Here is the amazing pieces I commissioned from @orokay of Gwen and Nadia.

I am so in love with how these turned out, I couldn’t be happier. If you ever get the chance to commission this artist I highly recommend because their art is an absolute dream!

Under the cut is the fic I wrote that I was inspired to get art of.

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Pairing: Chris Evans/Reader

Warnings: Fluff

For @buckysforeverprincess 500 followers writing challenge, prompt was ‘A Dream is a wish your heart makes’ this is the first challenge I have written for and I hope you all like it.

640 words (a little over the 500 word challenge)

Any Gifs/Pictures and Songs I use are not mine

It felt like a dream, you never thought you would be here at a party like this with so many celebrities. It was a masquerade ball and everyone was in masks so you couldn’t see who anyone was.

You had won a competition to attend the party, you had entered, never thinking you would win, never thinking someone like you would ever get to be at a party like this.

You had found the perfect dress, it was your favourite shade of burgundy red, you had heels you could barely walk in, your hair in a messy knot bun, finished off with stud earrings and a burgundy feathered mask, you felt like a princess.

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