Oil Kings vs. Giants - Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yesterday, the Giants were in town and this was the first time that the two teams had met since October. Their last meeting was just before Mason Geertsen and first round pick in the 2013 entry draft were traded to the Giants for David Musil. Unfortunately, Musil was not there to take on his old team, as he was still in Russia for the World Juniors. 

Early in the first, on the power play Corbett would notch his third goal of the season and get the energy flowing. Stephane Legault would net one, assist by Corbett giving him two points on the night and making the score 2-0 Edmonton at the end of the first. It should be noted that by the end of the game, Corbett would have been on the ice for each goal, and have a +4 on the night. A goal from Dylan Wruck gave the team a 3-0 lead early in the second. Brett Pollock would also get his second of the season and Ashton Sautner would finally notch his first goal of the season. 

Midway through the third, we saw the two former teammates, Moroz and Geertsen, drop the gloves and go at it. In addition to that, Klarc Wilson also got in a tilly with Travis McEvoy, with Wilson getting a game misconduct. Once Geertsen and Moroz had served their 5 minutes, next shift they had, they dropped the gloves again and were back at. No one is really sure what happened to have caused such an outburst between the two former teammates.

After an action packed third period, Vancouver fell 4-0 to the Oil Kings.

Geertsen was interviewed after the game, and when asked about his fights with Moroz he replied “When you are on the same team, you have to put up with things but now I can take out what I was holding back.” Who really knows what happened, or how long this has been building up.

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