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Forever sad that Grandpa!Yondu won’t get to tell his grandchildren how he killed everyone that disobeyed him on the original Ravager ship. 

[Yondu, after ending his story with how he burned Taserface alive, while tucking his grandkids in]: “And then the fucker was dead. Goodnight, kiddos, your grandpappy loves ya.”

Girl Almighty // Spencer x Reader Part 1

Spencer x Reader One Shot where all the men in the BAU find the reader attractive and try to hit on her, except Reid. The only problem is that Reid is the one the reader wants attention from, not anyone else. Enjoy!


“Keep it together boys,” Emily chuckled as she noticed you entering the bullpen. 

Morgan, Rossi, and Hotch all stood up, straightening out their shirts and ties. Spencer remained sitting with his knees pulled up on his chair, seemingly unbothered by your arrival. 

Emily rolled her eyes as Morgan stepped forward and offered to take your coat off for you. You politely accepted, allowing him to help you out of the fabric.

“So Y/N, I was hoping we could continue our marathon training tomorrow morning, around 6?” Hotch spoke up, desperate for your affection. 

Morgan grimaced as he stepped away from you, folding your coat and putting it on your desk chair. Hotch took that as an opportunity to step in closer to you as he awaited your decision.

“Sounds good to me,” you replied, smiling up at the man. 

You had wanted to do a marathon for a while now and luckily, Hotch was also interested in it. You decided to be training buddies to help get through the tougher parts of the fitness together. You enjoyed your morning runs with your boss, it was a nice way to build a friendship with him outside of the work atmosphere.

“Mind if I join?” Morgan asked, stepping next to you again on the opposite side as Hotch.

“I didn’t know you were a runner!” You turned to face him, smiling at him. 

JJ joined Emily off to the side. They both rolled their eyes as they watched the men trying to one up each other to win your attention. You were completely oblivious to it, too. 

You were the type of person who saw kindness in everyone, so you just thought they were being friendly. Sure, the three of them had invited you to hang out alone on multiple occasions, but you thought they were just trying to get to know you.

“He’s not,” Reid said nonchalantly, not even looking up from the book he had been reading. 

He earned a glare from Morgan from across the room.

“I was thinking it could help me get in better shape for the FBI baseball game. You should definitely come to that, Y/N,” Morgan said as he pretended to swing an invisible bat. 

JJ let out a small snort as she covered her mouth, trying to contain her laughter.

“That sounds fun!” You exclaimed, happy to be invited to work outings. 

It seemed like everyone was finally warming up to you.

“You can sit with me in the stands while they’re all playing,” Rossi chimed in, taking a step toward you. 

You nodded excitedly, unaware that the three men around you were all staring daggers at each other.

“Okay enough chit chat,” Penelope bellowed as she made her way into the room, signaling that there was a case. 

You all got up and walked into the briefing room. You sat next to Emily and waited for instructions.

“Alrighty! So, local PD got three missing children’s reports this morning, all around the same time. The three little munchkins who went missing were all taken from their houses and are all the same age and gender. They’re thinking it’s a mass abduction of some type. I’m sending the addresses of the three families to your phones so you can go and talk to them,” Penelope finished, pressing her little button so that a picture of the three missing boys popped up on the projector.

“Emily, I want you at the police station in case another report comes in. Morgan, JJ, Rossi, Reid, Y/N, and myself will split up and go to the houses,” Hotch announced as everyone stood up from their chairs. 

Emily gave you a small pat on the back before she walked out the door. 

“Let’s split into teams of two; Morgan and JJ, you go to the first house,” Hotch started as you noticed Morgan grimacing from your peripheral.

“Who do you work best with, Y/N?” Rossi asked you as you started collecting your things. 

You paused to think as Rossi and Hotch stared at you, hoping you’d pick them.

“Probably Reid,” you shrugged, walking over to your desk and putting your coat back on. 

Hotch and Rossi didn’t say anything, instead just watching you from afar with disappointment plastered upon their faces.

“Let’s get out of here,” you heard Hotch grumble as he and Rossi sauntered off.

You waited for Reid to put his messenger bag over his head before walking towards the elevator.

The two of you stood in silence as you waited for the elevator to reach the ground floor. The doors opened, releasing you from the awkward tension. You headed straight for the drivers seat of the black SUV, knowing perfectly well that Spencer would not be driving.

“Are you ever gonna pick one?” Reid asked as you turned the ignition on.

“Pick one what?” You asked, genuinely confused.

“One of the guys. They all want you, like, badly…” he trailed off, staring out the window. 

You frowned as you heard the slight hint of annoyance in his tone.

“No they don’t,” you protested. 

They all just liked you as a friend, you thought to yourself.

“Psh, yeah, okay,” Reid snorted. 

You stopped at a red light and took it as an opportunity to look over and face him.

“What did I ever do to you?” You blurted out before you were aware of what you were saying. 

Ever since your first day at the BAU, you had tried your hardest to befriend the genius of the team. Time and time again, you felt yourself embarrassed by his constant rejection. You thought you were a relatively like-able person, but apparently not to Reid.

“What?” Spencer replied, still staring out the window. 

You put the car in drive again as you saw the green light reflect upon his face.

“Never mind,” you mumbled as you pulled up to the house Penelope had given you the address to. 

With that, you put the car in park and hopped out the door, hitting it with your hip to close it.

You made your way to the front door, not turning around to make sure Reid was following. If he didn’t care, you wouldn’t either.

The day went by slowly as you questioned and comforted the family of one of the missing boys. You got little to no information from them, not that you had expected to get much. You trudged into the bullpen, throwing your things on your desk. Exhaustion was an understatement at this point, but the team still had work to do. You followed the others as they made their way into the briefing room to compare notes and put together a profile.

“You still up for tomorrow morning?” Hotch asked as he slid into the seat next to you. 

You groaned, remembering the plans you had made to run at 6 AM.

“Raincheck?” You offered, hoping it wouldn’t ruin his routine too much.

“Sure,” Hotch gave you a sympathetic smile.

“Or you and Morgan could go without me!” You suggested. 

The two gave each other a look, trying to be quick on their feet with an excuse. There was no way in hell they’d go running together if you weren’t there.

“I’m actually pretty tired,” Morgan responded, faking a yawn. 

You nodded understandingly as Emily and JJ rolled their eyes simultaneously.

The team finished up for the night, collectively deciding that it would be best to go home and sleep. Nobody was being effective because of how tired they were. You thought you were the last one in the building, taking your time to wrap things up at your desk.

Right as you were signing out of your computer, you heard a stack of papers fall behind you. Swinging around, you saw Reid holding onto his left hand in pain.

“Stupid paper cut,” he groaned as you walked over to where he had dropped all of his work packets.

“Let me see,” you murmured, taking his hand in yours. 

You swore you saw the light dust of pink spread across his cheeks as you did.

“It’s fine,” Spencer whispered, trying to retract his hand. 

You gripped him harder, not allowing him to get away so easily. The cut looked pretty deep.

“C'mon,” you spoke softly, motioning for him to follow you. 

You lead him to the break room, stopping in front of the sink. You turned the handle, letting the faucet run lightly. Once the temperature felt bearable, you stuck his hand under the running water.

“Ow,” he whimpered as the water cleaned out his cut. 

You put your own hand to your mouth, trying to hide your giggle. 

“Oh, that’s funny to you?” Reid laughed, something you rarely saw. 

You smiled up at him, unaware of how close your body was to his. You stared down at his hand as a way to distract yourself from his inviting eyes.

“Y/N?” Spencer whispered so lightly that you almost didn’t hear him. 

You looked up again, making eye contact this time.

“Hmm?” you hummed in response. 

The water continued to run as the two of you stood there.

“Don’t pick one.”

LOL, we have not been committing genocide against the Sami for a century now! Where the everloving FUCK did you get that information?!

Furthermore, the Sami are native to the northern parts of Sweden (and Norway, and Finland, and of northwestern Russia). The Swedes are native to the central and southern parts.

markunator, white Swede


They were also forced off their lands, deported, isolated to remote areas, cut off from their livelihood, barred from buying property, and trafficked into labor at government behest.

Don’t dare derail segregation with the old bullshit claim that Saami come from “other northern parts.” Not our fault that you can’t grasp the concept of migration.

Children were mass abducted and forced to integrate into Swedish households and abusive state programs. Saami language, faith, and traditions were BANNED nationwide. Sweden’s few token gestures of apology & policy changes by the late 20th century focused on reindeer, not the plight of actual Saami people.

Destroying culture is an act of violence that inevitably results in people dying en masse. You’re not aware of this because clearly you have no real respect for indigenous people, so don’t think for a second we’re writing this for you. We’re just dragging you as an example of this racist society that would rather spout propaganda instead of coming to terms with its colonialism.

This is for all our new followers and community members we’ve gotten since we debunked that racist propaganda about Sweden having “200 years of peace.”

Want more receipts? Go cry to the UN, which has repeatedly called out Sweden for violating indigenous rights and failing to comply with the ILO.

Love and labor rights,
Bastard HQ

Very Important !!

I am so, so deeply affected by this and it honestly brings me to tears. 

About a week ago, Radical Islamist Syrians overran the Armenian-Christian town of Kessab on the border between Syria and Turkey. They looted, abducted and mass murdered 80 innocent Armenians in the small town inhabited mainly by old Armenian men and women. There are EXTREMELY graphic images and videos of beheaded Armenian men and women, some with their limbs cut off. 

I just watched this video and completely lost it. They are literally old people, grandmas and grandpas. My grandma, your grandma, or someone else’s- it doesn’t matter. When I watched this video, they were all my family members, and I just thought how disgusting a person would have to kill these completely defenseless and unprepared people.

Please, please help promote awareness. We always ask why we learn about tragic events in school, and are told it is to keep these events from ever repeating themselves. Because the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians by the Turks) was not publisized, it is repeating itself today, even if on a smaller scale. 

Thank you so much for reading this. 


Andy Kaufman Still Alive? No, But Mulder and Scully Got Married. David Duchovny Tea Leoni divorce news sparks conspiracy theories.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson secretly married? It’s got to be something out of an X-Files, right?  Everything about that show smacked of conspiracy. It’s why we watched. We were all Night Stalkers looking for a good flashlight scene. It fed the need for mysterious dark corners of almost truths: Who killed JFK? Did Paul McCartney really die in a car crash in 1966? Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? What crashed in Roswell? Should Bigfoot be on the endangered species list? Any of which could have been an X-file. It was just a matter of time until The X-Files had an X-file of their own.

Sure, maybe The X-Files deserved a more creepy pasta kind of urban legend, like the series was actually the FBI’s way of disseminating information and getting the world ready for mass-alien abductions or using a spin-off to warn about the Twin Tower bombings. But no, the X-Files’ X-file is just a sex-file. It plays into the romance of the show and all those years X-Files fans wanted Dana Scully and Fox Mulder to kiss.

David Duchovny and Téa Leoni announced that their divorce was final over the weekend. Duchovny filed in June, citing an irreparable breakdown of the relationship. Weeks ago, tabloids reported that Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were dating after Anderson was spotted coming out of Duchovny’s place in New York amid rumors that he and Leoni were reconciling.

After reporting this for another magazine, I was contacted by a self-proclaimed insider. Just like on The X-Files itself when a well-manicured man gave insider tips to Agent Scully or Deep Throat and X came out of the shadows to guide “Spooky” Mulder through the looking glass. I had my own deep cover insider, a lone gunman, if you will. Hopefully unarmed. I will call this person Deep X. And I’ll tell you what I know about Deep X.

Nothing. I don’t know shit about Deep X and if I were writing this for an online news zine I could get in deep shit because Deep X can be some online lunatic fringe and Fringe was another show entirely. Maybe not entirely, Fringe was so deeply derivative it could have been X-Files outtakes. This informant could be anyone: an X-Files fan or someone who hated the show; someone who just wanted to see their made-up story in print.

Deep X claims to know “a couple of people who are very close to Anderson and Duchovny.” Inasmuch as feeding an urban legend, this is meaningless. The deejays who ran the first Paul Is Dead report didn’t know the band or anyone in their Apple corps. The first Elvis sighting could have been an impersonator on break. The first person who saw Jesus on a taco wasn’t even a member of the clergy.

Deep X contacted me through email, claiming that Duchovny and Anderson secretly got married years ago, that they have children together and that they wouldn’t have to hide all this in plain sight if it weren’t for Tea Leoni. I ignored it. At my peril. When the Duchovny Leoni divorce announcement came out this weekend, I got an email from Deep X asking “believe me now?”

There are gossip magazines and tabloids that might just label this as an anonymous source and run with it. I’m not saying I believe it. I’m just saying, as an X-Files fan, it’s a story I could wish was true. I was never a Tea Leoni fan anyway and I don’t care if Gillian Anderson’s hair could be a little too red, if you know what I mean. The idea that the actors who played Mulder and Scully could have hidden something like this for years would rank it up there with Rod Stewart getting his stomach pumped because he gave one too many blow jobs.

The X-Files is all about mythology. Part of what feeds that was the chemistry between the two stars. Mulder and Scully teased and occasionally squeezed, but like most things on network TV, never pleased. It took them years to kiss. The idea that they were doing something deep under the covers themselves was always a thing of fan fantasy. Not mine, I actually preferred them separate, smoldering from afar in their unimaginative ties and feet too short to reach the pedal. I wouldn’t care if Duchovny was actually a celibate, just so long as Mulder hit on bug scientists named Bambi.

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Boko Haram freed women tell of captivity horror - BBC News
Former hostages held by Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria describe their ordeal at the hands of the militant group before their rescue.

Former hostages held by Boko Haram militants in northern Nigeria say some fellow captives were stoned to death as the army approached to rescue them.

The women said Boko Haram fighters started pelting them when they refused to run away as the army came nearer.

A group of nearly 300 women and children was brought out of the vast Sambisa forest to a government camp.

The military says it has rescued more than 700 people in the past week in an offensive against the Islamist group.

The women said several were killed in the stoning, but they did not know how many.

The survivors said that when they were initially captured, the militants had killed men and older boys in front of their families before taking women and children into the forest.

Some were forced into marriage.

They said the Islamists never let them out of their sight - not even when they went to the toilet.

“They didn’t allow us to move an inch,” one of the freed women, Asabe Umaru, told Reuters news agency. “We were kept in one place. We were under bondage.”

One woman described how they were fed just one meal a day.

“We were fed only ground dry maize in the afternoons. It was not good for human consumption,” Cecilia Abel told Reuters. This led to malnutrition, disease and death.

“Every day, we witnessed the death of one of us and waited for our turn,” Umaru, a 24-year-old mother of two, told Reuters.

The women and children travelled for three days on pick-up trucks from the vast Sambisa forest where they were rescued, to the camp in the city of Yola.

Through interviews, officials have determined that almost all those rescued are from Gumsuri, a village near the town of Chibok, the Associated Press news agency reports.

It does not appear that any of those released are from the group of nearly 300 Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram a year ago in a mass abduction that led to worldwide protests calling for the girls’ release.

Thousands have been killed in northern Nigeria since Boko Haram began its insurgency in 2009 to create an Islamic state.

In February, Nigeria’s military, backed by troops from neighbouring countries, launched a major offensive against the Islamist fighters, recapturing Boko Haram territory taken in the previous year.

Boko Haram kidnapped hundreds in northern Nigeria town: residents | Reuters

Boko Haram militants have kidnapped more than 400 women and children from the northern Nigerian town of Damasak that was freed this month by troops from Niger and Chad, residents said on Tuesday.

There was no immediate official confirmation of the figure, but the Islamist group has previously carried out mass kidnappings. Boko Haram’s abduction last April of nearly 300 schoolgirls in the region stirred international outrage and drew global attention to the group’s six-year insurgency.

“They took 506 young women and children (in Damasak). They killed about 50 of them before leaving,” a trader called Souleymane Ali told Reuters in the town. “We don’t know if they killed others after leaving, but they took the rest with them.”

Troops from Niger and Chad last week found the bodies of at least 70 people in an apparent execution site under a bridge leading out of Damasak, where the streets remain strewn with debris and burnt-out cars after the fighting.

Ali said his wife and three of his daughters were among those seized.

“Two of them were supposed to get married this year. (Boko Haram) said ‘They are slaves so we’re taking them because they belong to us’,” he said.

(Read Full Text) (Photo Credit: REUTERS/JOE PENNEY)

Nigeria: Schoolgirls Abducted/Boko Haram/What can we do?

As most of us are aware, over 200 schoolgirls were abducted from a school in Nigeria. If you have been researching this atrocity you would know that these numbers change based on the source you refer to. If your source of news comes from the mouths of Nigerian officials then it is likely that you believe there were only 129 kidnapped and that 52 escaped. These same officials said they had freed all the girls a day after the abduction then retracted their information. However, if you’d rather listen to the head-teacher of the school where the schoolgirls were abducted you’d accept the horrific fact that 234 were abducted initially. Based on the headteacher’s statistics 187 are still captive. The fact that we cannot even get accurate figures from Nigeria’s leaders speaks volumes in itself. Regardless of who is correct and who is not the situation is that innocent girls have been taken and action needs to be taken immediately. The girls were reportedly abducted by Boko Haram.

What is Boko Haram?

  • The direct translation of the name Boko Haram is “Western Education is Sinful.” One of the group’s goals is to set up a pure Islamic state while preventing westernization.
  • They do not support the idea of democracy or Nigeria’s current education system.
  • Before colonialism the area where Boko Haram currently occupies was predominately Muslim. However, when colonialism began British Christian missionaries came into the Bornu Empire. These missionaries began spreading Western Education throughout the Empire. Many people felt as if western education was being forced upon them and this led to the founding of Shabaab (what Boko Haram was originally called).
  • The group was peaceful for many years. However, today their name is associated with the bombing of churches, the killing of college students and now the abduction of approximately 234 schoolgirls.

A lot of us are confused how a mass abduction could occur in a world where we have such advanced technology. It almost mirrors our disbelief of the Malaysian aircraft “vanishing”.  Many people are appalled with the Nigerian government’s lack of action regarding the abduction of these girls. However, the idleness of the government is something that most Nigerians have unfortunately gotten used to.  A government is supposed to represent its people and work for its betterment; however, the Nigerian government seems to do the exact opposite. It is getting to the point where the family members of the abducted girls are in talks about venturing in the Sambisa forest to retrieve their children themselves. The Sambisa Forest is seen as a hotspot for Boko Haram activity, which means it would be very dangerous for the parents to make this move.  As we all know, there is no limit to a parent’s love and the lengths they would go for their children. In order to save the girls and to prevent the possibility that their parents would also be put in danger we must act. On the other hand, others sources believe the girls may have already been married off and have been transported the Chad, Cameroon and Niger. 

How can we help? Firstly, we must not be quiet. It does not matter whether we are in Nigeria or on the other side of the world. Our voices have more power than we may think. The more awareness generated, the more pressure there is on the Nigerian government and governments across the world to take action. 

You could also sign this petition:  that is addressed to the President of UN Women’s Government of Nigeria. 

Pray about it, speak about, do what you can, but please do not forget. When issues happen in Nigeria there is often a lack of coverage or interest in the matters - this cannot be the case this time. There is no difference between 234 children being abducted in the US and 234 children being abducted in Nigeria. The same way we tweet and share pictures on Facebook and Twitter for missing children where we are, lets do the same for these girls.


The families of more than 230 Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Islamist insurgents more than 10 days ago say they are fast losing hope of seeing their daughters again despite government assurances they will be found.

The mass abduction of the girls watched over by government soldiers is the most devastating in a series of recent attacks on state schools – and comes as the government debates extending a year-long state of emergency across three north-eastern states from which the militants have operated for five years. On the same day as the kidnappings, a massive bombing by Boko Haram insurgents killed more than 75 commuters hundreds of miles south on the outskirts of the capital.

The girls, who were mostly between 16 and 18 years old, were rounded up at gunpoint after militants overpowered a military guard assigned to a boarding school in Chibok, in north-eastern Borno state. They had just finished their final school exams. The school was the only one still open in the area following threats and attacks by Boko Haram, whose ideology opposes both so-called western education, and particularly women’s education.

Via The Guardian

Sixty-three Nigerian women and girls escaped Boko Haram!

About two weeks ago, the federal government and national security forces denied reports of another mass female abduction in northeast Nigeria. On Monday, local authorities said they were able to confirm last week that over 60 women and girls had managed to escape while the extremist group engaged in an attack in Damboa.

Nevertheless, more than 200 girls who were kidnapped in April remain missing.

Read more via ABC News.