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Artist Bio – Masol:

Masol aka Marie-Solange Ndeley of Cameroonian Decent is well known as the Hacker of All Trades and Master at Most; Writer, Author, Poet, Filmmaker, Musician, Producer, Photographer, Graphic Designer, DJ, Performer, Organizer & Motivational Speaker. She began writing poetry since age 8, published her first book ‘Joint & Seperated: The Importance of Friendship in Teenage Life’ at the age of 15. 

Motivated by her genuine concern for the well being of youths and the danger they face, in July 2007; she Launched Poems Alive CIC, a
group, geared 
 empower, educate and 
 towards a 
 of life through 

From 2003 till Present, Masol has worked extensively with Media & Arts institutes participating in community events, running events and workshop programs that promote young people at National theatre’s Next Generation, The Albany theatre , Apples & Snakes, Press Play, A New Direction, Rolling Sounds, Community Channel, Media Trust & more.

She studied Film Studies with Creative & Professional Writing at University of East London. She wrote, produced and directed her first short film for Channel 4, October 2010. ‘Unwritten Griots’ is a short documentary about the Dance Art Form of Stepping and it’s relationship to Black History Month. This short documentary was televised on Channel 4, Community Channel and selected by the BAFTAS Young Filmmakers Program & Award, the film was screened at the BAFTAS, Piccadilly on 17th March 2011.


Masol’s Passion and Influence for Music began at the age of 2, motivated from watching her Mother, Maria G, sing, perform and tour in Cameroon to composing songs and producing bedroom Afro Hip Hop Beats. She finds that Music is not only a method of healing, but a vital method of communication to a stranger next door. She holds African Hi Life / Jazz base rhythms, poetic tongue cheek Hip Hop rhymes, soulful melodies and brain ticking lyrics in her upcoming EP ‘Matters of the Mind’.

MONTULIA. Recuerdos montillanos en blanco y negro on Flickr.

Un reflejo y un pueblo. Sus dos caras. El real, blanco andaluz; el negativo, negro silueta. Aquí, desde éstas mismas vistas, se desataba en nuestro coche el llanto inconsolable, al marchar; y también la alegría gozosa, cada primero de agosto.
Por eso abre esta serie de fotos de Montilla en blanco y negro. Por todo lo que representa, incluida la referencia al carismático comercio Masol, el pequeño Corte Inglés del pueblo.

anonymous asked:

What were Jens' and Masol's original reason for hanging around Mortin?

Their original reason was to keep me safe when I was little until I learned how to fight and use my powers properly. Now, they just live in my basement and play video games all day. ~Mortin

Rap Free Verse- Joey BadA$$ pov & Masol pov
  • Joey BadA$$ - Niggas askin' when the tape gon' drop but I got nothin' to say to them
  • Because I been slacking the skill, although my passion is real
  • I'm too caught up catching a feel when I should be cashin' a mil
  • Masol - And its like that, back of the van catching a trill. thrilling through ville. tryna find that mil, deporting back to brazil, they selling cashing in, i'm watching the scene, play this life in repeat, Casanova in these streets, tryna stay freshly equipped, i'm mainly amused by the highly elite. they paving more bills, deporting percentages off cheques, i'm left with zero pence, enough to fix a pot of noodles..
when you are a young black youth full of purpose and knowing…somehow you are always full with RAGE.