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as i’m sure the fandom is aware, this year marks the 10th anniversary of mass effect. november 16th, to be precise, just 9 days after n7 day. and given all that’s happened to the franchise and bioware this year, i think we should take those 9 days and make it the best anniversary ever.

share why you love it! show us what it means to you! tell us your favourite moments! express how it changed you! explain what made you pick it up and not put it down!

give it all the love you can!!

let’s show bioware, and in extension, ea, that we still love it, that we want more, that we don’t want it to die.

reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!

lmao @ some bioware fans accusing mea critics of killing the entire franchise and breaking the hearts of millions, as if we’re the ones that spent 80% of the dev cycle on bullshit, lied to the fans at every fcking opportunity, crapped out a shoddy unfinished game and then held it against anyone who dared to expect they at least live up to the quality of their previous games! how about you blame the people actually responsible for murdering the franchise.

spoiler alert – that’d be fucking bioware.

101 Mass Effect Questions
  1. How did you get into Mass Effect?
  2. Have you finished all three games?
  3. How long did it take you to finish the series?
  4. First Shepard: Paragon, Renegade or Neutral?
  5. Preferred alignment?
  6. Preferred Shepard backstory (colonist, earthborn, spacer)?
  7. Preferred class?
  8. Do you prefer to play as Male or Female Shepard?
  9. Share a pic of your favorite Shepard.
  10. Best Shepard quote?
  11. Do you prefer ME1, 2, or 3?
  12. Favorite mission from ME1?
  13. Favorite ME1 squad combo?
  14. Favorite ME1 armor?
  15. Vimire: Ashley or Kaidan?
  16. MAKO: Die in a fire or best thing ever?
  17. Favorite ME1 planet?
  18. Favorite mission from ME2?
  19. Was everyone loyal at the end?
  20. Post Suicide Mission survival rate?
  21. Favorite ME2 squad combo?
  22. Hammerhead: Yea or nay?
  23. Favorite mission from ME3?
  24. Favorite ME3 planet?
  25. No diplomatic option possible: side with the Geth or Quarians?
  26. Blue, Green, Red, or Fuck You?
  27. Do you subscribe to Indoctrination Theory?
  28. Ever played the multiplayer, and did you like it?
  29. DLC: All of it, some of it, or none of it?
  30. Favorite DLC mission?
  31. Favorite team member overall?
  32. Least favorite team member?
  33. Best armor set-up: ME1, ME2, or ME3?
  34. Favorite weapon overall?
  35. Biotics: Yes or no?
  36. Funniest moment in the games?
  37. Creepiest moment in the games?
  38. A moment/action you regret in-game?
  39. Who did you romance in your first playthrough?
  40. Favorite place on the Citadel?
  41. Favorite romance so far?
  42. One romance you just can’t stand/doesn’t make sense/etc?
  43. Non-romancable characters: who would you romance?
  44. A character you’d love to drop in a volcano and forget about?
  45. Best villain in the series?
  46. Worst villain in the series?
  47. Something you do in EVERY playthrough, no matter what?
  48. Describe your perfect playthrough.
  49. Favorite Shepard headcanons?
  50. Favorite non-Shepard headcanons?
  51. That One Headcanon that hurts to think about?
  52. Fluffiest headcanon ever?
  53. Your non-Shepard OTPs?
  54. Your absolutely NOTP?
  55. Who would you date if you could (not as Shepard)?
  56. Who has the best character arc?
  57. Who was written really poorly?
  58. Best Normandy: SR1, SR2, or SR2 Alliance?
  59. Favorite NPC?
  60. A character you think deserved better from the series?
  61. Best story moment in the games?
  62. Favorite achievement?
  63. Your best gameplay moment?
  64. Something you hate about any/all of the games?
  65. Best non-Shepard quote?
  66. Have you cosplayed any ME characters?
  67. Who would you cosplay if you could (no holds bar)?
  68. Did you read the comics?
  69. Did you read the novels?
  70. Did you see Paragon Lost?
  71. Favorite OST song(s)?
  72. Do you take screenshots in ME?
  73. Do you edit images/gifs or make videos about ME?
  74. Have you ever made an ME Let’s Play?
  75. What moment/memory still gives you chills/feels?
  76. What are you hoping for from ME4?
  77. What are you worried about for ME4?
  78. Favorite fanmix?
  79. Favorite fanfic?
  80. Favorite fanart/fanartist?
  81. Favorite fan musician/music?
  82. Favorite cosplay(er)?
  83. Favorite Let’s Play?
  84. Favorite ME-themed blog?
  85. Do you create anything in the fandom (write, draw, craft, gif, etc)?
  86. Do you participate in or run an ME RP?
  87. Are you on any ME forums, chats, reddit subs, etc?
  88. Do you run an ME-themed blog/page/website?
  89. Do you have any friends who love ME too?
  90. Did you get someone into ME?
  91. Would you watch a live action Mass Effect movie?
  92. Who would you cast?
  93. What kind of story would you expect for an ME movie?
  94. Best hopes/worst fears for an ME movie?
  95. Do you mod your games?
  96. What’s your favorite ME mod?
  97. Do you prefer the original ending(s) or ME Happy Ending Mod?
  98. If you could be any non-Human ME species, which and why?
  99. Would you be a Spacer, Colonist, or Earthborn citizen?
  100. Alliance/Military, Mercenary, or Civilian?
  101. If you could meet Shepard, what would you say?

((Guys, I’m so bored. Send me a number and I’ll answer! And reblog it so I can ask you questions too!))

I just really really love shakarian.. I’ve thought about why so many people love this pairing and my conclusion is the following (feel free to add your own thoughts)

  • they’re both really popular and great characters

I don’t know about you guys, but when I ship something it’s usually because I really like the characters individually too. I’m so in love with Garrus. I’m so in love with Shepard. and I know a lot of people feel the same way. They’re both deep, well written characters imo. Shepard is such a motivating, strong person you look up to, Garrus is Garrus. He’s your best friend, he understands you. I don’t know. I feel things very deeply. I always feel like Garrus is the same way, even though he’s just a fictional character. Maybe it’s because I connect with him a lot. 

  • two different species 

mass effect has really great human characters, but I think some people are easier drawn to the alien characters. I have to admit, I’m one of those people. And something I’ve noticed not only here, but also in other fandoms, a lot of people are into human/non-human relationships. because it’s more special, more exciting, something you don’t see in the real world and maybe it’s even forbidden. 

  • their romance is just. so. good. 

bioware just did so well with their romance. I mean, I’m completely in love with bickering pairings in fiction, but shep’s and garrus’ relationship is irl goals. because they start as friends, become best friends, become best friends with benefits, then completely fall in love with each other. I’m sure we can all agree that we all want our partner to be our best friend. there’s so much respect in their relationship, so many emotions, it’s all so…deep. I don’t know. they’re so perfect. 

Wow! So I can’t believe I’ve hit this milestone, but I hit 1000 followers this week! When I first started this blog I thought I would be lucky to get even 200. I am so excited and happy to share fandom with all of you beautiful and wonderful people!

I have gone from being mostly Mass Effect to mostly Star Wars to mostly GoT content so I feel pretty lucky to still have so many awesome mutuals from across fandom! To celebrate my milestone and all of you, I decided to list and say something nice about EVERY SINGLE ONE of my gorgeous mutuals!

I put a couple of my ultra-faves up top first to give my best fandom friends their time to shine. After that it is alphabetical, but just know that I love and adore all of you so, so much.

I just want to thank everyone, mutuals, followers, and blogs I follow, for making this blog what it is and allowing me to share my thoughts and emotions with all of you. I am so happy to be here :’)

P.S. I will probably do some sort of small gif or drabble giveaway as well sometime in the next couple of days so keep a lookout for that!

@sweetorganza MY BEST FRIEND ON TUMBLR! The love of my life. I am so grateful for our friendship. I sometimes sit back and think that if I hadn’t had the courage to share my embarrassing boatsex fic, we never would have met. Talking to you every day keeps me sane and I thank the old gods and the new for helping me find another sassy Scorpio Jonerys lover who supports my writing, makes me laugh, and reminds me of what’s important. You’re seriously one of my favorite people in the world Jenn and one day when we’re rich retired ladies we’ll travel the world together sipping wine and reflecting on the war for Jonerys in 2017 hahaha <3

@oadara The queen of Jonerys and Dany defense. One of the first Dany-positive and Jonerys-positive blogs I found. I am so lucky to know you, Yara. You’re smart, you are kind and respectful, and you tirelessly defend our faves and our ship in an ocean of negativity. I’m so glad I met you here on tumblr and am so grateful to share in this ship with you. Being mutuals with you is an honor :D

@angels-are-robots One of my best friends from tumblr. I love you Jeannie! Thank you for beta-ing my atrocious writing and being a good and supportive listener and friend. I hope you are having fun at Comic Con because I am literally dying of jealousy haha. Long live Spider-Man and Jonerys friends XD

@ellimomo One of the kindest and most positive people on tumblr. The queen of reaction gifs and Jonerys AUs. Always supporting me and cheering me on. You’re beautiful inside and out EJ and I love you so much. Thanks for being a good friend.

@annabelleebythesea You make the most amazing gifs and I am so grateful for them. You showed me so many Jonerys parallels that I hadn’t even thought of during Jonerys week last year! I am so glad to share this fandom with you, Tiffany, and every time you say something nice on my gifs it makes me so happy because I aspire to your skills! So glad we are mutuals <3

@luvd80s2 One of my best Jonerys friends! I love chatting with you about our faves and our love for 90s hunks and alternative music haha. Keep being wonderful!

@batfleckwaynes I love your content! You make the coolest gifs and edits and your blog shows the best stuff in the DCEU. Cool url too!

@bellarkes100 We share two controversial OTPs haha. I love Bellarke and I’m so glad to have you in the Jonerys fandom with us XD

@blackfyre-queen We have only been mutuals for a short time, but I am always happy to see notes from you! I love your beautiful icon and that URL—SO COOL!

@blackleias One of my favorite blogs. Epic mix of discourse and humor, and we both love Star Wars, GoT, and a lot of the same ships. You’re amazing.

@blue-roses-in-a-wall-of-ice You are the actual sweetest! And such a good writer. I will never stop being amazed that you’re a young whipper snapper, because you are wise beyond your years. You have a great future in writing ahead of you. I just know it. Your fics are a gift to our fandom!

@cataclismnoir A great blog! Thanks for supporting my content and loving Jonerys with me!

@clairelessly One of my favorite humans. We just became friends this year but already I feel so close to you and trust you so much. You make me smile all the time and I am so grateful that Alex worked with you so that we could meet. You’re a beautiful person in every single way. Oh, and Happy Birthday!

@daenerystubborn You make some of the most beautiful edits I’ve ever seen! I am such a big fan. And your blog is so beautiful omg.

@daisysy You make my blog feel so loved! I always love getting notes from you on my answers! And I love your blog too and your awesome icon. Long live Emilia love <3

@danykinkfic The official Jonerys stand-up comic. Makes me actually lol at least once a day. You writes great fanfic and are a good friend :)

@doublehex The king of snark. I can never tell how you really feel about anything but I know that most of the time it’s good haha. You’re a good writer, a fierce defender of Jonerys, and some I’m happy to share this fandom with. It turns out we don’t disagree on everything.

@dreamofspring My favorite GoT gif maker. I love your trademark style, your colorings, your fonts. You are the actual best. I am so honored that one of my favorite blogs ever follows me haha. And it always makes me happy when you share my content on one of the fandom blogs you’re a member of!

@elephantirrelephant One of the hottest women in the world. The queen of Hannibal discourse. A cinnamon roll of perfection.

@eliamartvll Okay I mean this when I say it—you are the nicest person I have met on this website haha. I have never seen a negative thing from you, only kindness and love for every person and ship in this fandom. You are a gift and ilysm.

@emison-evak New follower but I love love love your blog! You have the funniest and most excited reactions to Jonerys, just like me. I love reading your asks and answers :D

@fbdarkangel I never get to hear from you but I always love seeing you on my dash! We share a lot of the same fandoms and I am so happy we are mutuals!

@gendryatrash One of the nicest people I know. You leave nice comments on my embarrassing selfies and I am so blessed to know you haha. I love Gendrya and all of your Gendrya content. You’re amazing.

@gendryxaryatrash A great blog. I love your Gendrya content!

@gera-3-blog Weirdly enough the first time I saw the boatsex leak wasn’t even reddit. It was your blog with the flailing Kermit gif hahaha. I instantly followed you and then wrote my first Jonerys fanfic. I’m so glad we love BioWare and Jonerys together <3

@guileandgall Another one of my oldest and fave mutuals! Even though my content has changed so much I’m honored you still follow me. I love your writing and your BioWare stuff. You’re a great writer and a good friend and you’re always positive and nice to everyone!

@heylowday You make the cutests sort of fanfic/gifset hybrids for Jon and Dany and I love them! The one of Jon introducing Dany and Sansa was SO SWEET. I love them :D

@hileywwe Always able to make me laugh. A hardcore Jonerys defender and hilarious women I adore.

@i-likecalibrations We’ve been mutual so for long now! I hardly ever post Mass Effect anymore so I am so honored and grateful that you still follow me. I still love your blog!

@insomniarama Honestly one of my favorite people on my dash. You are the khaleesi of funny and interesting tags and like your descriptions says, you have some quality shitposts haha. Excited to watch your live blog of the episode tomorrow night XD

@jon-snuuu A fellow Jonerys lover and defender. I love sharing this fandom with you and you’re blog is wonderful!

@jonvalyrian Badass url and wonderful blog. I am a proud follower haha and love seeing notes from you on my content!

@junsnuh One of my fav mutuals. Thanks for always giving interesting input on my posts and also for giving me a laugh with that icon haha.

@jxlight Your art is so good and I miss it so much. Please make more Nat I miss you!

​ Such a nice person and great blog. Your blog title is very fitting for you because you seem to be a multi-shipper who treats EVERYONE with respect and kindness. It’s rare and I’m so glad we have kind souls like you in the fandom. Also it always makes my day when your reblog my mediocre gifs and tag it “beautiful edit.” You’re kind of the best <3

@khaleesiwhitewolf I love seeing the funny stuff you add in reblogs haha. Glad you love Jonerys with us <3

@ktwrites One of my first Jonerys mutuals! I love having you in the JonerysChat! You’re so friendly and kind and I love talking fandom with you!

@lightning—farron You’re awesome! I’ve seen your edits in the tag for months so I was thrilled to get a follower from you. Cool url, too! Love Final Fantasy.

@lindsattt My friend in real life. Spent too long in China so now I am sad. I miss you and hope I can see you for the wedding. Love you forever.

@lizstargaryen Such a sweetie! I love seeing your commentary on Jonerys and your side blog is great! So glad we have you in our ship.

@maitsiak Another one of my real-life friends who is trusted enough to see my trash side. I know nothing about K-Pop or K-Dramas but everything on your blog is adorable, as are you. I love you so very much. You’re an angel.

@misshoneywheeler The person I can go to when the wank is too much to bear haha. Thanks for tolerating me and providing pep talks sometimes. You write freaking amazing fics, too. Oh and I love your blog and all the beautiful people on it.

@mpaty1475 A Jonerys veteran! One of the first Jonerys blogs I followed. I love seeing your comments and kudos on my fanfic because I have a lot of respect for you. Thanks for following me :D

@mrsharington You’re so kind! I love seeing you on my dash and in my notes, and I love your delicious Kit content haha.

@msariayoureakiller The queen of my inbox hehe. I love getting asks from you. They are always so interesting and you give me such great ideas and valuable insights. And you do all of this as yourself instead of anon so I know who to thank for the awesome discussions. So grateful to have you as a follower!

@mudinyourlungs Idk how you got left off the first time! I am so sorry! But you know I love your blog and your analysis of Dany and Jon! You’re smart and you take no shit haha. I love it <3

@naerysv Thanks for doing so much for our fandom! I love our JonerysFics and JonerysOnline blogs so thanks for all you do! You’re the best! Your blog is so beautiful! I’ve been following for a long time and I am

@princessdany One of my fave blogs! Your edits are great and your blog is so cute. You’re the best <3

@repeat-script Love talking with you about Jonerys and sharing your love of Jon. You’re the best!

@sansastarkthequeen I really enjoy your blog :) I’ve read some really interesting metas/discussion AND you make cool edits. What’s not to love?

@seleya A quiet mutual but someone I still love to see on my dash and in my notes. Your blog is beautiful :)

@she-3p0 This is my real-life best friend guys. She never uses tumblr but I’m including her because she’s one of the most important people in my world, my maid of honor, my closest friend, and one of the only people from my real life who has access to my embarrassing fangirl side hahaha.

@sleeplessme Another Jonerys veteran! I can always count on you for the latest content and to defend and love Jonerys with me. You’re amazing Irina!

@soulisthirsty One of my fave mutuals. So funny and awesome, and you love The 100 and Vampire Knight with me! I love chatting with you and freaking out over fandom wank with you haha. Your blog is amazing. Stay wonderful!

@starsandskies Another one of my oldest mutuals! You have the best Dragon Age and Mass Effect content! Thanks for always tagging me in stuff and being so sweet and awesome. You’re so wonderful and I absolutely love your blog and you forever.

@stray-arrows I’m new to your blog but I really like it, especially your defense of Jon.

@tayl0crow I am so glad you still follow me after all this time haha. I know you’re mainly a J/S shipper so thank you for tolerating my constant Jonerys hype. Your blog is beautifiul!

@thatgirlnevershutsup I love your blog! You provide some much-needed humor to my dash and you always throw a like at my personal posts and other crap I think no one will care about haha. I love being mutuals with you :)

@thatryderasshole Your blog and icon are so funny. I’m glad you follow me even though my Mass Effect content is few and far between lately!

@thefairfleming My actual fave. Your blog is so lighthearted and fun. I can always count on you to bring some positivity when the fandom drama is too much. You also wrote one of my favorite Jonerys fics EVER. The best :’)

@thepathtovalhalla I love your blog! Great GoT content. Thank you for following me and supporting my content!

@thereddoorhouse Your blog is so beautiful! I love following you and I love your URL!

@tiramisu-with-dorianp We’ve been mutual for a long time and I’m so glad you still follow me even though I don’t post much gaming content lately. You’re so kind and your blog is amazing!

@truegodofthearena Awesome content creator with beautiful gifs! I love talking Jonerys with you! I feel like I’ve really made some awesome friends in this fandom and you’re one of them.

@trueloveforeverbeautyandthebeast One of my oldest mutuals! I love your beautiful blog! We share some of the same fandoms in addition to Jonerys and I love all of your content! You’re just wonderful and so kind to everyone. I love following you <3

@tudorstuart A real-life friend haha. I am so lucky you still follow this trash blog. Also embarrassed that you have access to my absolutely filthy fanfic. Oh well! Hahaha. Still the best professor I’ve ever had. I try to be like you as a teacher and I don’t think I could have had a better role model :’)

@unapologeticreylotrash I am so honored that you still follow me even though I am a primaril GOT blog which has nothing to do with ours haha. I love your Reylo content and your sense of humor. I hope we get some Reylo love in The Last Jed!

@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl One of my top favorite GoT blogs. Your tags are always hilarious and your content is such high quality. And your writing! That Jonerys fic you wrote for the contest gave me LIFE. I love following you so much :D

@vorchagirl The first person I followed on this blog haha. I LOVE your Mass Effect content. Your love of Shenko made me love it even more and your fanfic is some of my favorite of all time. Your blog is amazing and your content is wonderful. I am so honored to be someone you follow after all this time and even though I have basically become a place for GoT discourse haha. You’re so cool Lena and such an awesome writer and person in general. I admire you so much.

It always bewilders me a bit when I see posts that are against “spares” hooking up in DA and ME, like, not against specific pairs (which vary in regards to healthiness) but against the idea of it as a whole?

Maybe it’s just because I don’t believe in people having one soulmate, but the idea that any of these characters (Fenris & Isabela, Dorian & Iron Bull, Tali & Garrus, any others I might be forgetting) are somehow “settling” for second best just because the PC didn’t date them seems very… egotistical? Why is the PC the only person who could possibly give them a fulfilling relationship? Setting aside game mechanics for a second, these aren’t just lackeys sitting there waiting to see if they might achieve True Love with the Hero and then picking their second choice when it doesn’t happen. They’re friends who work together and grow together and sure, maybe there was potential for something to happened with the hero, but it didn’t and that’s just how life goes sometimes, so why the heck shouldn’t they explore a relationship with another friend? These are obviously romantic individuals (judging by the ability for the PC to date them in the first place), why should they stay alone just because you personally didn’t pick them?

Again this has absolutely nothing to do with how healthy any of these relationships are (and please don’t derail this with opinions on that matter, trust me, I know there’s a lot that can be said about that), I’ve just noticed quite a bit of “I don’t like X pair because it feels like they’re just settling for second best” and I don’t get it.

Sleepover Sunday

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Top “must read” mshenko fics list

Well, I want to do this list for a long time, and now, when I`ve read lots of fics, I can make my wish come true. I`m quite new in Mass Effect fandom, so I don`t think  the “veterans” of ME lovers will find there something new. And some works have alredy been in others lists…but I still hope you will like this great works as mach as I do.

1. The Difference Between The Sea And The Sky by @bagog - I have no doubt, that it is the best Mshenko fic. (And honestly, it`s the best fic I`ve ever read at all). Set during ME3 and has 62 chapters. If you didn`t read it yet, please, do it! This is story with awesome character development, graet language and thrilling plot. But  be ready to spend whole day and night, reading it, because it`s impossible to put it down.

2.  A Most Unexpected Man series   - Omegavarse AU  The series includes 7 works which ware a real surprise for me. The plot, the characters, the feels and thougts make your heart beats faster. The author has created an incredible universe. This work is unique in its kind. And this story really make you think differntly about people and society. (Also there is anothe recence of this masterpiece, bigger and better one by @ellebeedarling)

3 Downtown Eastside by @renlyslittlerose - Modern AU with rich Kaidan and gang  banger Shepard. It is really great story about two strong people who want to be together no metter how.  It is still WIP but there is already  28 chapters of 33.

4  Burn Down the Sky - Firefighter AU 41 chapter full of feels, fire, intrigue,  drama and love. Just read it! I promise, you will like it. And If you like it and want more, there is a fic, (5) Home Away From Home   with is an official crossover with (6) Feels Like Home universe.(with is warth to read too) 

7. Elevators And Eclairs by @arcticlucie - Well, i think its name speaks for itself. Lots of nsfw, kinks and elevators. But dont punic, it has a good plot too. Set during ME1.

8.The Right Decision by @arkesstuff -  What if Shepard say “no” in Apollo`s Cafe? And then understood that it was the biggest mistake in his life? 

9. Someone To Love by @ellebeedarling Set during ME1 and still WIP. But there is the best and my the most favorite Shepard.

10. Play - It is the shotest fic in this list ( Only 5130 words ) and is exactly a porn with plot. But really very hot one and has a “amp-port” fetish.

This isn`t very long, but I hope you like it. And if you want to add another fic to this list, this will make me the happiest man ever.

          THOUGH  I  WALK  THROUGH  THE  MISTS  ON  THE  EDGE  OF  THE  VOID,  I  SHALL  NOT  FEAR,  FOR  YOU  ARE  WITH  ME.   /   ind.  sel.  priv.  SEBASTIAN  VAEL  of  the  DRAGON  AGE  series.  canon  -  divergent.  as  portrayed  by  TONI.   /     

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My Fandoms: (or at least the ones I can think of right now) Star Wars | Lord of the Rings | Game of Thrones | Marvel (cinematic) | Once Upon a Time | Doctor Who | Harry Potter | Dragon Age | Mass Effect | Merlin |
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Because it’s fanfiction writer appreciation day, I wanted to take some time to thank the people who have been the biggest influences on my writing. I’m sure I’ll forget someone, and I apologise if I do, but these are the writers who’s work I have admired and the people who took the time to support me as a writer too.

The first person I want to thank is someone who went out of their way to support me when I was new in the Mass Effect fandom: @juleshawke. This amazing woman not only reviewed every single piece of writing I published, but she encouraged me to push my boundaries, to try new styles and ships, to take criticism on board and to grow as a writer. When I was new and no one knew who I was, she was one of the first people to review my work, and she introduced me to the wonderful world of Shega. Jules is an INCREDIBLE writer and I can only hope to be as amazing as she is one day.

The second person is my best friend @tlcinbflo who I met through our mutual love of shenko and shega fanfiction. Tracy is a wonderful writer, a terrific friend and is someone who had been with me through thick and thin. She has an amazing ability to get inside her character’s heads and her writing is elegant and beautiful. She is supporting, caring, and someone who goes out of their way to help her friends in the fandom. I want to be able to write as descriptively and emotionally as she can one day.

The third person I want to thank is @hawkeykirsah who is another of my best friends. She is an incredible shenko writer and someone who writes the most beautiful and sensual smutty scenes. I feel very lucky to have seen her grow as a writer, and even luckier to have had her support and encouragement when I wrote new ships.

I also need to thank several other people who influenced my writing, including @hot-elf - who showed me that I didn’t need to be shy about writing sensual and sexy smut fics. @lauraemoriarty who supported me during all of my shega escapades, @jediserenity82 who made me fall in love with Thane and femShep, @makocartwheels who writes the most incredibly intense D/s reyder fics, @seigephoenix who never ceases to inspire me with her incredible writing, @shaken-veil who is so creative it makes my head spin, @scientistsalarian who is one of the kindest and most creative people I know, @guileandgall who writes some of the most emotional and beautiful writing I’ve come across, @amarmeme who is a genuinely kind person and and unbelievable writer with incredible talent, @littlewatty who writes the most incredibly vivid and beautiful scenes … and so many more people who I can’t possibly name because I’ve gone blank. Honestly, my memory is like a sieve. If I haven’t named you, it’s not because you haven’t affected me, but only because I’m a forgetful fool.

Thank you all for your amazing writing - it has inspired me and pushed me to be better. Without you, I wouldn’t be half the writer I am today.

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I’ll draw your oc! For free! [UPDATE: THIS IS CLOSED]

Hey everyone!!! I’m really in need of some practice and I really need to expand my portfolio but I cant find it in me to draw without a specific reason to! So if anyone wants me to draw your oc I would absolutely love too!

I feel most comfortable with Mass Effect, Fallout and Elder scrolls ocs! But I will try the best I can with any other fandom if you send me lots of references! I also do best with feminine humans but again I can try and work it out if I have enough references!

If you want me to draw your OC message me on here or reblog this with your references

Or if it’s easier for you to do so shoot me an Email at:

I love you guys! And I’d like to give back with some of my artwork!

(heres some examples of my past work x x x

[Update: oh my gosh I didnt expect so many people to respond to this! but I’m closing it for now! thank you to everyone who responded I can’t wait to Draw your ocs!! thank you for being patient!!]

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

TBH I’m just about the flakiest, most inconsistent reader imaginable. As a result, this is going to be a ramshackle and likely incomplete list of writers I admire and appreciate in the Mass Effect fandom, so please please don’t feel neglected/ignored if I didn’t include you - it probably means I’ve got your work on my to-read list, which is… hahaaaa haaaa way too long for comfort right now.

Anyway, in no particular order, here are some peeps whose work (along with their presence in the fandom) has really impacted me… whoooooop:

@theherocomplex - not only are her fics some of the best Shakarian treats anyone could ask for, but the woman herself is a fandom class act, and she has single-handedly done more to support other writers in this fandom than like… anybody else I’ve personally come across. Particularly in the Shakarian corner, which can get so competitive and crazy sometimes, Bee is a positive force and a wonderful friend. Her creativity sprints are pure gold, and she’s a gem gleaming in a sunbeam of her own making; go watch her twinkle, people.

@meggannn - extremely talented, wise beyond her years, and so very obsessed with meta. My chronic mental state ever since meeting her: “I need to read more of her fics ASAP” because every word I’ve read is aces, no joke. Also, if anybody needs somebody to shake up and challenge their fandom biases and preconceptions, read meggann’s work or take a long, self-critical look at her meta posts. When it comes to critical thinking, she’s your gal.

@tarysande - okay. it’s admittedly been a while since I’ve read her fics (and when I DID I was a silent lurker and never left comments) but even so, things like Any Four Walls have always stuck with me. I’ve torn through her writing advice asks and blog posts more than I care to admit, finding lots of resources for improving and thinking about writing more critically. Besides that, she’s one of the most generous, kind-hearted people out there (like a secret big sister in my mind ha haaaa that’s not creepy of me to think at all). But witnessing the way she is constantly helping and encouraging other writers has made me want to be a more positive person, and has (no joke) helped me to make a lot of the positive mental health steps I’ve made this last year - even if I was too shy to tell her that until now… HAHA! Secret’s out!? Plus, it’s largely thanks to tarysande’s advice that I got off my duff and found some part-time work for myself. So I mean, like, she was already cool at that point, but dang. Extra credit much?

@damalur - I think every sentence this woman has ever written is worthy of publication. I have no idea how she does it. Literally, throw a dart at her AO3 page and read anything it lands on. I promise it’ll not only be good, it’ll be unlike anything else you’ve ever read in a fanfic. I vacillate between wild, ravenous reading binges and being so green-eyed with envy that I can’t even look in the same direction as damalur’s writing - it’s just that good.

@orangeflavoryawp - I love all the risks she takes, all the vicious poetic leaps she is willing to make in her many and varied works. She explores so many pairings, so many feelings. And I do mean she explores, bringing to mind this sexy, adventurous, machete-wielding Indiana Jones of fanfic. We’re lucky to have someone who reminds us that writing can be this lovely, lovely experiment, and she always reminds me how much writing can be valued for its own sake. Thank you.

@yourlocalpriestess - it’s been a joy to watch her grow as a writer, and her constant cheerleading of others in the fandom is downright gorgeous to see. Her character-limit-shattering comments on my stories have been enough to make me cry buckets, and I know I’m far from alone there; she spreads positivity like fairy dust. She is - hands down - one of the nicest and most positive people I’ve ever come across, and not only in fandom, but just like… on the planet. She’s like a real-life Usagi Tsukino, and I just need to thank her for existing.

Fic Appreciation Day!

So this is a bit short and sweet as I’m on a sleep and screentime curfew. But I really wanted to make a point of thanking some fabulous authors whose work I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and found inspirational since joining the DA and ME fandoms a couple of years ago. Please do check them out if you’re looking for something wonderful to capture your imagination! 

@halfblood-fiend A Qunundrum. Aside from being the best beta ever and helping my own fic through some pretty challenging times, this is one of the funniest and heartwrenching stories I’ve read. It’s Knight-Captain Rylen falling head over heels with a Qunari Quizzy, the kickass Keram. There’s sex, swearing, feels and a pretty awesome plot. What more could you want? 

@cullenstairshenanigans The OT3 to end all OT3s! now I am sure that many of you are aware of this lady’s fantastic writing with Cullen, Alistair and Lady Trevelyan, but in case her super hawt fics have passed you by, go take a look. A total inspiration.

@pookathefluffycat‘s Alistair x Cousland. Her Roristair DAO fic was one of the first fanfics I discovered and boy was it gripping and a thoroughly engaging read. She also gave me the guts to start my own longfic by showing just how its done. 

And lastly but certainly not least, if you want your heart wrenched from Sol to Sentry Omega and back again, you cannot beat @infiltraitor-n7‘s After Alchera with Kaidan x f!Shep. Absolutely beautiful and it’s very rare that I cry from reading a story. This particular fic totally got me though. 

Thanks to all the amazing authors out there creating such amazing content for the fandom to enjoy!