mass effect 3: reckoning

DD#8 - The Mimic

All this lootcrate drama in gaming community made me think about good old Mimics. You know… the creatures that mimic a treasure chest to lure travelers to reach for the loot only to be eaten alive! EA is made of mimics or at least Battlefront2 is. I looked at my game library, and with some perverse pride I can say, that I have not a single game released under the stinky wing of Electronic Arts as for now. The last one I purchased was Mass Effect 3, I reckon, in the good old day. I do have some Ubisoft Games but well, they are only getting to the level of horror toxicity - they are close, but now just there yet. Life is hard for gamers.

Fortunately, I have Nintendo. And Switch. And gosh golly, it feels so… Good. So validated! To be a Switch fan from day one :D