mass effect fan stuff

Okay to preface I am a big ol’ Bioware fan, love their stuff, Mass Effect is wonderful, etc etc, being vent-y about some shit doesn’t mean I’m hating on it or saying it sucks

But oh my god can we talk about eyes for a second


Lookit me, right here. In my eyes. My eyes that look like eyes. Just for a second.And answer me this.

The fuck is THIS?

Okay there’s a few things to take in here

Look at that detail. The depth of the face, the noses, the lips, the texturing therein. NICE. We’ve come a long way since Mass Effect, right? Andromeda’s lookin’ shiny.

And then we hit... the eyes.

Those staring, haunting, creepy, flat DOLL eyes. Seriously, did you use creepy haunted Stephen King dolls for reference?!


Look I know this shit isn’t easy, may I be struck by lighting sent down by the gods of artists’ wrath if I ever say that shit.

But let’s take a quick look BACK.

Here we have a couple of shitty screenshots from Mass Effect 1.

So my Shepard up there still has that flat look going on in some ways, right? The whites are a bit too white, the color doesn’t have a tone of depth.

But you know what, neither does much else. EVERYTHING has a fairly flat colored look to it, so the eyes don’t stick out.

It was 2007, we didn’t care much.

Mass Effect 2 kicks us up a notch.



Mass Effect 2 is still finding its footing with things skin and facial details (and diving into Uncanny Territory on occasion, like with Miranda) but the eyes grab my attention every time.

The color we have in ME2 is beautiful. Vibrant, with actual shading. The whites are still a bit WHITE, but again, with the rest of the graphics we’re given, this doesn’t stand out and feels fairly natural in the setting. Plus shadows work on the whites so we’re good.

Quick extra “man look at that color”

And then….

And then we hit Mass Effect 3 and the fire nation attacked and everything died

Look I don’t… KNOW… who was behind the decision to take “mostly realistic colors for eyes” and turn them into “okay so imagine the flat shiny porcelain of a dolls eyes in front of a lightbox so the colors glow a bit BUT JUST THE EYES because we’re gonna have shadows so fucking dark in this game that the eyes are like the only thing you see clearly in cutscenes. Oh and ALL the rest of the game? Super desaturated and dark, because drama, but make sure the eyes are fuckin’ neon. Do it. Do it, Greg, or you’re fucking fired”

Even realistic-ish colors like the one on top there still look… just… OFF.

And considering the huge leaps in texturing for the skin and such, it’s INCREDIBLY jaunting.

That last one, BTW? Here’s that Shepard in ME2 vs whatever the fuck radiation she was exposed to in 3.

Now I don’t remember all the changes I made in the character creator in between games (I know I had to make the skin way darker since they bleached everyone between 2 and 3) but even though the top pic has rather vivid green, I could buy into that - they’re in the future, whose to say they can’t have vivid green eyes? They still fit the setting and look right enough on the model.

And then… 3 happened.

And it looks like this is getting somehow WORSE in Andromeda.

Beautiful skin, amazing textures, they’re even improving hair a bit. Looks like hair can MOVE a little now!

But. Those eyes.

Those haunted-by-a-little-girl-that-giggles-at-night doll eyes. Weirdly shiny when everything else is dark, shaded JUST BARELY to show they’re not FLAT but they’re also damn sure not playing by any OTHER rules. THOSE EYES.

Like were they going for some kind of… bright-eyed anime look? Because look, either commit or go another direction. Because the closer to life your skin and hair and such looks, the scarier these eyes get.

I may not sleep tonight.

Hiii guys. It’s been a while… I’m so f*cked up with university and diploma and yeah… Happily I only have to survive next three weeks somehow (yay….) and then I’d be almost free. Almost because I need to prepare for diploma exam but now I have to focus on finishing my diploma project. 

I barely have time for drawing, in the meantime I joined Mass Effect fandom and Alenko fans so yeah, prepare for lots of Shenko stuff. For now, catch my lovely Shepard… Ok maybe it’s not the best drawing of her especially that she doesn’t look so cheerful here but welp I drew this thinking about Horizon. Nevermind, I hope that soon I’d be able to spam you all with my drawings again.

So WeLoveFine, the guys who manufactured and sold our End of the Line shirts sent me an invite to a contest. The contest is to make Mass Effect fan designs. The grand prize is stuff signed by people who worked on Mass Effect. I wonder if they know…….