Our Jisbon playlist to survive the next two episodes - Add your song(s)
  • Extreme: More than words
  • Joan Armatrading: The weakness in me
  • Masketta Fall: Mr. Brightside
  • Phil Collins: Against all odds
  • A great big world: Say something
  • Ed Sheeran: Let her go
  • Lifehouse: Halfway gone

My new 5sos/ the slightest bit if 1d jeans! It’s mostly 5sos and other bands but I put In harrys solo because it relates to me and yeah. As you can see the back pocket has the 5sos logo on it and in the other it has some lyrics to Try Hard, Heartbreak Girl and Lost Boy. Also some MASKETTA fall and all time low etc. It’s also says hemmo1996 on the waist but you can’t see. And sown tonight alive because I love them so much to be quite honest. I like them.

young-sonna  asked:

Hello! I definitely agree with your statements that 'all white people are racist' and that all white people benefit from racial oppression, but that should be 'all white American people'. I am from Poland, and we have a very small amount of African immigrants in our big cities, and the quality of their experiences varies, but we never colonised any African nation and we have no history of mass ethnic oppression of POCs. I admit we are a very old-fashioned people, but we are white and not racist.

masketta fall coffs 17.1.13 meet up had a blast today <3 

Masketta fall

 just a bit about what happened today!

 Today was perfect. They are amazing i got to meet Spiller, Faybanger and Moli… i was freaking nervous. And just wouldn’t go up to them for a while. They are just perfect. I got to pictures with Moli first he’s just perfect. And so so nice we talked about where i came from (2ish hours away) i was still really awkward i got him to sign my phone and wrist band. Called a friend for them to wish her happy birthday We got spiller to get a pic with me and got him to sign some stuff. And Faybanger he was also amazing to i said that i was really awkward and he said he was awkward to so we had an awkward silence and it fun J i got a pic and he signed stuff asked me who my lock screen saver was (joshramsay) and looked on the back of my phone it had dinosaurs yew!! We all got group photos as well and it was fun i got hugs i haven’t had hugs in so long… Moils hug was awesome he the sweetest person ever spillers was good awwh he’s such a cutie and fays was just it was different i mean it was probably just a normal hug but iunno i said thank you to them cause thats all i could really get out without stuffing up or breaking down.. this has been the second time ive met Masketta but this was more fun and got to hang out with them. i wish i wasn’t so awkward and shy but i guess ill have to work on those but defiantly my highlight was the hugs they  were just perfect! . when i had to leave i got the last of the hugs i really didn’t want to go but they had places to be and stuff the are so so important to me! I hope they remember me J

What i really wanted to tell Masketta which i should of written a letter cause i know i wouldn’t say anything bleh but honestly i just want to thank them for being so amazing i know theyre just normal people but these people make me happy its a hard thing to do, i haven’t felt “happy”  for a long time they will always listen and care i know i have them when no one else. The music is fantastic and and iunno it just makes things a bit easer when everything is falling apart and honestly i cant thank them enough i know i should of said more today but i just couldn’t i have no idea why. Thankyou will never be enough.. but i guess that’s all will do.. i hope to see them again really really soon with Big Red and Rolphio too!!..  Masketta really have saved me from myself and for that i  cant think them enough <3 <3

THANKYOU Moli, Faybanger, Spiller, BigRed, and Rolphio 

I love you! <3 <3 <3

And as I’ve aged the only thing that has changed is the demons have moved from under my bed to the inner depths of my head