Game Night Switch-Liam Dunbar

Valentine’s Collection:#11 

Teen Wolf Imagine:#110

Word Count: 1,149

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: Y/N and Liam have a game night with their best friends, Mason and Corey.

A/n: Just a cute and fun imagine that I had a lot of fun writing. Not super romantic but it does feature two of my little dumplings Mason and Corey!

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The Master Mason

In this picture is concealed the allegory of the Lost Word. The Master Mason, having completed his labors becomes a worker on a higher plane than the one in which the ordinary builder is permitted to work. The Master Mason becomes the capstone of the Universal Temple.

“As Aradmus stood there, a voice that seemed to issue from the very heavens chanted a strange song, and a hand, reaching out as it were from the globe of the day itself, placed a serpent wrought of gold upon the bow of the new initiate.

[it said] Behold Khephera, the rising sun! For as he brings the mighty globe of day out of the darkness of night, between his claws, so for thee the Sun of Spirit has risen out of the darkness of night and in the name of the living God, we hail thee, Priest of Ra.”

Manly P. Hall, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

masonalexanderpark: Today we closed our run of Hedwig here at the beautiful Pantages, and have to say goodbye to our first incredible Hedwig and Yitzhak team. It didn’t really hit me that I would be losing two dear friends until Darren high-fived me after the show and said “She’s all yours.” To go from watching Lena on Broadway, to now learning from her and being a part of her life changing run as Hedwig is beyond me, thank you all for making this kids wildest dreams come true. I started taking Polaroids when we began this process in New York, and featured in the middle ARE the casts final moments before our last show. Miss you already. #hedwigandtheangryinch #pantagestheatre #closingnight


Imagine: Being One Of Liam’s Best Friends (Part 2) (Series: Bitten Consequences)

Liam X Reader

Beep! Beep! Beeeep!

You groaned as you smashed the button on your phone, effectively cutting off the alarm. Opening your eyes slowly, you allowed yourself to glare around your room, deeply concentrating on whether school was actually worth your time. After taking a few seconds to convince yourself to get up, you sat up in bed, cracking your neck and checking your phone for text messages. There were a few from Mason, who you fell asleep texting, one from Liam, and two from an unknown number. Curiously, you opened the text from the unknown number.

‘We need to talk. Right before lunch, meet me at your locker.’

You gulped, knowing exactly what the conversation was going to be about. After all, he has been trying to get you to talk about it for weeks, but you always put it off. Brushing away any further thought of him, you got up from bed and proceeded to do your morning routine.


Running down the block to catch the bus, you huffed heavily as you stepped up the steps, smiling widely as you saw Mason saved a seat for you. You quickly sat down next to him, breathing loudly as you leaned your head back against the seat.

“Running late once again?” Mason chuckled after a few minutes, grabbing your book bag before it fell off the seat. You groaned as you nodded, eyes closed, while fanning yourself with a hand.

“Yeah… we need a movie night to relieve stress,” you muttered, turning in your seat to face Garrett and Violet who sat behind you. “Friday night. Mason’s house. I’ll bring the chips,”

Garrett rolled his eyes, letting out a heavy sigh as the bus pulled up to the school. Saving his response until you all got out the bus, you quickly let Mason out first, following him closely.

“Not another movie night! There’s gotta be something fun to do,” Garrett grumbled after exiting the bus, wrapping his arm around Violet’s shoulder.

“Like what? We’re freshman, what can we do?” You asked with a cocked eyebrow, pushing your backpack strap further up your shoulder. Your attention to the conversation was quickly diverted, when you saw Liam dash across the quad. You tilted you head in question as he slowed down to a stop in front of you.

“Whoa, where were you? You missed the bus, I thought you weren’t coming,” you said, as Mason walked up to the two of you.

“I uh… I ran..” Liam muttered, glancing around paranoid. You glanced around with him, curiously wondering what he was so desperately trying to find.

“Ran? All the way here?” Mason questioned, sending a confused look your way. “What happened to your arm?” That made your gaze shoot down to Liam’s arm, noticing it was wrapped in a thick coverage of bandages. Immediately, a thought came to mind, but you quickly shook it off.

“He couldn’t have been…right?” You thought, worriedly stepping forward to examine his arm. Right as you touched his arm, he yanked it away, stumbling back a bit before straightening up. He stared at something across campus for a few seconds, before allowing his gaze to go back to yours.

“Nothing! I…. I’ll talk to you later. I gotta get to class,” he said, dashing away, ignoring your calls for him to stop.

“But we have the same class…” You muttered, watching as he ran into the school, your hand still raised from trying to grab a hold of him. You swiftly turned to Mason, your hands still up, giving him a distressed look.

“Was it only me, or was he just acting really weird?” You questioned. Mason gave you a shrug, before starting to walk past you.

“Maybe his stepdad gave him some pain mess that made him a little off,” he suggested. You quickly dropped your arms, jogging for a second to catch up with him.


Liam gaped at Mason, his mouth still dropped open from when the hot Asian junior girl asked him to a party. Mason stared back with a wide smile, shaking his head. Liam glanced down the way the girl named Kira went, his heart still beating fast as he tried to wrap his head around what happened.

“Whoa, you actually got invited to a party?! Why do you get all the luck?” Mason chuckled, throwing his arm over Liam’s shoulder, leading him down the hall towards (Y/n)’s locker.

“How did I even…” Liam muttered to himself. He wondered if he should take the offer as a date, or if it was just a friendly gesture since he help Kira up. (Y/n)’s face past through his mind for a split second, but he ignored it.

“(Y/n)’s just a friend,” he thought bitterly to himself, silently cursing himself for the faint tug at his heart he felt at thinking about how they were just friends. Turning his attention back to Mason, he raised an eyebrow as Mason continued to chatter about the party. Liam glanced around, quickly checking to make sure Scott or Stiles weren’t around. He flinched as Mason quickly pulled him to a stop, his eyes flickering around to find out why.

“Wait…Why is (Y/n) talking to Sean Walcott?” Mason asked, staring over other people’s head. Liam quickly did the same, curiously eyeing the pair standing in front of (Y/n)’s locker. (Y/n) had her back towards them, but Liam could tell by her body language that she was starting to get mad. Her fist clenched and unclenched, her foot was tapping impatiently against the ground, her head swiveled back and forth as she tried to not keep eye contact. Sean was clearly amused by her actions, a smirk never leaving his face.

(Y/n) snatched a journal from her locker, shoving it into Sean’s hands, before slamming her locker shut, leaning her back against it. From this angle, Liam could see (Y/n)’s annoyed face and her glare. She sharply said something to Sean, causing him to give out a loud chuckle. Mason and Liam stayed still for a few more seconds, before deciding they should see what’s going on. Upon seeing Liam and Mason walking up the hall, Sean smirked, leaning closer to (Y/n), trapping her against the locker for a few seconds as he whispered something in her ear. Liam growled lowly as he watched Sean’s lips brush against her cheek as he pulled away. (Y/n) swiftly turned her head away in embarrassment, her eyes following Sean as he left.

“What was that about?” Liam growled, causing (Y/n) to flinch. She smiled nervously, standing up straight.

“Nothing. He just needed something,” She muttered, looking away from Liam’s piercing gaze. “So I see you’re doing better than this morning, huh?” She said, quickly changing the subject as the trio walked towards the lunchroom.


Disoriented, you ran through the woods, trees becoming a blur as you passed them. You stumbled a few times, your mind a jumbled mess of thoughts. You grabbed your head, trying to stop the ripping pain that seemed to reach the deepest corners of your mind. Taking in a deep breathe, you started running once against, picking up your speed when you heard the crunch of feet behind you. You hurriedly glanced back, seeing the dark shadow dash right towards you. Cursing to yourself, you turned back around only to be clotheslined by a low hanging branch. You felt your body fly into the air for a second, before plummeting back down, landing on a pile of rocks and broken branches. You gasped out for air, your back arching in pain as you rolled around. The dark figure slowed to a jog in front of you, revealing their face.

Sean stared down at you in disappointment, wiping his face on his arm as he let out a loud sigh. He stuck his hand out, encouraging you to grab it. Still lost for breath, you allowed Sean to pull you up from the floor, pulling you close to his body so you could lean on him for support.

“We’re definitely gonna have to work on your senses,” Sean muttered, holding you by the waist as you limped next to him. You let out a small chuckled, leaning your head against his shoulder as your eyes went blurry for a second, before you was able to focus them again.

“Whatever, I’ve been living like this for the same amount of time as you. Not to mention I should be at an awesome party with my friends right now, but instead I’m training with your self-centered ass,” you muttered, punching him lightly in the side. He let out a chuckle, rolling his eyes. A loud howl made both of you come to an abrupt stop, both your heads turning back. Sean let out a string of curse words, stooping down in front of you so you could climb on his back. Grabbing your thighs to keep you properly on his back, he started jogging, making you bounce with every movement.

“Not so fast. I still feel a little dazed,” you groaned, your head leaning against his back, the cool air chilling his skin.

“We got to get back. It’s not safe around here, especially on a full moon,” he said, hoisting you up further on his back as you began to slip.

“We’re more dangerous than them,” you grumbled, more to yourself than to him, but it was clear he heard you.

“Better safe than sorry,” he said with a light smirk. Closing your eyes, you allowed the constant bouncing to lull you to sleep, trusting that if anything happened, Sean or hopefully your senses, would wake you in the chance there is danger.

To be continued…

Percy Jackson XI

Other parts

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3th person POV

Luke took her in his arms out of there, what he doesn’t know was her mother was out with her hunters. Y/N looked like she was dead but he know she’s alive. He believed. But hunters didn’t. When they saw them, they started to instantly whisper.

Y/N’s mother looked like she was twelve. It has to be confusing watching 12-year-old girl and her almost 19-year-old daughter. What the others didn’t know that Y/N looked exactly like Artemis now when she was twelve.

Artemis watched Luke. She looked pretty pissed but she knew his feelings for her daughter were real. Maybe if he’d met her earlier, he wouldn’t have done anything. But I guess that’s not how was it supposed to happen.

Y/N was still out and in his arms. Luke didn’t want to let her go, but he had to. It was safe for her and that’s what he wanted.

Artemis finally stood up right in front of him and looked into his eyes. “Keep her safe.” He whispered and she put her hand on Y/N’s forehead.


“Keep her safe.”

I woke up in my bed. I was breathing like if I wasn’t breathing for hours. I sat on the bed and looked around my room. I was in…I was…what? I thought I left the camp. It was probably just a dream.

I got up and came to find Mason. But in the hall waited one big surprise. There were girls everywhere. Oh my Gods, am I still dreaming?

“Y/N!” I heard some yell from the other side of the hall and suddenly girls took a few steps back. It was Mason. I am not dreaming?

“Mason!” I came to him and watched that girls confused. “What’s happening here?”

“These…” He pointed at some girls who instantly looked away from him. “…are hunters…”

“…of Artemis.” I continued. “What are they doing here?” I raised one of my eyebrows. “Can we go out? They’re weird.”

Mason nodded his head and we left the hall. They instantly came back to their position and I just shook my head.

“What happened? Percy wanted me to come with him to get some demigods.” I looked around myself and crossed my arms.

“He went there with Thalia.” Mason started so I looked at him. “I didn’t know he asked you to come with him.” He crossed his arms.

“But…maybe it was just a dream.” I smiled a little. “Thanks.”

“Are you okay?” He asked and I shook my head.

“It’s like…I don’t know like if something of my life just disappear.” I looked at the ground for a while. “My head it’s like it’s trying to remember but can’t. All I can remember is someone whispering ‘Keep her safe.’” I looked at him again.

Mason smiled at me. He knows something. “Trust me, there’s nothing you missed.” And with this he left me there.

What the hell is happening here? I began to walk to the lake. I saw Percy with some girl. It has to be that new demigod. At least I thought she is until Percy looked at me and she turned around. My eyes went wide and lips parted. She looked exactly like me couple of years ago.

She smiled at me. I am going crazy. Definitely I’m going crazy. I turned around from them and ran to the woods. I’m not sure how long I was running, but after a while I fell on my knees.

“Luke.” I breathed and closed my eyes. Who the hell is Luke? I couldn’t catch my breath. But I still could hear properly. “I can hear your heartbeat.” I whispered and stood up.

“I should’ve known that.” Some boy said and I turned to him. He was leaned against the tree.

“What are you doing here?” I crossed my arms around my chest. My breath came back. “And who are you?” I asked and he looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.

“What are you talking about?” He came closer and now I furrowed my eyebrows. “I’m Luke you know me for couple of years.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked and took a step back. “I have no idea who you are.”

“Y/N!” Some girl yelled. I turned my head and saw that girl and Percy. Luke took a step back. “It’s okay.” She whispered.

“Okay? That’s not okay! Why the hell do you look exactly like me?” I yelled. Percy and Luke looked at me confused but that girl just smiled.

“I’m your mother.” She looked at me and I raised my eyebrows and laughed.

“Did you erase her memories?” Luke asked and I turned to him confused. That girl didn’t say anything. I turned to her and crossed my arms again.

“You wanted to keep her safe.” She said and watched Luke the whole time. They erased my memories?!

“How is this keeping her safe? You just took me away from her!” He yelled at her and she looked like she didn’t like it.

“She’s my daughter.” And here we go again.

“I don’t care! You know how I feel about her!” He was still yelling and I had enough.

“Stop!” I screamed and they all turned to me. “What’s wrong with you?” My eyes were flickering between them. “Who are you?” I looked at the girl and she shook her head.

She then turned to my mum and my eyes went wide again. “I told you.”

A single tear left my eye when I saw her. I looked at the ground for a while and then I remembered Luke’s words.

“You erased my memories!” I looked up and screamed at her. She and Percy looked at the ground and didn’t say anything. “You really did it?” I whispered and turned around.

“Y/N…”She started but I cut her off.

“Why?” I turned back. “How many memories did you take away from me?” I was little bit afraid of an answer but I needed to know.

Luke turned to Artemis with crossed arms and raised eyebrow. “So?” He asked.

“Everything. Every memory of him.”

Liam’s eyes glowed bright with anger as someone shoved you to the ground.
You sighed, not really phased by the action. You were used to it at this point.

As you started to gather your things up off of the floor someone deliberately kicked your phone across the hall.
Mason held Liam back as the beta growled.

He was ready to attack the people that were hurting you. You could sense something was wrong with him so you left your stuff on the floor carelessly and walked over to Liam.

You placed your hands on his toned chest and his breathing eventually became regular. His eyes went back to their normal color and Mason slowly let him go.

“I hate seeing them hurt you, and I hate seeing them bully you. Please let me do something to help"He pleaded.

"Liam, you just being here is helping"you reassured him with a kiss on his cheek.
He responded by kissing you softly on the lips.

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”

Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching

Trick or Treat

Author: @wildlyglittering

Rating: T

Triggers: None

Summary: Katniss, Madge and Jo head off to a Halloween party at the Odairs

Authors Note: I’m not very good at writing summaries sorry! I may consider doing a Part 2 of this if people are interested. Apologies for the lack of Everlark interaction. 

The laughter from the kitchen was getting louder and louder and at first Katniss thought it meant the other two were coming to drag her out of her bedroom. After a few minutes of nothing she realised that they had simply upped their volume, more than likely on account of all the wine they were consuming.

During a brief moment the laughs died down, just enough for Katniss to hear the yelling of Johanna Mason echoing down the hall. “Oy! Brainless! Get out here and show us your costume!”

With a sigh she put on the finishing touch – the cheap replica bow and arrow set she purchased that morning – and walked out to join them. She was fully prepared for their reaction when they saw it but then she was fully prepared to argue that she had only agreed to go to Finnick and Annie’s Halloween party if she could wear what she pleased.

They were just polishing off the remnants of their current glasses of wine when Katniss walked through the kitchen door. Madge, as always, looked stunning as the Greek goddess of love. Her long blonde hair was curled and cascaded over one bare shoulder while a crown of golden leaves sat atop her head. Greek sandals were on her feet while gold ribbon had been threaded round the white toga dress she was wearing highlighting her tiny waist.

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Scott- That’s Not Going To Change

Request-  Hello! I love your imagines so much, I had to request one! Where the reader and Scott are dating, but breakup after the stiles/scott fight (she’s a stilinski). She uncovers Theo’s plans and goes to the library, where Liam and Scott are fighting. Liam accidentally in his rage claws her deeply. Scott tries to help her and Theo comes for him. She is weak from blood loss and watches Theo kill Scott. As she dies, she curls up next to his body. Love you!

A/N- Thank you sweetie! So I gave this one a happy ending because I’m a sucker for them, sorry! Next up is a Cora imagine.

You pushed open the heavy blue doors to the high school and stepped inside the darkened building. The place was deserted, or at least you thought it was, until you heard the snarls. You had come there looking for Lydia, because the last time you talked to her she had told you she was going to check the bestiary. When she never replied to your texts, you got nervous and decided you had to check on her.
Since she was your best friend and the love of Stiles’ life, you figured it would be a good idea to just make sure she was okay. You expected her to have fallen asleep or maybe have wondered off to find a body, but when you got there you found that wasn’t the case.
The first sound that hit your ears was snarling, cruel animalistic snarling coming from the library. You could hear things breaking and crashing, and you knew that if all hell hadn’t broken loose yet then it was about to. You briefly considering bursting in and trying to help, especially if Lydia was in there, but you never got the chance.
Before you could even take two steps forward, you heard the library doors being thrown open. As if on pure instinct, you quickly ducked around a corner and into another hallway. You had gotten a lot of practice in hiding over the past few years, and for some reason you just knew you needed to hide.
Sure enough, Theo was confidently striding down the hall as if the fighting in the background was music to his ears. Your eyes narrowed as Theo pulled out his phone, and you felt a wave of uneasiness wash through you. You had never trusted Theo, in fact you and your brother were probably the only ones who hadn’t. Now it appeared you finally had a good reason not to.
You peeked out from behind a row of lockers, your palm resting on the cold metal as you listened to Theo talk to someone.
“It’s done,” he was saying. “No, but he will be in about fifteen minutes…well, alpha or not he won’t last long after inhaling all that wolfsbane. Great idea putting it in his inhaler, by the way…alright. I have to take care of the others, but I’ll be there.”
Your eyes widened, and an involuntary gasp left your mouth as you realized he was talking about Scott. Everything that had been happening suddenly made so much sense. The reason Scott’s asthma was back, why Scott hadn’t believed you and Stiles about Donovan, all of it was because of Theo.
You felt a pang in your chest as you thought back to the other night, when Scott had basically broken up with you and denounced Stiles as his best friend. Now you realized that he probably hadn’t heard the whole story, or maybe the wrong one, about how Donovan had died. You were also willing to bet that Theo had everything to do with that.
You and Scott had been together for a year and half, and your relationship was perfect. Well, at least it was until Theo came into the picture. All it took was one little lie, and suddenly Scott had turned his back on you. You were hurt beyond belief, but as you heard Theo talking about Scott’s impending death, you knew you had to help.
“No I don’t-” Theo paused at the sound of your gasp, his eyes instantly roaming around the halls and trying to find the source of the sound.
You quickly ducked behind the lockers, placing a hand over your mouth to try and quiet your breathing. Maybe no normal human being wouldn’t have been able to hear it, but you were certain Theo had. You took a slow, deep breath, anxiously watching the hall behind you out of the corner of your eye.
You stood there frozen and certain that Theo would hear you, but then he spoke again. “Nothing, just thought I heard something…alright, I’ll be there.”
You heard the outer doors creaking open, and it seemed like forever until they finally slammed shut. The minute they did, you released the breath you hadn’t realized you had been holding. You waited a few more seconds to make sure Theo wasn’t coming back, and then you took off down the hall.
You shoved open the doors to the library, your eyes going wide as you saw the fight going on in front of you. Scott and Liam were tossing each other around the library, looking like they had been trying to kill each other for hours.
Scott was bleeding heavily, and weakly trying to fight back as Liam just tore him to shreds. The whole library was in chaos, with books strewn across the floor and chairs broken in splinters across the room.
Scott was covered in his own blood, and you could tell he was barely fighting back. You let out a shocked scream, causing Scott to look over at you. His eyes went wide, and he grabbed Liam by the shirt and tossed him to the floor.
“Y/n, run!” he called. “You have to find the others!”
Scott stumbled forward, but he quickly overtaken by Liam again. You looked around, wondering why he hadn’t just run away when you saw the ring of mountain ash surrounding the library. You realized that if you broke the seal, Scott would be able to run.
You knelt down, placing your hands over the ash. Scott’s eyes widened, and he elbowed Liam in the face and stumbled towards you again. “Don’t! Y/n, don’t! No!”
You gritted your teeth, knowing there was no other option. With a deep breath and a silent apology, you waved your hands over the dust, effectively breaking the circle of mountain ash. You had hoped it would cause Liam to turn around and run, but it seemed he was still hellbent on killing Scott.
You swore under your breath, knowing what you were about to do would could potentially get you killed. But Scott wasn’t doing too well, and at this point you were willing to do anything to save his life.
“Hey, Liam!” you called, letting out a whistle. “Here, boy! Come on, Liam! What? Are you too stupid to hear me? Come on, Fido, come and get me!”
Liam froze, letting out a growl and momentarily forgetting Scott. He stalked forward, his eyes bright yellow with anger as he stalked towards you. You stumbled back, your back hitting the wall of the library as Liam slashed at you in rage.
You gasped as his claws tore into your flesh, and you briefly wondered if this was how you would die. Suddenly a deafening roar cut through the library, and Liam was thrown off of you. You looked up and saw Scott standing in front of you, his bright red eyes now fading into a concerned brown.
Liam’s body crashed into a table just as the doors burst open, and you looked over to see Mason running into the library.
“Liam!” he cried, just as the beta was rising to his feet with a growl. “What the hell are you doing?”
Liam froze, the yellow from his eyes fading as he heard his friend’s voice. He blinked, looking around in confusion at the library and the blood seeping through your shirt.
“Liam,” Mason said softly. “Hayden’s gone.”
“What?” Liam asked, looking down at his bloody hands.
“She died a few minutes ago,” Mason told him quietly. “I’m sorry.”
Liam’s face took on a look of despair, and you actually felt sorry for the kid, even though he had just tried to kill you. In seconds, he was running out of the library and down the hall with Mason right behind him.
You looked down at yourself, your eyes widening at how much red was beginning to seep through your shirt. You pushed yourself away from the wall, nearly stumbling into Scott as he caught you.
“Woah, woah, woah,” he said as he brought you into his arms. “Easy, Y/n.”
“Oh my bad,” you said through gritted teeth. “I’ll just choose not to pass out from blood loss.”
Scott gave you a sharp look, fear filling his eyes as he took in how deep the cuts were. You gasped in pain as he wrapped an arm around you to support you, wincing sympathetically at the fact that he was hurting you.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “We need to get you out of here. You just have to keep walking and keep your eyes open okay? Just-just keep looking at me.”
“That’s not easy,” you muttered. “You look like hell.”
“You’re not much better,” Scott informed you, thinking of ways to keep you talking. “Dog jokes, huh?”
You let out a weak laugh. “I was trying to make him mad. It worked didn’t it?”
“A little too well,” Scott told you.
He reached out to brush some hair from your face, a grim frown working its way onto his face as he looked over at your pale complexion. Regret instantly washed over him, and he knew he never should have trusted Theo. Everything had fallen apart, and it was all because of him.
“Y/n,” he began. “God, I’m sorry. I should have trusted you and Stiles. I should never have listened to Theo.”
“He tricked you,” you whispered. “It’s not your fault you’re a good person.”
“It’s still my fault,” Scott whispered. “God this whole thing was just awful. It was just-”
“Bad timing?” a voice finished for him.
You looked up just in time to see Theo stalking into the library, kicking discarded books out of his way. You unconsciously leaned closer to Scott, not liking the look of murderous rage on Theo’s face.
“You know, I should have made sure,” Theo said to you and Scott. “I thought my plan was perfect, but I never thought you’d get in the way, Y/n. I probably should have known, considering you and Stiles are always in the way. Scott should have outgrown you two the minute he became an alpha.”
“I don’t think he needs anymore friends,” you told him. “At least not ones like you.”
Theo chuckled. “You Stilinskis definitely know how to piss people off. Your brother is the same way. Too bad he’s not here to save you now.”
“What did you do to him?” you demanded. “I swear to god if you hurt Stiles, I’ll shove my bat up your-”
“Stiles is fine,” Theo cut you off. “It’s your dad you need to worry about, and you too if you don’t stop that bleeding.”
You froze, fear coursing through your veins as you looked up at Theo. “What did you do to my dad?”
“Nothing compared to what I’m going to do to Scott,” he told you, walking forward and shoving you away from him.
You stumbled back with a gasp, slipping into a table and hitting your head. You pushed yourself up on shaky hands, only to find Theo flicking out his claws and stalking towards Scott.
“You have to kill me yourself now,” Scott told him. “But you won’t become an alpha. You won’t get my pack.”
“I don’t care,” Theo growled. “They’ll come around.”
“No they won’t,” Scott growled. “They’ll never follow y-”
Scott cut himself off with a gasp as Theo plunged his claws into his stomach. You let out a shocked scream, unable to do anything but watch as Theo stabbed Scott over and over.
Scott stumbled back, falling onto the stairs as Theo finally pulled his claws out of him. You let out a painful gasp, tears slipping down your face as you crawled over to him. Theo stepped back, looking at you with one last satisfied smirk before he turned his back on you.
You watched him leave with broken eyes, and then you quickly turned back to Scott.
“No, no, no” you murmured as you pressed your hands to his wounds. “No, Scott, you can’t die.”
“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice so soft you barely heard it. “I should have believed you.”
“No,” you told him. “Scott, please.”
“I love you,” he whispered, one of his warm hands finding yours.
“No, Scott-” you gasped, but no sooner than he had slid his hand into yours, it went limp.
The red glow faded from his eyes, and you let out a choked sob. In less than 30 seconds, everything you and Scott had lived through and experienced together was gone. He would never get to kiss you again, or wrap his arms around you, and it was all because of Theo. He had stolen Scott’s life, and all you could think about was the fact that you should have convinced Scott to trust you.
You laid your head on his chest, exhaustion finally getting its wish to overtake you. You closed your eyes, curling up against Scott one last time as you accepted the fact that you would probably die. You drifted into unconsciousness, thinking that at least you would die with him.

The first thing you felt when you opened your eyes was confusion. You hadn’t expected to open your eyes at all, let alone be lying in a hospital bed and staring at the ceiling. The last thing you remembered was curling up against Scott’s dead body and accepting death. That was why you were so surprised when you rolled over.
The minute you saw him, you were sure you had died and gone to heaven, which was not where you had expected you would end up. You let out a small, tired laugh, and Scott looked up at you in shock.
You saw that his face was tired and tear-stained, and there were dark circles under his eyes. His eyes narrowed in confusion as he looked at you laughing, and he wondered how strong the drugs the hospital had given you were.
“Y/n?” he asked hesitantly. “Are you alright?”
“I’m fine,” you told him with a laugh. “Just dead.”
Scott’s brow furrowed. “What?”
“You died,” you whispered. “I saw you die. That means I’m dead too.”
“Oh!” Scott exclaimed, shaking his head. “No, Y/n we’re not dead. My mom brought me back. She saved both of our lives.”
“Mama McCall,” you said with a wobbly laugh. “Melissa the superhero.”
Scott’s brow furrowed, looking down at all the IV connected to your arm. He tilted his head, his eyes flicking back up to yours for a second. “Alright, what the hell did they give you?”
You rolled your eyes, feeling a little bit more like yourself now that you had been awake for a while. “I’m fine, Scott. It’s okay.”
“Are you sure?” he asked, reaching out to squeeze your hand. “Because if you’re mad, or if you don’t wanna see me…”
“You don’t have to leave,” you told him softly. “I’m not mad. I’m just glad we’re all alive…”
You trailed off, thinking back to the events of earlier and what Theo had said to you. “Oh my god. Where’s my dad? Scott what happened to my dad?”
Scott frowned, guilt washing over him as he looked over at your fear filled eyes. “They think he’s going to be okay.”
“They think?”
Scott nodded grimly, wishing he could tell you something else. But right now the Sheriff was in the ICU, and there wasn’t much anyone could do at the moment. His stomach began twisting itself into nervous knots, and your eyes on him became too much. He rose from his chair, ready to bolt to the door before you stopped him.
“Wait,” you said. “Scott, you don’t have to leave. None of it was your fault okay?”
“You really think that?” he whispered. “You actually want me to stay?”
You nodded. “Of course. This is actually like one of those fantasies I had when I was a kid. You know, the whole knight sitting next to my bedside thing?”
Despite his sadness, Scott laughed softly. “Really?”
You laughed, your fingers brushing over the smooth hospital sheets. “No, not really. I actually never wanted to be a damsel in distress. I always wanted to be the one saving people.”
“I don’t remember that working out very well,” Scott remarked.
“Well, Stiles never wanted to be the princess,” you reminded him. “But that wasn’t my fault.”
Scott laughed, reaching out to place his hand on top of yours. “Well, you’ve done a pretty good job of saving people lately. You tried to save me, even when I wouldn’t believe you. I…I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”
You shook your head softly, giving his hand a gentle squeeze. “It’s okay…does this mean we’re back together?”
Scott tilted his head. “But…we never broke up.”
“I thought you hated me,” you whispered. “I thought you didn’t want to date me anymore.”
“God, no,” Scott breathed. “Y/n, I was mad but I’ve loved you since we were kids. That’s not going to stop, ever.”
He sighed, reaching out to trace your cheek with his thumb. “You should get some rest. You lost a lot of blood.”
You rolled your eyes, leaning back against the pillows. A mischievous glint filled your eyes as you scooted to the right, leaving an open space for him to lay down.
“Y/n,” Scott said, giving you a disapproving glance.
“What?” you asked innocently. “Oh, come on. We almost died Scott. Live a little.”
Scott sighed, but as much as he hated to admit it, he couldn’t resist the mischievous glint in your eyes. He kicked off his shoes, climbing up into the bed with you and pulling you against his chest. Your curled up against him, smiling as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.
“I love you,” he whispered. “Nothing is ever going to change that.”
“I love you too,” you whispered, burying your face in his chest. “Did you talk to my brother?”
Scott bit his lip. “Uh, he talked to me.”
“What? What did he say?” you asked, your voice muffled by Scott’s shirt.
“He kind of told me that if I even tried to come near you, he was going to shove his bat up my-”
“I get it,” you cut him off, not wanting that image to be imprinted on your brain. “That’s…”
“Harsh?” Scott finished. “I guess I deserve it though.”
“No you don’t,” you told him with a sigh. “So I’m guessing you sneaked in when he went to the cafeteria?”
"He takes forever to choose what he wants to eat,” Scott remarked.
You laughed softly. “Tell me about it. But he’ll come around. He cares about you too much.”
“I hope so,” Scott whispered.
“Don’t worry,” you assured him, reaching down to intertwine his fingers with yours. “He will.”
You closed your eyes, snuggling deeper into Scott’s chest as he reached up to run a hand down your hair. You had a thousand unanswered questions, but as you fell asleep on Scott, you figured they could wait a little longer. At least you were alive, and in the end, that was all that mattered.

Dirty Yet Virginal

For @loveinpanem Thank You @titania522 for betaing the story for challenging me to be a better writer always. MUAH! (besos y abrazos)

She was, as Johanna Mason her Resident Hall Assistant (RA) called her, dirty yet virginal. Jo even gave her a picture frame with those words printed in them. The truth was it fit her to a tee. She lusted after Peeta Mellark, and dreamt of him on a nightly basis. But Katniss Everdeen did not have the courage to pursue him. She was a loner by nature, very timid and shy until provoked. She was still a virgin.

Katniss pushed her hair away from her face as she quickly picked up her pack back. The bed next to hers was empty. Her roommate was a senior who lived in town with her boyfriend. Katniss had a room to herself within a suite. Her other suite-mate was brilliant but odd girl, who preferred to go by just the letter ‘Z’, whose roommate, Lin, was always down the hall with her other friends Qin, Tammy, Ming-Na, and Amy. Neither one ever saw Lin, so it was just the two girls in a great big suite.

Today was the start of her second semester of college. She pressed her fingers to her lips and pressed her finger tips against her one picture of Peeta Mellark that was taped to her mirror. Today was the day she was going to finally speak to him.

“You can do it, Katniss. You can tell him you have a crush on him. No more stalling. Today you are going to find him and say 'Hi Peeta.’ Then you are going to ask him for coffee.” Katniss admonished to herself, though the likelihood of this was zero to nil because she just did not have the gumption to do it.

She swallowed quickly as her heart raced.

Katniss chickened out as she stared at herself in the mirror. She had liked Peeta Mellark since they were in District Twelve Middle School. When her father died, Peeta was the only one from her grade who went to the funeral. It was raining, but he stood in the rain in his dark suit together with his father. None of her other friends came. Not Lev, not Bristol, not Glimmer or Clove. Only Peeta Mellark whom she hardly knew came. He brought cheese buns to her family. Stayed by her side, silently greeting and thanking people as if he knew them, something neither she nor her mother cold do.

Back then, he had an angelic, round face, chubby and cute, it was then her crush began. That was the last she saw of him. After that, her mother moved them. The house became too much for her mother. She spent a stint in the psychiatry ward. Her father’s friend Haymitch took them in and moved them to his apartment above a liquor store that was still in their school district, but the apartment was on the seeder side of town.

By the time Katniss saw Peeta in High School he morphed into the 'it’ guy while she had become an introvert. She couldn’t go up to him. He was so popular, and she was just the weird, quiet kid with an obsession with bows and arrows. It just so happened, they both ended going to the same college and Jo had caught Katniss staring at Peeta one day. Ever since then, Jo wouldn’t leave her alone. Katniss had endured her first semester of college being taunted by Jo about her V-Card.

Johanna Mason was waiting for her outside of her suite. “So is the virgin queen going to get deflowered today?”

“Shut up Jo.” Katniss muttered as she locked the door behind her.

“You need to hump that boy. Your hoo-ha must be screaming for release.” Jo absentmindedly said while eating away at her nail bed.

“JO” Katniss whispered fiercely admonishing. As they walked toward the elevator, a group of guys passed. One of them, a tall golden guy heard Jo, looked up, then smiled and winked salaciously at her. Katniss eyes widened and she quickly looked away.

“Really Katniss, this is college. You have to get some while the getting is good. Go out there and find a joy stick to play with -”

As Jo spoke Katniss became redder and redder.

“Look I have to go to class now.” Katniss muttered under her breath. She rushed forward. Part of her degree required for her to take a humanities course. Katniss was not sure what to take because she did not do humanities. She was on the educational track with her emphases on physical education. Katniss procrastinated during the registration period so when the time came to choose, she picked the first class that was available. It was an art history course, yet she had not read the full description in the course manual. Katniss supposed art history wouldn’t be too bad.

Katniss found a seat toward the back rows. She never liked calling attention to herself. It was then that a woman wearing a bright neon pink suit came out.

“Good morning! For those of you who have not received the missive, your Introduction to Art History Class has been cancelled.”

Katniss was one of those who groaned as the lights were dimmed and the screen lowered.

“Actually I should restate my last argument; your class has been blended with my Introduction to the Male Form in Art History. If you wish to continue, please stay. Otherwise, see me after class.”

Katniss was stuck. It was this or nothing. She opened up a note book, and reached for a pen in her knapsack. She sensed when someone sat next to her, but she did not pay attention. The lecture hall was pretty full.

“Now My name is Professor Effie Trinket. This semester we will be studying the male nude.” Professor Trinket clicked on the remote control device and out came a full frontal picture of a naked man.

Katniss gasped, her eyes widening as she sank low in her chair.

“You look like you have never seen one before?”

Katniss neck snapped to her side, she wished the world would swallow her up. There sitting next to her was Peeta Mellark.

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