mass effect cake

PSA: Fuck EA

Fuck EA for making Bioware back off of Mass Effect because ‘money’ and ‘multiplayer’ guess I’ll just have to keep drawing my Ryder shenanigans and create concept art for DLC I want but will never get HAHA YOU CANT STOP ME EA NOW FUCK OFF.

I hope they continue to get ‘Worst Company of the Year’ because they are literally the worst.


Secrets - @meflashfanwork

Every so often, Ririka Shepard buys a cake. She cuts it, takes two slices for herself, and the rest goes to whoever wants a piece – first come, first serve. One piece is eaten with the crew and squad, and she takes the other piece up to her cabin.

Everyone just assumes Shepard likes cake (which isn’t wrong) and she’s saving the second piece for later, but she tries to buy a cake on or around the birthdays of her family members, who all died in the 2170 Mindoir raid. The second slice is for the person having the birthday.

Eventually, she buys cake for fallen squad members too.


“Hannah Shepard here.” “Violet! Move your ass up here, its mom!” “Hi, mom!
“Oh, honey. It’s so good to hear your voices.”
“This is a surprise. It’s been a long time.” “It has. I just felt I needed to- I think about you two every day. I try not to worry. The other day I was remembering the bedtime stories we used to make up. You had your own ship and crew. The stories were always filled with adventure and danger… Even when you were little you dreamed of the life you have.“ “Is that the reason you wanted to call us?” “No… I just want you to know that I am proud of you two. So proud.”

Happy birthday @flmeth/ @fat-walda!!!