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 Wait a gosh darned second!

 If Garrus quit C-Sec to join Shepard…what exactly was his job then? Was he ever actually hired to work on board the Normandy? Wrex got paid by the Shadow Broker for taking down Fist, and Tali had her pilgrimage funds…but did anyone bother to pay Garrus to shoot bad guys and chill next to the Mako?
Same-Sex Romances at Mass Effect Nexus - Mods and community

Bless this modder! You can finally have a same-sex romance with Kaidan or Ashely without twiddling around forever with the mod manager. ^_^


  • Fully-voiced dialogue: Through the restoration of unused dialogue, every line is voiced and animated properly.
  • Anti-flirting: In the vanilla game, simply talking to Ashley or Kaidan would initiate a romance. The mod changes this so the player will have to consciously flirt with Ashley or Kaidan in order for a romance to begin, allowing them to avoid a romance while also not missing out on conversations.
  • No misgendering: Ashley and Kaidan will not refer to Shepard as the wrong gender, and neither will any other character.
  • Functional romance scenes: The previous method of making the romances available resulted in major immersion-breaking glitches during the romance scenes. With this mod, Shepard will appear properly during the scene.

The mod maker, rondeeno,also has said that they’re planning on one for ME2 as well!