masque of red dead

Red Dead Redemption was the story of John Marston’s way of life dying out in the face of the endless march of human progress, but it was also about nature’s last hurrah against that same force. This was the last era in American history in which man truly had to fear the wilderness, and nothing symbolized that better than when you were strolling along, minding your own business, and a bear or eight appeared out of nowhere and wiped out your progress by slaughtering you before you realized what was going on.

For Red Dead 2: The Masque Of The Red Dead to have the same success, it too needs to embrace the allure of an unpredictable wilderness, and not be afraid to cheaply kill players with attacks by animals that are seemingly possessed by a vengeful god.

Unpredictably, after all, is part of what made Red Dead so great. You’d never know what you’d run into if you just wandered around frontier America. Maybe you’d stumble across a robbery you could foil. Maybe a stranger would send you on a mysterious quest. Maybe you’d encounter a cart pulled by a horse which had somehow ingested so much caffeine that it vibrated itself into the stratosphere.

A Plea To The Makers Of Red Dead Redemption 2