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Hi Nana-Chan ^_^ What would Aomine, Akashi, Kagami, Midorima, Himuro, and Imayoshi wear to a formal masquerade ball? Outfit + Mask please. Thanks in advance! Love your blog btw!

Oooh they would like so charming in these !!


his outfit :

his mask :


his outfit :

his mask :


his outfit :

his mask :


his outfit :

his mask :


his outfit :

his mask :


his outfit :

his mask :

#77: Masquerade surprise *LASHTON*

For an imagine can you do one where you meet one of the boys at a masqurade ball/party. Your eyes meet and he asks you to dance and you can take it from there but something with that soo pleeeease and thaaaaaaaaank youuuuu <3

I’ll do a pref if thats fine :-) And I’ll do Lashton


“Y/N, some guy is looking at you,” “Hmm where?” Y/F/N pointed over where the guy was looking at you. You looked at him, and he was really cute. You couldn’t recognize him anyways, since it was masquerade ball. He was wearing a hat and a mask, well of course. He was wearing a suit, but not like formal suits.

Like a vest with a tie, and some jeans, with converse shoes? “Y/N?” she poked you. “O-Oh sorry,” you blushed. “You’ve been looking at him for 10 minutes,” Y/F/N laughed. “He’s cute..” you pouted. “You know Luke Hemmings is in the ball?” you widened your eyes.

“Really..?” she nodded. “I’m not going to meet him anyways, he’ll be with some pretty girl,” you sigh. “Hey,” someone tapped on your shoulder. You turned around. It was that guy. He had blue eyes, which you loved. “D-Do you maybe wanna dance?” you nodded.

“Sure,” you smiled. Y/F/N winked at you and you rolled your eyes. You guys were slow dancing. “You know, you look awful familiar,” you said. He laughed. “Oh really?” you nodded and smiled. “You really wanna know who I am?” he took his mask off.

“L-Luke Hemmings?”


“I don’t wanna be here Y/F/N…” you sighed. “Aw c'mon! We gotta have fun at least!” she nudged you.  "I just got out of a relationship.. like 2 months ago,“ she laughed. "Y/N, you’ll meet a better boy here,” you nodded. “Right..”

You looked around and just one pair of eyes caught you. The boy smiled at you, and you smiled back. Maybe it was first love at sight? He walked to you. “Y/F/N oh my god,” you shook her arm. “A guy is coming to me and he’s really cute..” you blushed. “Uh- excuse me miss?” you turned around and smiled. “Hi..” you blushed. “Would you care to dance?” he smiled. 

“Sure,” you giggled and then you guys danced, slow danced. “Hey you alright?” he cocked his head. “Yeah I just, been in a bad breakup, it’s fine though,” you laughed. “Maybe your ex boyfriend, wanted to say sorry for everything and it was the worst mistake of his life?” you cocked an eyebrow up, being confused of what he was saying. “What are you saying?” he pulled his mask off. 


-Kelly :] x

is this going to need a part 2

Masqurade Ball- Harry Part 2


It had been over a week since the masquerade ball and there was still no word from the mystery guy. This was stupid I don’t even know why I wanted hear from him so badly, it was probably just a spur of the moment thing plus how was he suppose to find me all he knew was my first name and that’s it. Not even a phone number or anything. I let out a sigh resting my chin on my hand staring at the blank computer screen in front of me. “Hello” a voice said behind me causing me to turn around to see who it was.  I was surprised to see a gorgeous man in a jet black suit with a simple black tie standing in front of me,  looking down at me smiling. “Umm hello…” I said suddenly getting shy. “Can I help you?” I said smiling up at him. “Actually yes you can love, I was wondering if you could join me for lunch at the restaurant down the street? "he said with a charming smile. I blinked a couple a times taken back by what he said. "I’m sorry who are you?” I said getting up from my seat to talk to him better. “Oh sorry, how rude of me I’m Harry. Harry Styles” he said making my eyes go wide. This was Mr. Styles, the gorgeous tall man with the luscious curly hair and green eyes was him.  I tried to form a humane sentence but it was not possible. There was no words coming out of my mouth and I’m pretty sure everyone around us was watching us now. I looked at the desk across from mine to see my best friend smiling like an idiot. She was mouthing for me to go with him. “Umm okay?..” I said making it sound more like a question then an answer. “Great..well  ladies first” he said motioning for me to walk ahead of him. I grabbed my purse and walked in front of him as he followed behind me as my best friend gave me a thumbs up. We walked quietly to the elevator and the ride down was quite awkward as I didn’t know what to say. The elevator stopped and the doors opened as I walked out Mr. Styles walking behind me. He walked ahead and opened the front door for me yet again giving me a charming smile as I walked through the door thanking him quietly. We walked side by side to the restaurant, until I stopped suddenly grabbing his arm pulling him closer to me causing him to stop and look at me and down to his arm which I was holding. “Oh sorry…” I said letting go of his arm once I realized how close we were. “Don’t worry about it’s just my arm” he said with a chuckle. “Umm if you don’t mind me asking…why did you invite me to lunch” I said watching him carefully. “Well I was going to ask you as soon as the ball was over but I had to go off to a business thing for a week so I didn’t have time. Just got back yesterday” he said shrugging putting his hands in his pockets shrugging his shoulders. “What do you mean the ball? I’ve never even seen you before sir this is the-” I stopped talking once I notice the knowing smirk on his face. Wait…the ball. The guy with the striking green eyes..! “Oh my god that was you?!"I practically screamed causing the people walking by to stare at us for a second.  "Shh calm down love” he said laughing, he grabbed my hand pulling us on the side of the street against a building wall so that we were out of the peoples way.  My back was against a wall as he placed both if his hand on either side of me looking down at me.  "Sorry for this, but you should know that I don’t usually do something like this. Heck I barely get out of my office to even meet a nice lady but I’m glad I went to the ball. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind the past week. Even at the a meeting a couple of days ago I ended calling one of my partners your name" he said making me giggle as he blushed. “Anyways, I had been dying to get back and talk to you and get to know you better, you just draw me to yourself I don’t know how but you do..” he said touching my cheek gently with his knuckles making me blush. “And I really hope I’m not crossing any lines here but I really want to kiss you right now” he said his gaze going between my eyes and lips. “No..” I said in a whisper causing him to frown pulling away from me blushing and looking away. “Sorry I didnt me-” he babled on but I stopped him grabbing his hand and pulling him back towards me. “I meant no, you would not be crossing any lines” I said with a shy smile causing him to grab the back of my neck and push his lips against mine.