Okay guys, let’s place our bets on who The Masketta Man really is. Here’s what he know:

  • He’s got a mask (probably got his shit fucked up)
  • He hates McGillis and Tekkadan with a fiery passion
  • Just hearing the names grinds his gears; they probably fucked his shit up really bad

It’s obviously Galileo back from the dead because I can’t think of anyone else. Can’t imagine it being some random Gjallarhorn mook and the Gundam series is no stranger to resurrecting characters that should’ve died.

Screencap this and come back to it whenever they reveal his face.

Our Jisbon playlist to survive the next two episodes - Add your song(s)
  • Extreme: More than words
  • Joan Armatrading: The weakness in me
  • Masketta Fall: Mr. Brightside
  • Phil Collins: Against all odds
  • A great big world: Say something
  • Ed Sheeran: Let her go
  • Lifehouse: Halfway gone

And as I’ve aged the only thing that has changed is the demons have moved from under my bed to the inner depths of my head


My new 5sos/ the slightest bit if 1d jeans! It’s mostly 5sos and other bands but I put In harrys solo because it relates to me and yeah. As you can see the back pocket has the 5sos logo on it and in the other it has some lyrics to Try Hard, Heartbreak Girl and Lost Boy. Also some MASKETTA fall and all time low etc. It’s also says hemmo1996 on the waist but you can’t see. And sown tonight alive because I love them so much to be quite honest. I like them.

young-sonna  asked:

Hello! I definitely agree with your statements that 'all white people are racist' and that all white people benefit from racial oppression, but that should be 'all white American people'. I am from Poland, and we have a very small amount of African immigrants in our big cities, and the quality of their experiences varies, but we never colonised any African nation and we have no history of mass ethnic oppression of POCs. I admit we are a very old-fashioned people, but we are white and not racist.