The convenient scapegoat of gerrymandering
Gerrymandering frequently, and wrongly, gets the blame for government dysfunction. Gerrymandering is back in the news and being blamed for all sorts of ills, from distorting representation to creating government dysfunction. Barack Obama is even considering devoting his political talents to addressing the evils of redistricting. Read more

Two models, on a New York City street with the Chrysler Building in the background, wearing fur muffs by Ingber, velvet dome hats by Madcaps, and, from left to right: a white linen blouse and sleeveless baby-waist dress in wool plaid, by Masket Brothers; and a wool-tweed baby-waist dress, by Virginie of Paris for Haynette.1958 © Condè Nast Archive

I had a fantastic day with the girls in the city. We spent a lot of time putting up posters, handing out flyers & promoting Masketta Fall in preparation for their HQ gig next Saturday night.

((If you’re free, come check them out. They put on a great live show!))

  • Kuroko plays basketball: Kuroko no basket
  • Kuroko wears a mask: Kuroko no Masket
  • Kuroko dies: Kuroko no Casket
  • Kuroko comes in last: Kuroko no Lastket
  • Kuroko joins a band: Kuroko no Bassket
  • Kuroko twerks: Kuroko no Assket
  • Kuroko runs a marathon: Kuroko no Fastket
  • Kuroko farts: Kuroko no Gasket
  • Kuroko is a bitch: Kuroko no Sassket
  • Kuroko joins Teiko: Kuroko no Passket
  • Kuroko is a fangirl: Kuroko no YAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSket
  • Kuroko wears a kilt: Kuroko no man skirt