We’ve Got Company

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Request: Can I have an imagine where you are Frosts daughter and you meet Joker for the first time and he takes a liking to you. Thank you!

Description: Y/N is Frost’s daughter, and when she sneaks out to see what her father is really doing, But when she gets too close, she meets just who her father works for.

Smut: No

Words: 1889

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How excited I got for years that Christmas fell on a Monday, meaning Advent Part 4 also got to count as Christmas Eve mass, thus getting me out of one additional church attendance for the whole year, probably tells you all you need to know about my ‘faith’ as an adolescent.


Bonus comic!

Yahoo! Einstein was right again! :D We now have our first detection of gravitational waves! 



A Kindle loaded with books is heavier than an empty one. E-readers store data by trapping electrons and require more energy to hold those electrons in place. Using Einstein’s famous mass/ energy equation, a computer scientist found that a full, 4GB Kindle weighs one attogram, or roughly 1/10th the weight of a small virus. Basically, a filled Kindle weighs a billionth of a billionth of a gram more than a factory-fresh one. Source Source 2