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The Talons are a mercenary organization based on Omega. They are highly organized, setting them apart from other gangs like the Blood Pack, but just as dishonorable. Its members sport prominent red facepaint.

Prior to the plague of 2185, the Talons were an obscure group with negligible influence, but the devastation of the plague combined with Commander Shepard’s actions against mercenaries on the station resulted in a power vacuum that the Talons rapidly filled.

Under Nyreen Kandros’s direction, the Talons are transformed from a small-time gang into an organized force whose members fought for a higher purpose: to protect the people of Omega.”

Had time to finish a rather hasty Aria T’Loak portrait! I love her, she’s such a badass, and the Omega DLC was probably one of the best around for the Mass Effect series. While painting this I noticed that some of her features, especially her crest, are a lot softer and not as speckled/freckled as some other Asari. I know that now, and in the past, I wonder if her dad was a Hanar or something. Maybe that’s why she’s purple instead of blue, haha.

Here’s other portraits for the same series: Liara T’Soni , Peebee , Samara , Dr. Lexi T’Perro , Shiala

More info: I decided I would start a little digital painting project to keep me artistically active for a while, so to celebrate the month of May my theme is:

“May-dens, May-trons, and May-triarchs”

I’ll just be painting a whole buncha beautiful blue (and purple… possibly green) Asari from the Mass Effect series!

Okay! I can’t overlook this anymore

Can someone explain how Mass Effect turians went from standing like this:

to THIS:

WHY ARE HER KNEES BENT SO MUCH? That doesn’t look the least bit balanced! In fact, it looks almost painful, like this would put so much stress on her knees and calves! And don’t go telling me it’s because she’s a female turian because the male turians in Andromeda have the SAME STANCE, AND:

The female turian in the Omega DLC didn’t have that weird, knee breaking stance either! What the hell BioWare???? Like of all the things to change why did you change something so inconsequential?????????

Nyreen’s relative is in the upcoming comic book series, “Mass Effect: Discovery”!

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