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So that big character piece I did for the Mass Effect coloring book from Dark Horse? I went ahead and colored it myself :)


This fic was written as a giveaway prize for @foofyschmoofer! The events of this story take place after the Destroy ending of ME3 and Shepard has the spacer background. I had a great time writing this! :)

Hannah Shepard squeezed her daughter’s hand.

Shepard looked over at her mother and smiled. Her heart was full today; today was the day her mother and Garrus’ father would finally get to meet.

She had spoken to Castis Vakarian several times before, but they had never met in person. Already she felt a closeness to him that helped with the hole in her heart that her own father left behind. He had passed away due to an illness right before she joined the military. A large part of her decision to join was to make him proud and continue his legacy. Ever since her and Garrus had decided to start exclusively dating, Shepard and Garrus chatted regularly with his father via video chats and eventually Shepard would begin to call him regularly on her own for advice and comfort. Castis eased the pain of losing her dad some, and that meant the world to her.

Shepard and her mother approached the restaurant on the Citadel where they were going to meet.

They approached a hostess station where a young asari greeted them.

“Oh, Commander Shepard! It’s an honor. We were expecting you, right this way. Mr. Vakarian has already arrived.”

The hostess walked them back to a private balcony area that overlooked the Presidium. The view was beautiful and the area was quiet.

“There they are!” Garrus said, walking over to greet them.

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I'm about to take the "Bi"out of BioWare since that's what they keep doing to their characters.