Mad Max (2015) dir. George Miller 

Have you ever watched, listened, or witnessed something that is so incredible, so awesome (in the traditional sense of the word), and so insane that no amount of wordplay could ever hope to capture its brilliance? 

That’s essentially how I feel about Mad Max Fury Road, the fourth film in George Miller’s Australian dystopian action film series. All of the elements from previous Mad Max films are there: the endless desert, the psychotic gangs that rule the wasteland, tricked-out cars that shouldn’t function, and the titular character’s single-minded quest to survive at all costs while still trying to do the right thing. One of the main differences here, however, is that it seems as though George Miller and co. now have all the money they could ever ask for to fully realize Miller’s insane vision, and holy shit did they succeed in that endeavor. 

To put it briefly, the entire film is nearly one long sustained “car” chase that only rarely takes a few moments to breathe (or, as is most often the case, to dump water on an overtaxed engine). There is no piddling around to set up the universe of the film other than quick news snippets as Miller brings us into the world. Within 30 seconds, we’ve got all that we need to situate us into the action, and then film puts the pedal to the metal. If you’ve seen any of the trailers to this film, you’ll more than likely have noticed the giant sandstorm/fire tornado that engulfs what seems to be the entire desert. Whereas most films would use such a bombastic set piece for their climax, the sandstorm here occurs within the first 20 minutes of the film, and it is far from being the most impressive action scene in the film. 

Despite reveling in the cacophonous action that takes a majority of the screen time, Mad Max Fury Road still manages to develop its two main characters Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and their relationship, which evolves so effortlessly and natural throughout the film. I seriously cannot recommend enough that you see this film in theaters on the biggest screen possible, and I am honestly not sure if there is/will be any other action film this year to compete with it. Fast & Furious needs to take some notes because Mad Max Fury Road just rewrote the book on how to do vehicular action. 

S5 Theory by Lily Schwarz

Well, season 5 of Teen Wolf is in full swing and after two episodes, I think I need to check myself into Eichen House. I have always been the type of person to work out theories about Teen Wolf and imagine the “what ifs” and I found out that I’m pretty good at it. How? Well, back in S2, I jokingly said Peter will probably come back to life and then 3 episodes later… he did. In 3A, I totally called Jennifer being evil purely because I knew Derek’s love life sucked. And then I also called Kate not being dead because dude, it’s Beacon Hills. Now, I am going to take a few of my what ifs of the season and turn it into legit theories and share them with people across the world (you).

So first things first, Theo. This new (hot) guy shows up attempting to help Scott fight that evil wolf dude and is like “oh hi, can i join your pact?” I am very fearful about trusting new characters because I know Jeff Davis is an evil mastermind and would give us a character to love then make them evil. After the second episode, we know he definitely has a bit of crazy in him. Especially after he showed up in full wolf form at the school when Liam was about to reveal to Mason he’s a werewolf and then he broke his “dads” hand. He is definitely crazy and I have no doubt he’s going to be one of the reasons that Scott “loses” his friends. I think that story he made up about him being bit is totally false because I thought that only people born wolves could become a wolf like that (like the Hales). 

You know how they say that you’re stronger with a pact? Well, Scott is hella strong and he has an amazing pact (even if some are humans) and now this new guy wants to join. Since Liam and Stiles already are suspicious of him and we can infer they’re going to lose their connection with Scott by him trusting Theo. As mentioned by Deaton, pact members can steal an alpha’s power, even a true alpha’s and Scott has let this boy into his pack. I think that was Theo’s plan, to come back and destroy Scott. Part of me also came up with a few crazy theories about Theo and since we’re only two episodes in and everything is crazy, what do I have to lose. I was sitting in bed wondering, what if Theo is like Malia’s brother or something and the desert wolf is his momma too. We don’t know about Theo’s parents all we know is he has a sister who “died.” Maybe he is back to get revenge for his sister dying or something? All I know is, I am certain he cannot be trusted and is going to be the reason that Stiles, Liam and all the others friendship fades from Scott.

Usually my theory about new characters who show up in the first 10 minutes is that they’ll be dead by the end of the episode, Tracy defeated my theory. Not only is she alive, but she’s not crazy!!! So these doctors gave her a shot and then her eyes start glowing and we discover she’s a wolf. Say what? These doctors made it clear, they’re after Scott with the werewolf who tried to kill him actually being sent by the doctors. They’re called the doctors and since they had a shot, it makes me wonder, what type of medical procedures are the doing?

Since I am guessing Tracy wasn’t a werewolf before any of this, I’m thinking that the doctors found a way to make a werewolf without giving the bite. And since the person who bites you is your alpha, these doctors are their alphas by completely switching the game. I think it’s too soon to figure out their true tactics but all I can hope for is everything will end in the typical finale way with chaos, winning and a happy(ish) ending.

FINALLY MARRISH IS ALIVE. After seeing the amazing flirtation between these two in episode two and then Parrish hallucinating Lydia while he was injured, my feels are in overload. And if that’s not good enough for you, in the super s5 sneak peek, Parrish teaches her to fight and they laugh as he brings her closer to him. LIKE IS YOUR HEART RACING? I know mine is. They have this chemistry between them when they’re talking and the way Parrish’s eyes kind of glow when they’re talking just makes me wonder, where can I buy a Parrish of my own? And although we still have no idea what he is after 3 weeks of them working together (I wonder if something else rather than researching went on between these two during that time wink wink), we still know he’s something but what? Everyone is thinking phoenix and I agree a little but I feel like if he was, they’d figure that out by now.

Also, these two are totally going to happen. Your argument is invalid.

With Derek Hale not being in S5, there is one character I am loving. Liam is so freaking adorable. I started calling him a puppy dog last year and it’s still true. I love seeing the big brother roles played by Scott and Stiles with him and he just adds comedy to break tension which is perfect. He reminds me of a baby Scott with more sass. And I am totally excited to see how him and Mason work together now that Mason knows. What I’m not excited for, a love interest. As you can tell, there’s a girl in his storyline this year who is really mad and pulled the gum in the chair trick on our little puppy dog. I don’t like her. I guess she’s going to be his girl this season but honestly, I prefer him by himself.

Ladies and gents, we finally have a chance of EVERYONE’S OTP happening. That’s right, Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski (our two fave parents) can become an item this season. Melissa Ponzio said that she didn’t think they would happen until he took off the wedding ring and what do you know, he finally took it of. Maybe at the end of s5 and all the chaos that the doctors, Theo, etc brings to Beacon Hills and when Scott and Stiles are back to the best friendship ever, there might be a wedding to attend. 

As you can tell, I can only guess and hope but what I’ve learned so far from S5 is this:

- Theo cannot be trusted yet.

- Liam Dunbar is the best thing ever

- Marrish is end game

- These doctors are cray

What do you guys think will happen this season? What are you loving and hating so far? 

“The final mystery is oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance, and measured the steps of the moon, and mapped out the seven heavens star by star; there still remains oneself. Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?”

— Oscar Wilde: De Profundis