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ME Fic: Playing House

Title: Playing House

Fandom: Mass Effect

Pairing: Garrus/Fen Shepard

Rating: T

Word Count: 1500 words

Notes: So this was one of the first ME fics I started, way back in the summer of ‘13. It was before I understood the relationship between Garrus and Sonya. And as that relationship evolved, I realized this fic would never, ever work for them. However, as I’m delving into Fen Shepard a bit, I realized that it would work for her and Garrus. So I tidied it up and here we go!


“So in between the madness of discovering I have a clone and everything, I didn’t have time to ask. Did we have a fight I forgot about?”

Garrus glances up from the couch where he has been lounging. Damn thing is far more comfortable than it looks. Shepard’s walking down the stairs, her blonde hair still wet from the shower. There’s a sly grin on her face, one that Garrus recognizes as trouble.

She walks over to him and holds out her hand to help him up. With a shake of his head, Garrus declines. After having been awake for more more than thirty hours only to have a four hour nap, he is more than happy to stay on this very comfortable couch and simply never move again. This apartment definitely has some flaws, but he could see he and Shepard being content here.

Placing his hand in hers, Garrus pulls Shepard onto his lap. She lets out a surprised bark of a laugh as she settles herself on top of him, knees on either side of his hips, her bare forearms brushing his neck. “Well?” Shepard asks, arching an eyebrow.

“You lost me, Shepard,” Garrus admits, preferring to concentrate on the way her hips are pressing down on his.

“I’m on the outs with my human girlfriend,” Shepard says, doing a poor imitation of his voice. She presses her lips to his mouth plates. “Ring any bells?

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« Mass Effect », la saga qui fait évoluer la représentation LGBT dans les jeux vidéo
« Mass Effect Andromeda » sort jeudi en Europe. Très attendu par les joueurs, il l’est encore plus par ceux de la communauté lesbienne, gay, bisexuelle et transgenre.

For my french mutuals…

Some interestant things, I love the last  chapter mentioning the fact that bioware tryied to improve the fact that sex seemed to be a reward and a final point in the previous games… to follow!

Funny that this article has been written by Le Monde tbh….

the saga of me trying to play Andromeda:

- I preorder Andromeda in February
- The card I used to preorder is canceled
- I replace the old card with my new card on EA website
- The game preloads Friday afternoon
- The game launches at midnight March 21
- Oh but apparently my preorder didn’t go through after all even though I changed my payment method like they asked so I had to buy it (was not charged twice, thank God)
- I wait two hours for it to be downloaded to a playable point instead of spending those two hours on my Ryders like I was SUPPOSED to be doing
- I finally get Samantha Ryder and her twin exactly how I pictured them
- The game freezes because it has STILL not finished downloading

I am irritated

In which I explain why Mass Effect gives me existential crisis.

So, I’m about to go home and I have 4 days off and my roommates are still away until Jan 2nd. That means: gaming marathon!!!


I honestly have no idea how to do this…

I downloaded all the ME3 DLCs (the ones that matter anyway, Omega, Leviathan, Citadel and the Extrneded Cut. I already played the last 2) and I’d want to start a new Mass Effect character from ME1 and make all the right choices until ME3 but I don’t want to lose my old character that is like: a level 90 FemShep freaking awesome sniper with a freaking awesome spectre sniper rifle that costs 250000 credits that it took me a while to collect (on that note, is there a way to keep the old saved games if you play with the same profile!? Mine always disappear when I start a new game! I play on xbox360) and then I’ll have to go over ME1 all over again which is B O R I N G so I guess I'll just use Genesis in ME2 to make choices about ME1. It’s the same thing…

Yeah yeah, I know it’s not Martin. 

I also want to try for once in my life to let Ashley survive but then I feel guilty because Kaidan is the love of my FemShep’s life AND I’ll have to start a new game for Ashley to be alive. 

Also, it took me hours to kill my freaking clone in the Citadel DLC and I don’t know if I wanna put myself through THAT again. And OMG I’m gonna have to do the mission on Horizon in ME2 all over again I always die thousands of times there! Same with the mission on Rannock in ME3… fucking geth primes… (I always play difficulty level: insanity, and there’s NO WAY I’m gonna change that… It’s a matter of principle). 

Plus I’m gonna have to fight with my baby Kaidan… NOT COUNTING THE FACT THAT I DO ALL THIS ONLY TO ULTIMATELY DIE IN THE END unless I’m lucky enough to have enough paragon points to make the Illusive Man shoot himself and unlock the “final breath scene” on the Citadel that comes with the Extended Cut DLC

…can you believe I’m actually gonna have fun playing this after all?
*deep breaths deep breaths*