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A comparison of sizes of starships from various sci-fi franchises.

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Now this, this is the Suicide Squad movie I’d watch.


I’ve been secretly working on a project with my wonderful friend @glitterfang and I’m so happy to announce we are hosting a podcast together! Schedule is pending but essentially we will discuss Mass Effect, Dragon Age, any future bioware games, other games as well, tv, movies… and a bunch of other random bits.

I’m excited to put out our first episode but you can find an intro to our podcast on youtube as well as soundcloud and (woohoo) itunes!

You can listen to the intro by clicking right here!

first off: I might like the Tempest more than I did the Normandy SR2. I could do with less ladders but I am glad that there’s no more fucking elevator wait times

I also like that it’s just the 10 of us (11 with the pyjak). makes it feel really intimate?

favorite ship members in order:
Jaal (I know I know I can’t help it I fell for him too)
Salarian pilot (sorry dude I forgot your name)
Pyjak pet
Human pilot (I’m the worst sorry)

Honestly whenever I think about the movie nights in andromeda I’m like “Oh god will this be a bar scene kinda thing” like

Scott having to ask Sarah what’s going on in the plot because he keeps zoning

Sarah paying super close attention to the movie wrapped in a blanket burrito

Peebee throwing popcorn during boring parts

Vetra getting annoyed with peebee trashing the place gets up to clean all the time

Drak yelling and cheering during any of the fight scenes and getting really bored and groans loudly during kissing scenes

Liam constantly running around asking if everyone is alright and enjoying the movie and not taking time to actually relax and watch it himself

Crew members constantly showing up to movie night and they slowly show up more and more until they need to move it to a bigger room

Paparyder never shows up to them in person but actually leans in the doorway when he knows everyone is paying attention to the movie and won’t see him

Like for real if we do get movie nights I hope it’s something like this (add more if ya got any)

  • Liam: Hey, everyone is pretty stressed out. We should have a movie night, can you download the library from the nexus archives?
  • Ryder: Sure thing, my dude.
  • -
  • Suvi: I heard we're doing movie night, we need snacks. Go buy this alien kale from Aya.
  • Ryder: Uh, okay.
  • -
  • Vetra: Suvi wants to feed us plants? Fuck that, I have contacts, go buy illegal popcorn from the exiles.
  • Ryder: Is this game even real.