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hey how did u actually get ur mass effect blog up and going? i mean,, like how did you get OUT THERE?? im trying to start my own mass effect thing but im rly clueless tbph


I don’t really know? I started by reblogging what I missed before, so old stuff that people had already seen. But I was reblogging every day. Being regular with a blog is a good thing. Then a few months after that I ran out of things to reblog, so I started checking the mass effect tag daily, which I should have done since the beginning. So I found new stuff to reblog, and realized I also wanted to talk about the game. Talking about the game is what made me met people. I had great discussions with others and became friendly with them, which in turn made me want to talk more and organize special weeks, etc. I also made edits that a few people reblogged.

But really, from my point of view, I can’t know well people who just reblog stuff in the fandom because what I’m interested in is in the mass effect tag. That’s how I meet new people or notice them, when they post about the games, when they make edits, fanmixes, fanart, etc. After that, I don’t know. I didn’t really try to “get out there”, I just ended up like a ball of energy who had to share ME stuff :D   

The more you’re invested in something and it shows, the more you’ll find others who are equally as invested and want to share ideas with you. So being nice and contributing one way or another, I think that’s what makes someone in a fandom really great to follow.

I hope that helped? 

Hearing Miranda talk about herself is heartbreaking.

Knowing that she was genetically engineered has obviously made quite an impact on her self esteem.

How much of what she’s capable of is thanks to her father’s genetic alterations and how much are her own? When she achieves something, can she truly call it her own when she owed so much to him?

At the same time, knowing that she had been made by her father to facilitate his dynasty, to be his living legacy couldn’t have been good for her mental health either. Who could be happy knowing that their parent only sees them as an investment, no, a tool rather a person in their own right?

Yet still she persevered. Even knowing what kind of man her father is, she facilitated not only her own escape, but also Oriana’s and made sure she has the life that she hadn’t been able to.

Miranda is so strong, in so many ways.

This isn’t my first time going through this game, but it is my first time truly appreciating what she’s gone through and how much she’s been through. I have a new appreciation for her, even though I’ve always liked her to begin with.

Now I want to make a male Shepard just to romance her in the second game.


Mmmmmh, my dash is not active as predicted. This is not good. Nope.

So! I’m looking for blogs to follow!

Like or Reblog if you post:

- Dragon Age (especially Fenris, Fenhawke, Cullen, Cullenmance and OCs)
- Mass Effect (especially Garrus, GarrusxShepard, Kaidan, Thane, general stuff)
- Pokemon
- Celldweller/Klayton stuff
- Skyrim
- Space stuff (I LOVE SPACE! - cit. Markiplier)
- General funny stuff

and i’ll check your lovely blog <3 art blogs/fanart blogs encouraged!

Things that i don’t really need by now:

- Overwatch
- Cyber stuff
- Flowers and Landscapes
- Politics (unless it’s funny stuff)

Thank you my dears!

BioWare Fan Blog: Andrew Ryan, Artist

Hey fellow BioWare fans,

My name is Andrew Ryan, and I’m a freelance artist based in New York City that loves doing fan art for BioWare’s Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles. Here’s how I got into making fan art, why I enjoy it so much, and what my general process is.

I’ve been a huge Mass Effect fan since its 2007 release. I fell in love with its stylistic approach to the universe and with the option for each of us to craft our own individual narrative within the confines of the overarching plot. It reawakened within me the drive to be a more creative person. I’d always loved science-fiction and fantasy art, but I hadn’t really been drawing much since graduating from high school two years prior.

During this particular time in my life I was basically just playing a bunch of video games in my mom’s basement and working menial jobs. Inspirational games like Mass Effect gave me the motivation to start seeking out art schools where I could foster my desire to be creative. After a couple of rejections from other schools, I got into the School of Visual Arts in NYC. It was there, during my sophomore year, that one of my instructors introduced me to Dragon Age: Origins.

Fast forward to 2012 and my senior year of art school. I made the decision that year to go digital rather than traditional. Unfortunately, my classes didn’t offer much in the way of using Photoshop as a painting tool, so I figured the best way to learn was just to paint with it as much as possible in my spare time. I also figured that the best way to keep myself motivated was to paint something I really cared about. In 2012, that was Mass Effect 3.

Okay, so I wasn’t too fond of the original ending and the destruction of the Mass Relays. I wanted to know that my favorite characters weren’t forever stuck on some remote planet, so I started painting epilogue scenarios. I had Garrus and Tali retire to Rannoch, Wrex rejoin EVE back on Tuchunka to lead the krogan to a new age, and Kaidan, my love interest and favorite character, return to the Citadel ruins to search for Shepard. These were my attempts to get the closure I felt was lacking prior to the release of the Extended Cut—which thankfully remedied the business with the relays.

External image
External image
External image

Around this time I also got to thinking how fun it would be to evolve my skillset by depicting some of the hypothetical enemy forces we didn’t get a chance to see during the Reaper War, such as the Reaperized hanar, volus, and drell. Looking back, I’m not too happy with them. I could have pushed them to be a lot more grotesque, but I had a blast making them and enjoyed sharing and discussing my concepts with other fans.

External image

My next fan project, Dragon Effect, was inspired in part by the existing blood dragon armor set that already served as a bridge between the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises. I planned to just do Shepard originally, but then I started drawing parallels between the two worlds by comparing biotics to mages and synthetics to golems. This led to rendering almost every Mass Effect character in a DA-inspired outfit. I’m currently working on bringing the Dragon Age cast into the Mass Effect universe, which has been equally challenging and entertaining.

External image
External image

When determining how a character should look, I consider several things: I gauge the overall aesthetic appearance of its genre and how to transfer it to the other. I find similarities in personality to another existing character. I think about how to make the final lineup more interesting. For example, I’ll try not to make every single mage a standard biotic adept but instead make some of them vanguards when it better suits their DA fighting style.

Miranda, for instance, had certain traits in common with Morrigan: a confident attitude, a desire to keep others at an emotional distance, and parental issues. There’s also the obvious biotic-mage comparison, so I took elements from Miranda’s Mass Effect outfit (Cerberus insignia and honeycomb patterning) and implemented them in Morrigan’s staff and skirt. I also traded color schemes as it’s an easy and obvious way to change someone’s look but retain the overall feel of a character.

External image

As for my process, it’s always changing. I’m still relatively new to digital painting, but generally I start with a solid line drawing followed by layering in separate solid dark colors underneath. I then add various textures on top of that to give the image a bit of “tooth” and so it doesn’t look quite so digital. Once I lay in the textures, I move onto the face. I use a lot of reference to nail down as close of a likeness as I can to the character. I’ll use the lighting direction in the reference photo so that I can render out the rest of the body. At a certain point, when I am happy enough with the direction, I combine all of the layers into one and start doing little tweaks to make certain forms read better. On the final pass, I add custom features like tattoos and buttons.

External image
External image

Although I’m never really happy with any of my art—I tend to only see the flaws—my fan art has been a great way to expand on the intrinsic love and admiration I feel for these games. I look forward to bringing you guys more in the future!

Please visit my site to follow my future projects or to view my past works:

External image

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