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The part that struck me the most - aside from the fact that he was supposed to be dead - was the look on his face. It was sad - so, so sad. Looking into his eyes, I felt my heart break. All the memories of what had taken place just a few weeks ago came rushing back to me. I saw it all again: his body falling, the cruel look on the Strigoi faces…. A lump formed in my throat. I stood there frozen, stunned and unable to move. He studied me too, his expression never changing. Sad. Grim. Serious.  - Shadow Kiss (Chapter Two)


Nei­ther alive nor dead. The world swam around me, sparkles of col­or danc­ing be­fore my eyes. The lack of food had made me dizzy, and I was on the verge of faint­ing. I had to stay in con­trol here. I had to ask the next ques­tion. Out of all the vic­tims…out of all the vic­tims they could have cho­sen, sure­ly they wouldn’t have picked him.