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I just wanted to tell you that I just found your blog and it's my favorite Mass Effect blog on the Citadel. :)

thank you!!!!! all of my pictures are on another computer but imagine i put some heartfelt image here ok

Ok this is the cutest thing in the world. I can just imagine the big intimidating Krogan searching through pictures of guns to send Ryder. Finding the perfect one “Yea she’ll like this one” *copies and pastes*

*slides 20$ to Bioware* soo…how about that patch smooching our li whenever we want?


Better be known I got the throne like I don’t know that there’s a king
Never grew up around a family because I’m not a human being
And anyone under my level that’s coming in my spot, for the top
Let ‘em have it, cause when I leave, the whole world drops [x]