Flash was helping me with breakfast this morning and became uber obsessed with this jar. So I put him in it to get him to settle down. And he loved it. He just sat in there blowing me kisses while I laughed my head off. What a lovable little #weirdo. #flashtheparrotlet #parrotlet #pacificparrotlet #pet #petbird #bird #masonjar #birdinajar #jar

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So I texted my husband while he’s at work and told him I was going to Walmart and asked him if he needed anything when he replied with, “Need more pseudoephedrine at some point. Also need kisses from you, but that’s sold out at the moment :p” Well, since we work opposite shifts (he’s on graveyards and I’m on swings) we hardly ever see each other. Soooo I decided to make sure my kisses are always on hand when he needs them(: I’ll be giving it to him tonight when I go see him for lunch(: