mass effect caps

can I just say that I love the shoulder/neck roll that Shepard started doing as an idle in me2

mostly because it fuels my headcanon that the Cerberus dudes fucked something up with how the joints fit and now they click or grind or make this really obscenely loud popping sound and Shepard does it around Miranda just to be petty

and every time it happens Miranda like, visibly cringes, and Shepard’s like “you hear that? that didn’t used to happen. THAT’S NOT SOMETHING MY JOINTS DID, MIRANDA. YOU FUCKED UP MY JOINTS AND NOW THEY CLICK. I’M STUCK WITH CLICKY JOINTS, MIRANDA”

I Began To Play Mass Effect: Andromeda But In Spite Of Enjoyable Gameplay, Beautiful Scenery, And Likable Characters, I Encountered Several Animation Errors Which Completely Destroyed My Immersion, Ruining Gaming Forever And Leaving Me No Recourse But To Complain About It On The Internet