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Mass Effect: Contact? 

When these tweets were published, Mass Effect: Contact was quickly suggested by followers. I’m skeptical - on one hand, while thuway and shinobi602 are usually reliable industry insiders, they have been known to get things wrong. Mass Effect: Contact seems pretty believable - for one thing, most fans have suggested a ME game set during the First Contact War. That being said, Contact doesn’t necessarily have to be a prequel. 

During PAX Prime last year, BioWare had a secret panel for a select few - exactly 21 of them, to be precise. Whatever happened during that panel wasn’t supposed to be leaked, but of course somebody did anyway.  

Judging from that leak (which seems to lean towards a sequel rather than a prequel), Mass Effect: Contact could be about a future contact with another galaxy. I hope so, considering BioWare keeps using words like “fresh” to describe ME4 and the First Contact War is as stale as it fucking gets. This tweet, however, dampens the optimism a little. 

(Can you tell I really don’t want a prequel) 

just a little thought...

i want the next Mass Effect game be a prequel. of course, i want to continue with Shepard but the world of Mass Effect is so massive and there are lots of things to know… well i know ME3 is the conclusion but who knows…. i know EA is money hungry, they could demand a Mass Effect 4 and im not complaining if they do.

i want to know the history of Protheans, i want to play as a Prothean.. there technology. there people, i want to know.. no, im not Liara, i concluded that Protheans is really an advance specie in the Mass Effect Universe.. :) and i also want to know the Reaper-Prothean war….

i want to know how the Krogan evolved from Frogs to a human-like (they look frogs to me!) how the salarians were once lizard (they look like lizard) and so much more..

i also want to discover how the Humans discovered that there was a Mass Relay on Pluto and did they used it, who was the first one to use it, and who are the first specie to set foot on earth.. stuff like that. i know the Turian war.

i want to know what happened when Humans discovered there was Prothean technology on Mars..

i want to know Shepards parents..

i want to know how the Quarians made the Geth… i want to know how the Geth banished there creators in there own planet…

there is really alot more story to tell.. what we have witnessed in Mass Effect 1 2 and 3 is only the beginning.. the universe of mass effect is really vast.

so shut up bioware, take my money! :)


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