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1. My Work Space is my bed
2. I sit around in PJ’s and a tank top when i’m not working or at school
3. I started doing Digital Art on Photoshop Elements 9 about 4-5 years ago


1. What was the last movie you watched?
I do believe it was the Power Rangers Movie

2. What was the last song you listened to?
Will you Marry Me by Jason Derulo

3. What was the last show you watched?
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

4. What was the last book you read?
Do comic books count? if so I was reading Mass Effect: Foundation, Issue 3 cause I’m holding it for a friend

5. What was the last thing you ate?

6. If you could be anywhere else, where would it be?
Either in Finland or in California. I heard there were good Teaching jobs there so I want to pursue that career

7. If you could pick a decade to travel back in time, what would it be?
Probably around the 1920′s

8. If you won the lotto and millions of cash, what would be the first thing you’d do?
I would probably travel, meet my friends from the internet, give a portion to Charity and buy myself a 1978 Plymouth Roadrunner paid off in full

9. Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for the day?
Guzma (Pokemon Sun and Moon). I just want to talk to him over a cup of Tapu Cocao ‘cause he looks like needs one.

10. What was the last fandom you joined?
Where do I even begin??? My mind, body and soul as been taken over by an Idiot and his band of delinquents since January and I can’t get out of it! Then again, I’m not going anywhere new anytime soon x’D 


Place - the Mountains. Clean Air and a beautiful view
Person - My Grandma
Color - Black, Green, and Purple
Food - Bacon and Black Olive Pizza with a side of Ranch. Either that or a Smokehouse Brisket from Firehouse with Black Olives
Smell - Vanilla
Book - Percy Jackson Series
Movie - Kiki’s Delivery Service
Music artist - Rascal Flatts
Genre of music - Country Mostly
Genre of literature - NonFiction 
Day of the week - Saturday
Tumblr - @starscloset @guzcast and @bechnokid
Thing to do when bored - Draw or talk to friends
Celebrity - Johnny Depp 
Website other than Tumblr - DeviantART and Facebook
Drink - Sweet Tea or Pepsi
Animal - Cats, Dogs, and Turtles
Flower - White Rose
TV show - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Fruit - Green Grapes
Vegetable - Asparagus 
Store/shop - Candy Shop/ Fudge Shop
Quote - “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow’s a Mystery, but Today is a Gift. That’s why its called the Present
Boy’s name - James
Girl’s name - Amaya
Ice cream flavor - Vanilla
Popcorn flavor - Straight up Salt
Season - Autumn
Month of the year - September
Disney princess - Belle
Insult - Dork
YouTube channel - None
Eye color - Blue
Language - French and Finnish
Thing about yourself - My Blue eyes and how I’m told when I put makeup on they pop out x’D

(only do this if you feel like doing it! ^_^ no obligation!)

@starscloset @thepandadrawer @thekittenships @hanvii82arts @misskitkatmadness and anyone else that wants to do it!