mass effect 3 cosplay


Compression Piped Leather 

(As with all leather, remember to use a teflon presser foot and leather needles.)

1. Stretch spandex around a frame. Stretch only in 1 direction and pull as tightly as possible. Nail securely to frame. Check that frame fits between sewing machine’s presser foot and bobbin case. 

 2. Lay leather in frame and stitch. Distance between stitches determines the size of piping. I used ½" and my pipes are about ¼".

 3. The bulk if the frame will make it impossible for stitches to run the full length and width if the fabric. Remove the fabric from the frame and pull it until it lies flat to do additional seams. I was able to sew about 2/3 of the fabric with a gap in the center from where my frame hit the inner wall of my machine. 

 4. Cut to pattern shape and sew into garment. I recommend basting around the edges before cutting.


Space Cheerleader 

I had a blast at Motor City Comic Con on Saturday! This was my first time cosplaying as Tali and all things considered I think it went super well! There are some things I’m going to tweak before colossalcon but that’s what test runs are for! I have slowly been getting some pictures back so if you have any of me and my friend Kevin as Garrus, I’d love to see them! ^^ 

^ Haha I didn’t realize we were standing so far apart I feel like this should have a sassy caption next to it XD 

^ Squad too cool for you If we would have had a shepard in the middle of this it would have been perfect omg dream teaaaamm

^ I’m including this selfie because I’m not sure if any of the pictures with my face exposed will surface. I looooove the way the contacts looked with this


Another dangerous alien aboard, Commander. Thanks. Why can’t you collect coins or commemorative plates or something? “
Jeff Joker Moreau 

For Japan Expo 2015.

… Opinions maybe ? :D ask-the-couple-msehnko


Completed N7 Commander Shepard armor build from Mass Effect 3. 

Well, near completed. There’s some attachments that need to be done after its fitted to @commandercait, I can’t even make the belt until I see how all the armor sits on her, and there’s some paint I need to touch up after it sits over night.

I’m never making this build again. It’s too stupid and there’s too many pieces. It’s a 24 piece set and the design is dumb and impractical. I’ve never been more stressed out by a cosplay build before. So Cait is the one and only person who will ever get a Mass Effect commission out of me, because I’m quitting the series now. 

<3 love Garrus <3 amazing cosplay!

In Mass Effect 1-3, I only wanted to romance Garrus. (Couldn’t in the first one, but after romancing Kaidan, I went back and didn’t romance anyone in the first so I could “wait” for him, sad I know but I dont care :P) My husband however had to pick between Liara and Tali and alternated through different playthroughs.

In Dragon Age Origins, my romance as easy, always Alistair. 2nd Dragon Age I alternated between Fenris (broody sexy) and Anders (sweet cute). And then in the 3rd one always Cullen.