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This is a picture of six generations of one family.  Lois Hubbard, 97, is holding her 4-week-old great-great-great-granddaughter Bonnie Hinch.

Fourteen members of the Hubbard family, from 97-year-old Lois Hubbard all the way down to her great-great-great-granddaughter, 4-week-old Bonnie Hinch of Adel, gathered Sunday in Mason City.“

This gives me chills,” said B.J. Brockett of Odgen, the wife of Lois’ grandson, Lynn Brockett, as she took a photo of Lois with baby Bonnie on her lap, surrounded by other members of the family of all ages, at Good Shepherd where Lois has been a resident for the past two months.

“It’s a special moment,” B.J. said. “It’s not every day you have six generations.”


I had to put that into perspective for myself, so it’s like if I had a son and my grandmother’s grandmother was still alive, and I let her hold my baby.  For further introspection, my grandmother’s grandmother was a slave, so the Lois Hubbard equivalent in my family wouldn’t be able to take even half of this picture because slave families were often broken up and sold to other plantations.

Please remember that the next time somebody tells you “slavery was so long ago.”  Look at that picture.  Visually, that’s how far most of us are removed from slavery.


"Acquiring an education is about more than earning a diploma. It’s also about your friends, who have seen you in your worst moments.. and love you just the same. Unfortunately, one friend did not finish the journey. His name is James Tiberius Yorke. If JT’s death has taught me anything, it’s that the worst mistakes are the ones you never learn from. And also to never, ever take your friends for granted.” 

Fortnum & Mason Shop (established in 1707. more info here)

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Society Adventures: Masonic Mysteries and Historic Cocktails at the Grand Lodge of New York

Ever fascinated by the impenetrable Freemasons, the New York Obscura Society recently delved into the fascinating world of secret societies with an elaborate cocktail gala at the Grand Masonic Lodge of New York.

Founded in 1782 and at one time holding the largest membership of any Masonic lodge worldwide, New York’ s Grand Lodge contains floor after floor of ornate hallways and decadently designed rooms, all discreetly hidden within a rather nondescript 23rd Street location. Typically accessible only to initiated Freemasons, the building is as grand and full of mystery as the historic organization itself.

Keep reading for a full review of what you missed out on during the Obscura Society’s Masonic Mysteries Event at the Grand Lodge of New York…