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So I um…. well, I accidentally killed my original blog. I have no idea how I did this but it is good and gone. I managed to reclaim my URL but all of my old content, and list of those I followed, is lost to the ether. So I’m looking for new people to stalk.

Specifically I’m looking for Dragon Age writers and artists, or even just enthusiasts, but I also enjoy Mass Effect (not really a player but I love the story), Yuri on Ice and Miyazaki, anything crafty or DIY, or, well, anything really. Send me recommendations and I would love to check them out!

Thank you for your time and patience with my stupidity…

ID #61798

Name: Lindsey
Age: 24
Country: USA

Hello loves! My name is Lindsey. I’m 24 years old, living in Colorado. I’ve always loved the idea of having a penpal!

I’m pretty nerdy. Obsessed with things like Star Wars, Mass Effect, and Assassin’s Creed. I’m always listening to music, and late last year I discovered K-pop… and I’ve been hooked ever since! I like arts and crafts, particularly designing costumes. I work full time though, so I don’t get as much time as I’d like to work on stuff. I used to be a voracious reader, and I’m trying to work on setting aside time each day to sit and dive in to a book.

I’d prefer to exchange letters via email, as I’ve had some issues with giving out my phone number in the past. I’m also open to writing physical letters as well!

Preferences: My preferences would be anyone over the age of 18–preferably someone close to my age. I’m straight and a devout Christian, but am open to communicating with people from any background!

Finally working on my turian costume again! I just sewed up the basic cloth covering for the chest-piece. (You can still see a pin, ha ha.) Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finish this this year!

The mask is paperclay painted with acrylic; the chest-piece framework is cardboard/cardstock and duct-tape. I didn’t make the jacket underneath. That’s from the Bioware store.


Hello new followers! If you came because you saw just one of our projects somewhere and didn’t know we have a whole collection, then good news, everyone!

Our patterns page has links to everything. Though sometimes Raiface makes things that don’t have patterns, but are still super cool to look at. All of our projects were so fun to make, hope you enjoy them. :)


12 Days of Geekmas with Insanelygaming: Day 8

Here are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry that would make great gifts for the holiday season!

Video Game Themed Jewelry created by SunandStarsJew3lry

Bioshock Infinite Earrings available on Etsy for $14.00 USD

Mass Effect Necklace available on Etsy for $21.00 USD

Bioshock Infinite Bracelet available on Etsy for $26.00 USD

Pixel Heart Necklace available on Etsy for $24.00 USD

Hearthstone Earrings available on Etsy for $14.00 USD

Follow me on Instagram @malmarie to follow my holiday guide on there as well!


The current work in progress. Yes, technically that is a finished hat but the pattern isn’t ready. This hat was basically a test of the pattern I wrote. Some of the mistakes were fixable, I ripped out parts about a dozen dozen times. Some of the mistakes I’m leaving to the next version.

The girl leaves a lot to be desired as a model. She’s hard to photograph and she keeps taking the hat off. But it’s been super helpful to be able to see the thing on a whole different head. The wig form I have is much smaller than my own head and I would never have caught the substantial fit issues. -Alyssa

a cake for Shepard

So jegaphone and I decided to make a cake for Shepard’s birthday this afternoon. Cause cake. :D 

First, we decided to find some paragon and renegade inspired beers. (The Baderbrau represents Archangel, cause Garrus.)

The cake is inspired by Shepard. It’s not N7 day, so we decided to keep it simple with a vanilla cake and white frosting. (And that’s jegaphone’s cat, who really wanted to help taste test)

We had two two fruit fillings, strawberry and blueberry, to represent paragon and renegade. 

And then last but not least, jegaphone and her boyfriend decorated the top of the cake, using the Alliance as inspiration!

Overall, super fun day and we got yummy cake out of the deal. All thanks to Shepard! Thank you Shepard! <3


Hahne-Kedar Insignia Series: N7

And the only one I know anyone is actually interested in, the N7. Tada!

The final pattern ended up different than the samples pictured, a little. I felt like for the scarf the white stripes, though exactly half the size of the red, were a little too thin. And the headband has all the stripes using odd numbers of rows because I wanted to join the yarn in on certain sides, but that takes away from it’s reversibility, so I changed that too.