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True. I prefer her to Ofelia too. The way that Mercedes Mason ships herself with Nick irl is annoying as heck... 😅 I just don't have much of a positive impression of the actress that plays Luciana after the role that she had in Prison Break, but hopefully she'll grow on us and have some real character progression - unlike Ofelia!

I love Mercedes but Ofelia is not my favourite character but now she’s changing and becoming a badass so… idk. And Luciana, i think she felt in love w Nick real quick lol and that kinda bothers me but anyways. Luciana is a very good character tho :)

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Okay - Raven - since you're seemingly not getting what we're saying. Think about Halsey. She's half black, half while, she's a WOC. She's faces backlash for numerous things, but never her race. Why? Because she looks white. You think if a bisexual, bipolar girl who looked like Amanda Finesse (not a good example, since she isn't biracial, but still dark skinned, if you need biracial tho then Zendaya) would have been this popular? Loved as much as Halsey is? Never faced backlash for her race? No.

Can you also get this mason jar too? I think it’d look cool with the boba. I just put it on the list.

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How do you see the pack 10 years from graduation? (Feel free to be shippy if you want to.)

  • Scott - He now runs the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic as lead Vet.
  • Stiles - He’s a deputy at the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department.
  • Lydia - She finally won the Fields medal and is on her way to being on the top medical scientists in the US.
  • Malia - She took on a mercenary career with Braeden, though she refuses to take jobs where she has to kill people.
  • Liam - He joined Major League Lacrosse and is pretty damn good at it.
  • Mason - Studying under Deaton he became the Emmisary to Scott’s pack and is a famous writer of a book series about supernatural creatures (no one knows it’s based on things he’s encountered).
  • Hayden - She pursued professional Soccer and is currently one of the top players on her team.
  • Parrish - After Sheriff Stilinski retired, he was promoted to the Sheriff at BHSD.
  • Kira - She finally finished her training with the Skinwalkers and travels the world helping other Kitsune who don’t know how to control their spirits.
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-Answer Everything 
-Tag at least 5 people .
-Use the tag #cherrysbookwormtag

1. What’s your name? mary kate
2. Whats your age? 17
3. Your eye color? hazel
4. Your natural hair color? light brown
5. Your current hair color? light brown
6. Where do you live? united states
7. Do you have pets? a bearded dragon
8. Fav song at the time? another love by tom odell

Let’s get bookish! OK FAIR WARNING i have not had the time to read for pleasure in hellas so this is what i got

1. Fav book of all time? 13 reasons why by jay asher
2. Fav book series? harry potter, maximum ride
3. Explain why you love books in three words: language, characters, endless
4. Favourite fictional character (female)? johanna mason, max, hermione granger
5. Favourite fictional character (male)? ron weasley
6. A book that broke your heart. 13 reasons why
8. A book everyone loves but you don’t: tfios YIKES
9. Fav genre? YA, biographies (lol)
11. Currently reading? lolita
12. How long is your TBR list? i don’t have time for one :(
1. Chocolate or chips/crisps? chocolate
2. The book or the movie? both 
3. Reading a book or hearing an audio book? reading
4. TV or YouTube? tv
5. Smartphone or laptop? both
6. Hardcover or paperback? paperback
Tagging: anyone who loves books and wants to do this :)

Little Dunbar *Chapter 2*

request?  Liam has a younger brother around the age of Two and he always has to look after him as his parents went away and left him so he has to do everything and they are really close as Liam had practically raised him and Liam maybe teaches him lacrosse in the garden and all the pack find out some how and his little brother is scared and runs to Liam wanting to be picked up and holding on tight to him. Maybe make it into a series?

requester? anon LiLi originally . but many people for chap 2 !!

word count? 766

A/N: there was a lot of time skips so i sorry :( . and i didn’t proofread this so sorry for any mistakes :) ! this is also shorter than i wanted but i hope you like it ! xxx

❣ chapter 1 ❣

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"How do I end up like you?" (kerberosmissing - clones? twins? alt universe selves? take your pick)



M2 merely stared at the other through the glass, he wasn’t allowed to speak, especially not to his original. How his original had even gotten here in the first place surprised him. He blinked his robotic yellow eyes as he watched the other pace in front of him trying to figure this all out and why the people he ‘trusted’ had kept this from him.

He wanted to say something, however, he had another way of communicating. He closed his eyes before thinking to the young man before him. “…Trust me… you don’t want to end up like me… The things they do… The pain… It’s not worth you sticking around here… You should leave while you can..” He spoke to the other in his mind.

How many more names?

Philando Castile

Tyre King

Terence Crutcher

Tawon Boyd

Keith Lamont Scott

Michael Brown

Ezell Ford

Corey Lever Tanner

Dante Parker

Michelle Cusseaux

Levon Leroy Love

Arvel Douglas Williams

Vernicia Woodward

Briant Paula

Darrien Nathaniel Hunt

Elijah Jackson

Ricky Deangelo Hinkle

Christopher Lee Lucas

Eugene Williams

Oliver Jarrod Gregoire

Latandra Ellington

Carl Gerard Blossomgame

Lashano J. Gilbert

Iretha Lily

Florence White

Kaldrick Donald

Christopher Mason McCray

David Yearby

Michael Deangelo McDougle

Tanisha Anderson

Keara Crowder

Akai Gurley

Eric Ricks

Rumain Brisbon

William Mark Jones

Dennis Gigsby Jr.

David Andre Scott

Jerame C. Reid

Matthew Ajibade

Frank Smart

Brian Pickett

Andre Murphy Sr.

Artago Howard

Alvin Haynes

Jeremy Lett

Terry Price

Calvon Reid

Charly “Africa” Keunang

Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood

Thomas Allen Jr.

Bernard Moore

Naeschlylus Vinzant

Tony Robinson

Anthony Hill

Terrance Moxley

Jonathan Paul

Askari Roberts

Brandon Jones

Denzell Brown

Dominick Wise

Phillip White

Donald Ivy

Eric Harris

Freddie Gray

Frank ‘Trey’ Shepard III

Darrell Brown

Norman Cooper

Samuel Harrell

William Chapman II

David Felix

Bryan Overstreet

Brendon Glenn

Jason Champion

Nuwnah Laroche

Sam Holmes

Lorenzo Hayes

Curtis Jordan

Richard Davis

Ross Anthony

Alan Williams

Kevin Higgenbotham

Kris Jackson

Jermaine Benjamin

Spencer McCain

Kevin Judson

Jonathan Sanders

George Mann

Salvado Ellswood

Albert Davis

Darrius Stewart

Samuel Dubose

Troy Robinson

Christian Taylor

Asshams Manley

Felix Kumi

James Carney III

India Kager

Wayne Wheeler

Adrian Campbell

Keith McLeod

Junior Prosper

James McBride

Paterson Brown Jr.

Rayshaun Cole

Anthony Ashford

Michael Marshall

Jamar Clark

Nathaniel Pickett

Miguel Espinal

Leroy Browning

Kevin Matthews

Bettie Jones

Keith Childress Jr.

Randy Nelson

Antronie Scott

Wendell Celestine Jr.

David Joseph

Calin Roquemore

Dyzhawn Perkins

Christopher Davis

Marco Loud

Torrey Robinson

Peter Gaines

Darius Robinson

Kevin Hicks

Demarcus Semer

Willie Tillman

Terrill Thomas

Ashtian Barnes

Michael Wilson Jr.

Vernell Bing Jr.

Doll Pierre-Louis

Devonte Gates

Ollie Brooks

Antwun Shumpert

Clarence Howard

Deravis 'Caine’ Rogers

Delrawn Small

Dalvin Hollins

Donnell Thompson Jr.

Paul O'Neal

Fred Barlow

Alfred Toe

Levonia Riggins

Sandra Bland

Korryn Gaines

Tamir Rice

Renisha McBride

Aiyana Mo'Nay Stanley-Jones

Miriam Carey

Messy Mya

Shelly Frey

Shelly Amos

Cheryl Blount Burton

Dawn Cameron

Sandra Bee Wilson

Juliette Alexander

Alberta Spruill

Latanya Haggerty

Annette Green

Lenties White

Tameka Evette Anthony

Octavia Suydan

Andrena Kitt

Marcella Byrd

Emma Mae Horton

Angel Chiwengo

Guanda Denise Turner

Andrea Nicole Reedy

U'Kendra Johnson

Annie Holiday

Shona Mikelson

LaVeta Jackson

Mary Williams

Tesha Reena Collins

Darneisha Harris

Clanesha Rayuna Shaqwanda Hickmon

Map Kong

Ciara Lee

Dijon Senay Jackson

Denise Michelle Washinton

Keara Crowder

Tyra Hunter

Clara Fay Morris

Stacey Blount

Gabriella Monique Nevarez

Keisha Redding

Kendra Diggs

Laquisha Turner

Keoshia L. Hill

Kindra Chapman

Audwyn Fitzgerald Ball

Rosette Samuel

Makiah Jackson

Demetria Dorsey

Jameela Yasmeen Arshad

Joyce Quaweay

Phil Quinn

Mariah Woods

Jameela Cecila Barnette

Raynetta Turner

Bianca Davis

Patricia Hartley

Martha Regina Donald

Eulia Love

Sophia King

Joyce Curnell

Redel Jones

Tess Hardeman

Tamar Seidle

Alicia Griffin

Shulena Weldon

Gina Rosario

Remedy Smith

Emily Marie Delafield

Jacqueline Culp

Delois Epps

Jacqueline Reynolds

Makayla Ross

LaTricka Sloan

Ralkina Jones

Elaine Coleman

Iretha Lilly

Gynnya McMillen

Malissa Williams

Janisha Fonville

Mya Hall

Patricia Thompson

Janet Wilson

Latandra Ellington

Aubrey Zoe Brown

Terry Pittman

Carulus Hines

Lana Morris

Dominique Hurtt

Michelle Payne

Tiffini Kuuipo Tobe

Yvette Henderson

Tameka Hudson

Kisha Michael

Portia Southern

Kisha Arrone

Jessica Williams

Jessica Nelson-Williams

Vernicia Woodward

Alexia Christian

Tyisha Miller

Kourtney Hahn

Lamia Beard

Tarkia Wilson

Deshanda Sanchez

Sharon Rebecca McDowell

Ricky Shawatza Hall

Glena Moore

Danette Daniels

Shontel Edwards

Lashonda Ruth Belk

Zoraida Reyes

Avra Rosser

Natasha Renee Osby

Kathryn Johnson

Rekha Kalawattie Budhai

Natasha McKenna

Shontel Davis

Nizah Morris

Duanna Johnson

Asia Roundtree

Darnisha Harris

Sheereese Francis

Alesia Thomas

Tracy A. Wade

Yvette Smith

Lnaaar Edwards

Gabrielle Lane

Aura Rosser

Raynette Turner

Tarika Wilson

Eleanor Bumpurs

Kendra James

Ahjah Dixon

Shantel Davis

Alberta Pruill

Marjorie Domingue

Bessie Louise Stovall

Margaret Mithcell

Darnesha Harris

Frankie Perkins

Monique Deckard

Kayla Moore

Queonna Zophia Edmonds

Sheneque Proctor

Kya Livingston

Wanda Jean Allen

Kimberly McCarthey

Meagan Hockaday

Summer Marie Lane

Antoinette Griffin

Desseria Whitmore

Adebusola Tairu

Erica Stevenson

Halley Simone Lee

Erica Tyrone

Lanaka Lucas

Breeonna Mobley

Antonia Martines Lagares

Delicia C. Myers

Tameika Carter

Dana Larkin

Kassandra Perkins

Rekia Boyd

Stacey Wright

Dorothy Smith Wright

BreeAnne Green

Adaisha Miller

Cartell Ford

Deresha Armstrong

Chanda White

Sahlah Ridgeway

Marlene Rivera

Lashondria Rice

Brandy Martell

Marquesha McMillan

India Beaty

Chandra Weaver

Teikeia Dorsey

Deanna Cook Patrick

Ashley Sinclair

Zella Ziona

Tiara Thomas

Papi Edwards

India Clarke

Constance Graham

Shade Shurer

Erica Collins

Rosann Miller

Eric Garner

Lonfon Chanel

Sonji Taylor

Malaika Brooks

Ashton O'Hara

Vida DeShondrell Byrd

Maria Tripp

Eveline Barros-Cepeda

Rosa Flores Lopez

Sara Ann Riggins

Ty Underwood

Yazmin Vash Payne

Elisha Walker

Keonna Redmond

Rikessa La'Shae Lee

Charquissa Johnson

Fatou-Mata Ntjamoah

Barbara Lassere

Vionique Valnord

Lina Yancey

Loretta Gerard

Talana Salissa Cain

Amber Nashay Carter

Marcus Golden

Catawaba Tequila Howard

Beverly Kirk

Anita Gay

Uteva Monique Woods Wilson

Derrinesha Clay

Angela Beatrice Randolph

Denice Nicole Glasco

Domonique Battle

Laniya Miller

Ashaunti Butler

Demetra Boyd

Angelique Styles

Shari Bethel Cartmell

Andre Larone Murphy

Demaris Turner

Lavall hall

Glenn C. Lewis

Nicholas Thomas

Jason Moland

Justus Howell

Colby Robinson

Terrance Kellom

Nephi Arriguin

D'Angelo Reyes Stallworth

Dajuan Graham

Markus Clark

Fritz Severe

Zamiel Kivon Crawford

Victo Emanuel Laros III

Billy Ray Davis

Michael Sabbie

Andre Green

Tyree Crawford

Ricky Javenta Ball

Lamontez Jones

Dominic Hutchinson

Delvin Tyrell Simmons

Richard Perkins

Jeray Chatham

DeOntre Lamontz Dorsey

Roy Nelson

Eric John Senegal

Paul Gaston

Marquintan Sandlin

Travis Stevenson

Greg Gunn

Kionte DeShaun Spencer

Robert Dentmond

Laronda S. Sweatt

Edwon Thevenin

Charlin Charles

Lionel Gibson

Isaiah Core III

Alton Sterling

Tawon Boyd

Keith Lamont Scott

Gregory Fraizer

Justin Carr