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Young And Broken Part 2

Part 1

I would advise listening to Neptune by Sleeping At Last on repeat while reading this. This entire chapter was inspired by that song.

The next few weeks were hell. No one was speaking to one another. Raelyn avoided the pack at all costs and she tried her best to leave Liam alone just like he asked but she really couldn’t bring herself to do it. She missed hearing his voice and seeing his smile. He barely had a pulse anymore. She watched him walk the halls like a zombie. Mason was so concerned for him but Liam wouldn’t let Mason near him either. All he wanted was to be depressed by himself. 

Stiles finally had enough of Liam acting like he was the only one that had lost his first love. Shoot, Stiles hadn’t even gotten the chance to be with first love yet. Anyway, the older senior boy decided to talk to the young sophomore. 

Stiles cornered him in the school hallway near the stairs. The same staircase where he told Raelyn to leave him alone. “Look, I know you’re stronger than me and could probably throw me down these stairs but I would really appreciate it if you didn’t and just hear me out.” 

Liam glared at him but nodded, signaling him to continue. 

Stiles smiled to himself. He was making progress. “Look, I know you’re upset about Hayden. I really understand. I’m not saying you should be feeling better because you shouldn’t. I’m not saying you should be normal again and I’m not saying you should forgive Scott. But what I am saying is you can’t push those away who want to help you. You can’t push your friends away. Like Mason and Raelyn. All they want to do is to help and they can’t do that if you don’t let him. You have to start trying to move on Liam. You’re only hurting yourself. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end.”

Liam shrugged. “I can’t just forget and move on. It’s not that easy.”

“I never said it was going to be easy. I said it was going to be worth it.” Stiles sighed and tried again. “Raelyn cares about you so much. And it hurts her to see you so upset. She’s just trying to be there for you because she knows that deep down, you really need a friend. You know, sometimes we spend so much time thinking about everyone that we’ve lost that we forget to appreciate those we still have.”

Liam didn’t answer. He couldn’t meet Stiles’ eyes because he knew Stiles was right. 

“Just try okay?” Stiles pressed. “Not for me. Not for Raelyn. Not for Mason, Lydia, Malia, whoever. Not for anyone. For you.” 

With that, Stiles left the lone beta by himself, leaving him more confused and conflicted than ever.


This was the last time she was going to try. She had to try one last time before she gave up. She had to get through to him. Raelyn knocked on the door and rang the doorbell, impatiently waiting on Liam’s doorstep. After about five minutes, the door opened and there stood a very distraught looking Liam. 

“Um, hi,” Raelyn said nervously. After not talking to him for two weeks, she had no idea what to say. “Can we talk?”

He nodded and held the door open. “Yeah sure.” 

She followed him into the kitchen and they both sat at the table, awkwardly avoiding each other’s eyes. 

“Look Liam. I need you to help me help you. I can’t do anything for you unless you tell me what’s happening with you.”

He shrugged, staring out the window.

“Damn it Liam!” Raelyn shouted, aggravated. “You either say how you feel and screw it up or say nothing and let it screw you up instead. Either way, you’re going to get hit with collateral damage!” 

“I’m just depressed okay!” He shouted back. “I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m upset!”

“You think you’re the only person that’s lost someone?” She was getting fed up with his pity party. “Scott lost Allison almost a year ago and sure he was upset but he wasn’t pushing away his friends and feeling sorry for himself all the damn time.”

“Don’t you dare talk about Scott,” Liam growled, glaring at Raelyn.

“Fine then. Let’s talk about me than. I lost everything. I lost my parents, my siblings, my home. I was in foster care for years Liam. Has that damaged me? Of course it has. Am I still upset about it? Yes. But I’m not trying to make everyone else feel sorry for me just because I’ve had a rough time.” She crossed her arms over her chest. 

“I’m trying.” He squeezed his eyes shut in frustration. 

“You’re trying to do what? Because it really looks like you’re doing nothing. So please tell me what you’re doing.”

“I’m trying to help myself,” he sighed.

Raelyn shook her head. “No you’re not. You’re running away from your problems, that’s what you’re doing. I used to do that too. I thought it was the only answer. But the problem with that is, you can’t run away from yourself.”

Liam fell silent. Maybe Raelyn was right. Maybe he was the real problem after all. Maybe it wasn’t everybody else. 

“Liam,” she said gently. He looked up at her. “I’m going to tell you something you probably don’t want to hear right now but I have to say it because it’s eating me alive.” He stared at her expectantly. “Liam, I’ve been in love with you since I moved here. I always kept it a secret thought because you were with Hayden and I didn’t want to ruin that. But I just need you to know how I really feel about you. I’m so in love with you that I can’t even think straight. I just needed you to know that. I’m sorry. And I just have to know if you feel the same way or not.”

Liam sat in his chair, stunned. Raelyn loved him. Sure, he always thought she was pretty and he probably would’ve been in love with her if he hadn’t been in love with Hayden first. He would probably even be in love with her now if he still wasn’t so depressed. 

Raelyn bit her lip. “I guess I got my answer.” She stood to leave.

“Wait!” Liam hopped up from his chair stopping her.

She raised an eyebrow at him, waiting.

“I want to love you. I really do. I just don’t know how.” He looked at the floor embarrassed.

She nodded and sighed. “It’s okay. I understand.” She opened the front door and stepped over the threshold before turning back around. “When you figure it out, just let me know.”

Who Do I Have To Kill Now?

Pairing: Mason Hewitt x Reader

Request: Can you please do a mason imagine where it’s totally platonic &you’re his best friend and so much like a mother to him so he bring boys that he likes &basically asks for the readers approval & he finds a boy that he really likes &he introduces u to him after u tell mason that u don’t like him &u get into a fight because he really likes him maybe a week after they’re dating mason sees him kissing another boy so her goes to the reader &the reader is like wtf (bc mason is crying) so she’s like  who do I have to kill? &mason tells the reader everything &the reader comforts him as she’s like a mom to him

Requested by: Anonymous (:

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I really hoped I did a good job with this one! I really loved that you requested one with Mason! He’s a cute addition to the Teen Wolf Family (: Thanks for the request. Enjoy xx

“I think I found a winner” your best friend, Mason told you. You and him were sitting in your living room, catching up. You rolled your eyes, “You say that overtime you see a cute boy” you replied. “This time I think it’s true!” he said. “What’s he like?” you asked. “He’s tall, short blonde hair, green eyes, athletic but nerdy looking” Mason told you. “He doesn’t sound like your type” you admitted. “Having specific types, is so yesterday” Mason replied. “Have you even talked to him?” you asked. “Uhhhh, no… Not yet” he confessed. “Talk to me when you have talked to him” you said.


“Y/N, I’m bring Daniel over to your house so you can meet him. I need your approval” Mason told you over the phone. “No Mason! You do this to me all the time, so no!” you said back. “Too late” Mason said and then hung up the phone. “Damnit Mason” you said to yourself. You had no time to prepare, Mason would be here any minute. This happened a lot, Mason would find a boy that he thinks was “the winner” and he’d bring him over to introduce you and you start to like them and the next thing you know, they stopped seeing each other. Mason would always ask for your approval, which was sweet but you seemed to fall for them more than Mason did.

The doorbell rang and you took your time to answer it. Mason was standing there with a tall, weird looking guy. “Y/N, this is Daniel. Daniel this is Y/N” Mason said, introducing the two of you. You shook Daniel’s hand and right away you could tell he was bad news. There was something about him that seemed off, he seemed like a sneaky guy. Definitely not good enough for Daniel. You tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, you just met him.

“So, Daniel. How did you meet Mason?” you asked. Obviously not from school because you’ve never seen him before. “At a night club” he replied. You looked at Mason and gave him the evil eye, “I told you not to go there anymore” you whispered to him. “You’re being dramatic” he whispered back. Daniel seemed like he was a player, the whole time you guys were talking he seemed to be too cool for words, he was slouching in his seat, and he was very disrespectful. You hated this guy and you hated saying that. Mason was all lovey dovey with him, staring at him and smiling, it made you sick. You couldn’t wait until this gathering was over. Daniel wasn’t the person you wanted for Mason and you were going to make sure tell Mason that. “I gotta get going, I have to practice for my lacrosse game. I’m the number one scorer so I’m pretty important” Daniel said. You rolled your eyes again, “Good for you” you mumbled, Mason heard you and shot you a look. “I’m going to take him to practice and then I’ll swing by again” Mason told you. “See you later, nice meeting you Daniel” you said.

You didn’t know how you were going to tell Mason that Daniel was a jerk and a player. You didn’t know much about him, yet you knew enough. Mason was sensitive, so you had no idea how you were going to break the news. He always came to you for approval so this shouldn’t be that difficult.

Mason came back, thirty minutes later. He walked into your house all confident and smiley and laid on your couch. “So? What did you think?” he asked you, still grinning ear to ear. “Mase, he’s not a winner” you said, letting him down gently. “What are you talking about? He’s great” Mason said. “No, he’s really not. He’s a jerk, stuck up, disrespectful, cocky and a player.” “How would you know, you spent the whole conversation rolling your eyes and not paying attention!” Mason replied, defensively. “I was listening to every single thing that annoying guy said” you responded. “How come you don’t want me to be happy?” Mason asked you. “Oh please, Mason. If you think that, then you have something wrong with you” you answered. “Every time I bring someone by to meet you, you hate them!” he said. “That’s not true, I liked Dylan, Brad, Tanner and even Ty. They were all nice, not like this loser Daniel” you shouted to Mason. “That is the last time I ever ask for you approval” Mason shouted back. “Mason. He’s a tool. I bet he flirts with every guy he sees. I just have a feeling he’s bad news” you told Mason, in a calmer tone. “I don’t care what you think. You don’t know anything” Mason yelled at you, he stormed off and left your house. “Well that went well” you said to yourself.

You and Mason weren’t speaking. You were mad at him for being angry at you. He was angry at you for not “letting him be happy.” It was a mess. It was weird for the two of you to fight, you always got along quite well. You were two peas in a pod, the two amigos. He was your best friend in this entire world and you felt all alone. There were many times where you picked up your phone to call Mason, but you stopped yourself, remembering the fight. You were upset that Mason didn’t think you wanted him to find his happiness. Of course you did, that’s all you wanted! Maybe you were too overprotective, maybe you didn’t give Daniel an actual shot. You wanted a re-do.

You text Mason and told him you’d give Daniel another chance. Mason text back agreeing to this second chance. You told Mason to bring Daniel over again. You swallowed your pride and tried to like Daniel. You listened to every word he said, every lame story, every conceited story, you listened to it all. You fake laughed many times, you even fake smiled, and Mason seemed to be believing it. “It’s late, time to go” Daniel said. “You go to the car, I want to speak to Y/N real quick” Mason replied. Daniel left the house. “You’re a bad faker” said Mason, who looked angry. “What?” you said pretending to not know what he’s talking about. “I can tell when you’re lying or faking. You still hate him. I can’t believe this Y/N. Just be happy for me” Mason said, storming out of your house again. “I TRIED” you yelled.
Word on the street was that your best friend, Mason was now officially dating Daniel. Mason didn’t tell you because the two of you haven’t talked since the re-do night. Whatever, you didn’t care. But that was a lie, it was tugging at your heart strings, the fight with you and Mason. You hated not talking to him every day, he made everything better. You missed him, even though you wouldn’t admit it.

That night there was a loud knock at your bedroom door, you slowly got up and looked out your window. Mason was at your bedroom patio, crying. You opened the door, “Mase?” you asked. “I’m a complete idiot. You were right all along” he blubbered. Mason can be sensitive, but you’ve never seen him cry, especially not like this. He couldn’t stop crying, tears were streaming all down his face, and he was a mess. “Who do I have to kill?” you asked, giving him a much needed hug. “Daniel” he replied. You broke the hug up and got serious. “What happened?” you demanded to know. “I caught him kissing another boy” Mason confessed. “I KNEW HE WAS A PIG” you shouted, “Sorry” you apologized to Mason who was heartbroken. You walked him to your bed, you let him cry on your shoulder. “There, there” you said, stroking his hair. “I should have listened to you. You could tell he was a tool, so why couldn’t I?” Mason asked you. “Because, I wasn’t into him. He sweet talked you, not me. You really liked him so you weren’t able to see the true him” you said, trying your best to comfort your best friend.

“I’m sorry I got so mad at you, I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. I didn’t mean for this to happen” said Mason. “I missed you Mason, so much. I’m glad that you aren’t with him anymore though.” “Me too, I don’t want someone who sucks other guys’ faces” he confessed. You laughed, “Next time I tell you a boy is no good, please trust me. I’m always right” you told him, giving him a playful wink. “I’ll listen next time, trust me” he replied.

“Why are you the best?” Mason asked you. “It’s a gift” you responded. It was nice that you and Mason reconciled everything and it was even nicer knowing that Daniel was out of Mason’s life, you just felt bad that your poor friend was in so much pain. “I sure did hate him” you whispered.

Liam Dunbar- He cheats (part 4)

A/N.Yaaay part 4 is finally here.Thanks for your suggestions.

pt.1               pt.2                pt.3

It’s been two weeks since you and Brett were together.He treated you nice but he wasn’t Liam.You knew that nobody will be able to replace him in your life.No matter how hard Brett tried he didn’t succed in making you fell the way Liam did.

You saw Liam in school everyday.It was torture.You had to pretend you hate him when the only thing you wanted to do was to kiss him and to tell him you are sorry.But the wound in your heart was still open.His betrayal hurt you like nothing before.

One day, Hayden was on the school’s hall with Liam, Brett and Mason.

“What do you want?”Brett said.

“Look, I can see that you two guys suffer.” she said looking at Liam and Brett.

“And why do you think I suffer?I have an amazing girlfriend.Thank you for her, Liam.”Brett said and smirked.Liam growled and he was ready to attack Brett.

“Liam!Let’s listen to Hayden.Go on” Mason said

“I know Y/N is lying.She still loves you but she is too stubborn to admit that.” she said and looked at Liam.”Do you love her,Brett?” she said

“Of course I love her.” Brett said

“Then you want to see her happy, right?” she said

“Look.I know I will never replace Liam.I tried so hard making her to forget him but I failed.I can see that she’s sad.So if you have a plan to make her genuinely happy, I will help.”Brett said.

“Good.Now Liam.Do you still love her?” she asked

“Obviously.I would do anything for her.I don’t like to see her sad.” Liam said

“And yet you cheated on her.” Brett said

“Enough! If you two can’t get along, leave.” Mason said

“Ok,ok,ok you don’t have to get angry.”Brett said.

“I have a plan.Now, listen.” Hayden said.


In the afternoon Brett came to your house.

“Hi.”You said smiling at him.

“Hi,baby!I was wondering.Do you want to go on a date tonight?” he said

“Yes,why not?”you said.

“Perfect.You can go and get dressed.Don’t wear something too fancy.It’s a picnic in the woods.When you want we can go.I have everything ready.” he said

“Wow.You were sure I will say yes.”you laughed and went to your room to get ready

He just smiled and watched you.But it wasn’t a happy one.It was rather a sad smile.

When the time for your date came Brett lead you to a place full of candles.There were blankets and a basket full of food.In the trees were some kind of colorful lights.

“Wow.It’s perfect.You did all of this for me?” you asked

He held you hands and looked in your eyes.”Yes,but not just for you.Me,Mason and Hayden did this for you and someone else.Look,I’m madly in love you but I can see that you don’t have the same feelings for me.” he said

“But I love you,Brett.” you said

“I didn’t say that you don’t love me.I’m sure you do.But not as your boyfriend.You still love him.And it’s ok.I understand and I just want you to be happy.” he said.

“Liam it’s here,isn’t he?” you said.

He nodded and said“You can come,Liam.I’m done” 

You saw Liam standing near a tree waiting for Brett to tell you everything.

After Brett left you two started talking.

“I can’t believe you made your friends to do this.”you said

“It was Hayden’s idea.She knew you were lying when you talked to her.She saw how I was suffering after you left me.” he said

“I left you because you cheated on me!!!!!” you yelled at him.

“I appologized a million times.” he yelled back.

“I’ve had enough!I shouldn’t accept this date.I should have refuse this when I saw you.” you said getting up and running from him.

“Y/N!Wait.”he said and went after you.

You tried to run faster but you tripped over a log.

“Ouch!” you tried to get up but the pain in your foot didn’t let you.

“Y/N,are you ok?” Liam said

“Do I look ok?” you said.

“Let me take away your pain.” he said

“No! I don’t want you to touch me.” you said.

He sat down near you and pressed his lips against yours.You tried to fight back but you couldn’t.You felt how all your pain left your body and the only thing that remained was pleasure.The pleasure of Liam kissing you.

He took you in his arm,bridal style and got you back to the blankets.He placed you carefully down and tried to give you something to eat.

“I don’t want anything,Liam” you said.

“Don’t you want to talk about us?I want to try again.I want to do better this time.” he said looking in your eyes.

“You really are sorry, aren’t you?” you said.

“Yes.I regret what I’ve done each day.It doesn’t pass a day without me thinking about you, about us.” he said

“Ok.” you said.


“Yeah,let’s try again.” you said smiling at him.

“Are you serious?” he said.

“Yes. I miss us too.” you said

He smiled and kissed you.It was so good to be able to kiss him everytime you wanted.You should have accept his apologies sooner but it’s better then never.

It was too late so you went to his house.You wanted to say thank you to the others.

“I knew you are here” Liam said to his friends who were sitting on the couch looking at a movie.

“So how was it?” Mason said.

“Yeah, are you together again?” Hayden said.

You didn’t answer.Instead you two kissed right in front of them.

“I think they are.” Mason laughed.

“Yes, we are.” you said

“Great.I’m happy that I’ve helped my girlfriend to get back together with her ex.” Brett said.

“Hey man, don’t be sad! If you want we can go to Sinema.It’s a new club in town.I heard is great.” Mason said.

Everyone laughed.It seems that finally everyone was really happy.

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