day in 1938, Orson Welles broadcast his radio play of H.G. Wells’s 1898 science-fiction novel The War of the Worlds on PBS. Coinciding with Halloween, the play was broadcast as a realistic series of news bulletins, detailing a Martian invasion of Earth. Millions of Americans were listening to the radio that night, but did not turn over to Welles’s broadcast on CBS until 12 minutes into the show, after a popular ventriloquist show ended on NBC. By this time, the play was underway, taking the form of orchestral music frequently interrupted by news updates about an alien invasion. Welles described his fictional Martians vividly, expaining how their “eyes are black and gleam like a serpent”, and detailing their use of walking war machines and heat-ray weapons. The popular story goes that the frighteningly realistic broadcast caused milions of Americans to believe that a real alien invasion was occuring. People supposedly fled the fictional crash site in New Jersey, and took to the streets in mass hysteria. The CBS studio heard about the panic, and Welles reasured listeners that the story was fictitious. While Welles and CBS feared that the confusion would damage their reputation, CBS was cleared of wrongdoing, and the play launched Welles’s Hollywood career. The story of the mass panic caused by Welles’s War of the Worlds remains popular, but recent research has suggested that the extent of the commotion is far more limited than the myth allows. Newspapers at the time greatly exaggerated listeners’ panic - most of the show’s audience understood the play was fictitious - as a way to discredit radio, which was emerging as a serious competition to newspapers.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is arguably the best game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series but the most troubling thing is that it confirms that warp pipes dont even need to be physically connected to their destinations in order to deliver you there, the opposite side just needs to be intact. You could feasibly break off a warp pipe exit and stick it literally anywhere in the known universe and as long as you have the other corresponding end you can go there. The Mushroom Kingdom could have an absolutely stellar minimal-budget aeronautics and space program by just launching ends of warp pipes into deep space and then sending Mario through them. They could send weapons of mass destruction through them with no way to have their enemies immediately retaliate because the pipe end would be destroyed in the process. Sending aid and diplomats to foreign nations would be a zero-effort endeavor as long as no tyrants or terrorists destroy the pipe end. There’s unlimited potential for warp pipes in the Mario world and the first way we see this is making Bowser indirectly vore the Mario brothers.


A letter to 2017 me 

Dear Gabriel,

Hola Puta! Hows it going? Just gotta warn you. 2016 you is a little buzzed right now. But thats ok. The drinks were good and the friends you drank with are some of the best people in your life. And lets be honest, we are all a little more truthful to ourselves when we are buzzed.

It’s been quite the year hasn’t it? Everyone talks about how awful 2016 was. And its not really the year to blame. Lots of it sucked. A lot. But don’t kid yourself. Your year was pretty damn amazing anyway. 

Yeah. A lot of crappy things happened this year. It was a year you lost a friend to a hate crime in one of the worst mass shootings in US history. You lost a friend to a drug addiction. You opened your heart to a guy, that lives far away, and it ended up breaking your heart. It was a year of awful things happening around the world. A year where some incredible Icons fell, and lots of awful awful villains came into power. It’s been scary.

Still…. Your year has been amazing. No. It has been absolutely incredible.

You went to seven. SEVEN countries. How lucky is that? You traveled Japan and Korea. two countries that have been a dream of yours to visit. You saw your best friend get married in Italy. You experienced how majestic New Zealand and Iceland are. You saw your favorite person in the world, your sister, marry the love of her life in a wedding that will go down in your life as one of the best. You spent most of your year traveling somewhere. Meeting new people. capturing the most incredible things.

“Fear is going to be a player in your life, but you get to decide how much. You can spend your whole life imagining ghosts, worrying about your pathway to the future, but all there will ever be is what’s happening here, and the decisions we make in this moment, which are based in either love or fear.” - Jim Carrey

keep traveling and seeing the world. Keep doing what you love. Keep taking photos of amazing smiles. Keep creating amazing things you are proud of. Stop looking so much for something that isn’t there and just LIVE. You are doing what you love. You are so lucky. Not a lot of people can say that. 

Keep being you.

You are worth so much. You are awesome. I love you. And just like Amy Poehler said, “Continue to share your heart with people, even if it has been broken.”

ALSO. Don’t make stupid new years resolutions you won’t keep. But if you do. Just say you will pet more dogs. That’s the only resolution that matters. 

Today, on Inauguration Day, instead of focusing your anger towards a man who is ignorant and blinded, send your love and gratitude to those on the planet, including yourselves, who are choosing to live their lives in love and light. We are changing mass consciousness, and no matter who holds the title of president, the whole world WILL see the end of fear and tyranny. Just hold on to that love and light.


I wonder if you even think of what you’re doing while you’re breaking the fuck out of someone. Are you thinking of them laying in bed at night, screaming like someone killed them? Do you realize you’re committing legal murder. It might even be worse than murder since these people have to keep on living. Do YOU? Do you realize people never recover from the traumatic shit that you do? End up on mass amounts of pills the rest of their already fucked up existence? Hate their selves? Do you people realize what it does to those you leave so fucking violently? Lay your hands on? Call names? Force yourselves on? You’re killing parts of their souls, their brains, their life.. but we’re suppose to save ourselves from the most legal way to kill someone right? Well I guess we wouldn’t have to if people didn’t think it was okay to kill our minds with abuse in the first place.
—  You’re a survivor Andy. A world renowned, abused, self hated & self loving fucked up individual. Thank you to the criminals who made me so god damn possible aye?

It started out with me looking at Garrus and thinking ‘wow thems some sharp teeth I wanna draw them’ and somehow I ended up with a bunch of shakarian doodles. whoops.

I assume given all those teeth that turian mouths can open a fair way, but given that we never see anything even close in game, this is solely conjecture on my part

The tyranny of Christianity will be hidden until people are free, the reign of terror needs to end. Society has been poisoned for long enough and it is time the people stopped thinking about their unimportance in the world, I hear so many say ‘Well I am just one person, so what the fuck can I do?“ You are not alone! When united we are strong, we are one, and all oppression can beaten, it is a choice you have to make, if it is your Will to make a change, then believe in yourself, take action and don’t ne influenced by the masses. It is nothing short of bullying!

Frater 440.’.
93 93/93

Confession:  About the synthesis ending. I pretend this option doesn’t exist, because it makes no sense to me. First of all, messing with every living thing in the world seems highly unethical. Also how is a green wave supposed to rebuilt organism on a cellular level? Or create new functional cells for synthetics? And if the catalyst is so omnipotent couldn’t it REALLY come with a better idea than harvest? It seemed cartoonish to me. But of course I get other people might like it and don’t hate on them.


The day after the world almost ends, the ghostbusters spend most of the morning shell shocked, quiet, leaning into each other briefly in greeting and support when they pass by one another in the firehouse, but not really talking much. Erin is especially silent, hasn’t even looked at Holtz since she woke up and ambled downstairs, still in flannel pajamas, a tiny bowtie sewed to the elastic on her hip, because of course. Holtz privately swears she breeds them, somehow. She smiles a small smile and goes back to her tinkering, sprawled on the couch with a mass of scrap metal and wires, her one leg kicked up absurdly high. She’s looking down so she has no idea that Erin does in fact look at her in that first wakeful moment, lingering, as if pondering something.

Later, ages after the sun has gone down, Holtzmann finally finds the strength to return to her lab and repair all of the packs without constantly thinking about how she almost lost two of the three most important people in her life yesterday , though she’s not quite able yet to look at all of their names masking-taped to the wall without feeling the urge to sob.

Erin brews Abby and Patty a pot of tea, leaving them both steaming cups as they sit hunched over the kitchen table researching ley lines in an overwhelming stack of books. They are blinking and bleary eyed but Erin says nothing, knowing the research grounds them. She touches her friends lightly on their shoulders and then she heads up the stairs to join Holtzmann, empty handed now but feeling weighed down by the question hanging on tightly to her chest, making her heart flutter and clench in turns.

When she sees Holtz, yellow-tinted goggles firmly resting on the bridge of her nose, leaning far into one of the proton packs with a different tool in each hand, all her anxieties grow tenfold for an alarming, stuttering second, but then the engineer looks up and grins at her warmly and openly and everything else just fades away.

“Holtzmann?” she begins naturally enough, approaching the haphazard workbench and leaning against it, purposefully getting into Holtz’s space more than she usually would, had ever before in their short time of knowing each other, arm touching arm, hip nudging hip. Holtz blinks once, and then lifts her chin straight to make full, unabashed and mind-halting eye contact with her, crystal blue eyes alight with something raw and hopeful.

“Yeah, Er,” she chokes out, pulse tachycardic, voice rough, but her gaze never wavering, mesmerized as she is by the blush on the physicists cheeks, the way the hairs on her own arm stand up when their forearms brush.

“Do you want to go out to dinner with me, sometime?” Erin bites her lip and looks down and internally says “fuck it” or something of the sort, she must, because she grabs Holtzmann’s wrist gently, urging her to drop the screwdriver she’s clenching tightly in her fist, and when she does, she grasps onto Holtzmann’s hand.

“Yes,” Holtz breaths out, long and awed, barely able to stop her mouth from hanging open widely. “But I - no. It’s stupid.”

Erin grips her hand a little more tightly, nervous now, “what?” She presses, softly, “you can tell me. Ask me. Anything.” And Erin knows she must sound a little over eager, desperate even, but God she doesn’t care, not when Holtzmann finally talks again.

“This is a date, right? I mean I just have to make sure because I - I -” God, is that a tear in her eye, is she almost crying?

She brushes it away angrily with her free hand,
scuffs her foot against the scratch-marked floor, finishes embarrassed, “I thought you were straight.”

“Me too,” Erin laughs, smiling gently at her, reaching up to brush away an escaped tear that Holtz didn’t even notice, “but you helped pull me out of a ghost portal yesterday, and Abby and I almost died, and if I’m suddenly realizing that I’ve been attracted to you since I laid eyes on you for the first time, well, I’m not exactly going to have a panic attack over it,” she shrugs her shoulders and amends after a beat of silence, “not anymore.”