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Artist Name: Hagar A.Sobeea

  Title of work: The Kiss Is a bit far to the -  القبلة إلى اليسار قليلا 

Medium of work: Mirror, Graffiti, Sound Collage 

Size of work: A 50X50 cm mirror, faced with a 27X11 cm reversed Arabic word “AlQibla”, A headphone placed on a hook

AlQibla, AlQubla.. 

Two words written the same way, Pronounced differently

Thread totalitarian, it has nothing to do with religion and love, only with your Flexabilty to acceptance

a mirror where you see your own reflection… Stand in front of for a moment… Listen… Absorb your surroundings of data, and visual


your reflection is what’s going to lead you to your own conclusion later


الإسم: هاجر على سبيع 

إسم العمل: القبلةُ إلى اليسار قليلا

الوسيط:  مرآة, جرافيتى, مقطع صوتى مركب

القِبلة , القُبلة .. ز

كلمتان تكتبان بطريقة واحدة وتنطقان بطريقتان مختلفتان

الموضوع شمولى, ليس له علاقة بالدين و الحب فقط بل بالقدرة على القبول

مرآة ترى فيها إنعكاس نفسك.. تقف أمامها برهة.. تستمع..

 تمتص ماحولك من بيانات و دلالات بصرية

إنعكاسك هو ما سيوصلك لما ستستنتجه فيما بعد

This is an ongoing project of installations, Based on research and

archiving in relation to language. Concept inspired from Arabic Language and words that come from the same origin yet they mean completely

different things, only Because of the way these words are pronounced.

The First installation Presented at MASS this year is reproduced from a

sentence we mostly hear or read as a sign of position’ direction when in mosques located in Alexandria, Egypt, “The Qibla” -Your destination- is a little bit far to the left"

القِبلة إلى اليسار قليلاً

according to Egypt’s Location to Mecca, we head a bit far to the left to be facing Al Kaaba while praying and doing Duaa

In Arabic, small difference in pronunciation of a word, though written the same way, can give a completely different meaning. “Qibla” means

direction (towards Mecca) and pronounced differently, “Qubla” means a kiss!

My personal experience with mosques was when I first started praying in this small one, attached to students building, during college days, where the women’s prayers section used to have a mirror hanged beside the entrance, through which, everyone used to check how they looked after or before doing the prayers, it seemed surreal at the time, very out of place. Not to forget that there was some individuals who used to only enter the mosque to check how they looked in this mirror

Putting these factors in mind, I Created an installation and a symbolized sound mix to be heard via earphones, A Graffiti of the word “AlQibla” in pink, reversed in front of a mirror, to be seen adjust through the mirror


We don’t need to be directed when it comes to practicing love, you’re free to express it the way you want to, and the way you feel to with no obligation or  a certain directing way of doing that.

My concept relates to merging between the true relationship between God and a human being and the symbols of true love among human kind, how it’s not supposed to be directed, and how spontaneous it could be.