meg tegnap osszefutottam a teszkoban elso platoi szerelmemmel, Petivel, akit meg altalanosbol ismertem,amugy a szemkozti hazban lakott. Szoval Peti miatt szerettem meg a depest aztan a depes miatt szerettem ki Petibol, mert a kaptalanfuredi taborban a Peti lenyomott egy olyan performanszt a Rushra,hogy akkor egy pillanatra komolyan azt hittem, hogy sose fogok pasira nezni tobbet, aztan szerencsere ossze is jott egy csajjal ott helyben es atvehette helyet Gabor, na rola majd maskor meselek nektek.

This franchise has kept players hooked for years.

From the first game and on, it has continued to keep changing just enough to be fresh while still being the good old Legend of Zelda players know and love.

As MarvelandPonder said, these games hold a special place in many gamers hearts and provide a grand sense of adventure for anyone who gives them a chance. One of the biggest factors causing this sense of adventure is the world (obviously if you read the header) and the exploration the games allow.

Whether you’re exploring the land of Hyrule or one of the other worlds in the Zelda universe, finding heart pieces, rupees, items, or just scouring the land for fun, there are hours of adventure to have in each and every world.

The very land itself is beautiful in so many of the games. For example:

Wind Waker

Skyward Sword

Majora’s Mask

Or my personal favourite: Twilight Princess

These pictures perfectly represent the beauty that exists in these fictional worlds. They can suck you in and take your breath away.

As previously mentioned, the Zelda franchise is great at keeping the exploration fresh. One such way is by changing the method of exploration. We have:

Sailing on the seemingly never ending sea.

Riding Epona through the land.

Flying through the sky.

Or driving your train through the land (not my favourite I admit). Then of course you can just walk to explore large sections of all of the games.

And while your traveling through the land you get to listen to one of the BEST soundtracks ever!

I have endless memories of discovering the many different lands in the Zelda universe. There is so much to discover and endless lore to read. I mean just crack open Hyrule Historia and you can see just how expansive the world is.

Finally, with all these amazing exploration games, we have to talk about the up coming game.

Just look at the majesty of this new world! I cannot even begin to explain how psyched I am for this game to come out. I mean, open world legend of Zelda? How can you not love the idea! If done well, this game will be the perfect representation of what was awesome in all of it’s predecessors.

Of Masks and Balls

Subtitled:  Let He Who has the Biggest Balls Wear the Mask

Or something like that.

Anyway, this is my take on the Masquerade Ball prompt for Outlaw Queen week. It fits into The Perils of Parent Hood verse but can be read independently. 

I do hope you enjoy!

The first time he’d seen her wearing one, he’d had to restrain himself from out and out laughter, her raised brow of warning the only thing that kept him from guffawing out loud.

“It’s a beauty mask,” she’d stated flatly, her gaze steady and direct. “It’s good for your skin.”

“Shall I slather it all over you, then?” he’d teased. “I’d be more than happy to oblige.” Her answer had come in the form of a towel tossed in his face and a bathroom door slammed with more force than necessary.

So much for that suggestion.

The second time he’d seen her in a mask was just after Hope had been born as she’d sought to reclaim her body inch by inch. Masks, manicures, waxes and new haircuts had seemed a small price to pay for the boost in confidence she’d needed, even though he’d told her she was beautiful just as she was, had gone to great lengths to assure her that she didn’t need to go to so much trouble to be attractive to him.

She’d promptly burst into tears and ordered him out of the bedroom. He’d slept on the couch that night.

The third time she’d let him see her wearing one was last week, she and Hope giggling as both of their faces were smeared in the white concoction, the masks making wife and daughter resemble some sort of freakish snow people he couldn’t resist photographing. Regina hadn’t seemed too bothered by the fact—that is until Henry somehow discovered the picture on Robin’s phone and posted it to his Instagram account.

Then all hell had broken loose.  God, how he hated spending the night on that couch.

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