mass effect costume
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Tali Z’orah cosplay

Costume is finally done! :D
Helmet was sculpted and cast in resin. The face plate was vacuum formed and tinted purple in a ipoly dye bath.

Armor bits are leather, resin casts or worbla over foam.  The prop gun is foam.

Quarian swirl fabric and hexagon fabric were custom printed spandex from Spoonflower.

I will be debuting her at Dragon con next month! :D


I watched a DIY video on silicone moulding and thought “I can do that, how hard can it be?” 

1) create a template out of condensed styrofoam and drywall puddy

2) create a two part silicone mould

3) Mix A & B liquid plastic and pour into the mould

4) paint and clear coat

Well the template alone was like 50 hours of cutting, glueing, and sanding to get the details to be just right. The two part mold was another 20 hours or so of not really knowing what I was doing. The pour only takes 15 minutes along with some prep and clean up. Then you have to cut off the excess (flashing), sand and fill any air bubbles, and finally home stretch. Just 10 more hours of layering paint and some light sanding, apply two layers of clear coat and you’re done. One killer prop for this nerd to fight off a hoard of mindless husks. That really wasn’t hard at all…         …yes that was sarcasm.

While I have my costume analysis brain on, Bioware has actually done a good, logical design: The flight/shipsuits. I think that this may be a Bioware first.

They appear to be inspired from a blend of bikersuits and protective work gear and good ol’ uniforms, these are actual garments that would be completely feasible to be widely worn in a space exploration setting. Padded and fitted with a high neck they’re neat and functional with a high level of protection when if things go awry. Appropriate for the myriad jobs and scenarios that any individual may find themselves in whilst being uniform. Colours and panelling denote role and status. And there are logical fastenings. All while sitting in that Mass Effect Aesthetic.

Bonus! The ladies don’t seem to have faux-wedgies/-cameltoe via crazy panelling and I think they may be bum-window free. Good job, Bioware.