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stefablit01  asked:

Yeah, when I found something I became wery curios, 2 questions: a siren can sing without their mask get triggered? and is the mask or the siren that absorb the life essence?

Yep, the Northern Cassowary does it here

And yes, it goes to the mask, and is reflected on the wing’s glow.


Warped Tour 2016 Setlists

If you have a setlist, message me so I can add it. This is just who I’ve been able to find so far.

Against The Current
-Running With The Wild Things
-Young & Relentless

-Come and Go
-Simple Type
-Human Machines
-Playing In Traffic
-Damaged Kids
-Coffee Talk

Cane Hill
-True Love
-Sunday School
-You’re So Wonderful
-(The New) Jesus
-Time Bimb

Chelsea Grin
-Skin Deep
-Playng With Fire
-Broken Bonds
-Cheyne Stokes
-My Damnation

Crown The Empire
-The Fallout
-Makeshift Chemistry

-People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play
-A Hundred Crowns
-Cloud 9

Falling In Reverse
-Roling Stone
-I’m Not A Vampire
-Bad Girls Club
-The Drug In Me Is You
-Situations (Cover)
-Just Like You

Four Year Strong
-We All Float Down Here
-What The Hell Is A Gigawatt
-Go Down In History
-Find My Way Back
-Who Cares?
-It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
-Wasting Time

I See Stars
-Mobbin’ Out
-Ten Thousand Feet
-Filth Friends Unite
-Running With Scissors
-New Demons
-Murder Mitten

Ice Nine Kills
-Me, Myself, nnd Hyde
-The Nature Of The Beast
-Let’s Bury The Hatchet…In Your Head
-Bloodbath & Beyond
-Communion Of The Cursed
-Hell In Hallways
-The Coffin Is Moving

In Hearts Wake

-Pokemon Theme Song
-Young And Dumb
-The Realest
-Mad At Myself
-Blue Wall

Knuckle Puck
-But Why Would You Care?
-Bedford Falls
-No Good

Less Than Jake(?)
-The Ghost Of You And Me
-Gainesville Rock City
-Good Enough
-The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
-Great American Sharpshooter
-Goodbye Mr. Personality
-Look What Happened
-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Masked Intruder
-The Most Beautiful Girl
-25 To Life
-Unrequited love
-I Fought The Law
-How Do I Get To You
-If Only
-Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt
-Hey Girl
-Why Don’t You Love Me In Real Life
-Crime Spree
-Wish You Were Mine
-Stick‘em Up

Mayday Parade
-Keep In Mind, Transmogrification 
-Is A New Technology
-Oh Well, Oh Well
-Black Cat
-Lets Be Honest
-When You See My Friends 
-Jamie All Over

Motionless In White
-Devil’s Night
-Immaculate Misconception
-Break The Cycle

New Found Glory
-All Downhill From Here
-Hit Or Miss
-Ready & Willing
-Failure’s Not Flattering
-Vicious Love
-My Friends Over You

Oceans Ate Alaska
-Vultures & Sharks
-High Horse
-To Catch A Flame

Real Big Fish
-Another F.U. Song
-Sell Out
-Take On Me

Real Friends
-Lat Nights In My Car
-I Don’t Love You Anymore
-Skin Deep
-Stay In One Place
-Cold Quicker
-Loose Ends

Set It Off
-Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
-Forever Stuck In Our Youth
-Bleak December
-Something New
-Ancient History
-The Haunting
-Why Worry

Sleeping With Sirens
-We Like It Loud
-Kick Me
-Do It Now, Remember It Later
-Better Off Dead
-Go Go Go
-If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
-If You Can’t Hang

State Champs
-Shape Up
-Perfect Score
-Simple Existence
-All You Are Is History
-Losing Myself

The Maine
-English Girls
-Girls Do What They Want
-Diet Soda Society
-Am I Pretty?
-Like We Did
-Everything I Ask For
-Growing Up

The Story So Far
-Heavy Gloom
-Empty Space
-All Wrong
-The Glass

The Word Alive
-Made This Way
-Face To Face
-Life Cycles

Tonight Alive
-To Be Free
-Lonely Girl
-I Defy
-Power Of One
-The Edge
-How It Feel

Too Close To Touch
-Pretty Little Thing
-The Air In Me
-Hell To Pay
-Sinking So Long
-Nerve Ending

-Toxic Pretender
-Year Of The Rat
-Piss Up A Rope
-Pretty Grim
-We Ate The Horse You Rode On
-Holy Hell

-The Mixture
-Feels Good

-Natural Blue

We The Kings
-Say You Like Me
-Love Again
-I Feel Alive
-Just Keep Breathing
-Skyway Avenue
-Check Yes Juliet

-Mark Of The Blade
-Elitist Ones
-Our Endless War
-The Saw Is The Law
-This Is Exile

With Confidence
-London Lights
-We’ll Be Okay

-With You Around
-Lights And Sounds
-Fave Becomes Four
-Way Away
-Only One
-Ocean Avenue

Young Guns
-I Want Out 
-Brother In Arms
-Rising Up
-Winter Kiss

dooms-word-is-law  asked:

If Black Mask is in GCS, do you think that would make the movie more Selina-centric, given their history? Also, what kind of look would you give Roman: The "it's his actual face" look or the helmet/mask look like in the Arkham games? Personally if they just copied his look from Arkham Origins, with the white suit, black shirt and the helmet, I'd be pretty pleased.

I can’t 100% say for certain given there’s still a lot we don’t know and they may take different liberties, but if Roman’s the main antagonist, I could understand them making it slightly more Selina-centric to better play them off one another given their history and the baggage they have with one another.

Appearance-wise, I’ve always favored the “the mask is his actual face” look when it came to the comics, but for the film, I think it might be interesting if the movie started off with him being a mobster in a mask only for some horrific incident to fuse it to his face sometime later as the plot progresses.
And though there were things I didn’t care for about AO, one thing the game got right was the black mask + white suit combination. It was a great look and I’m kind of glad it’s a Black Mask design that’s been able to stick around and be reused since then.

2016 Warped Tour lineup announced

The wait is over! The full lineup for the 2016 Vans Warped Tour is here! Check below to find out which of your favorite bands are on the tour this year.

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the--kaleidoscope  asked:

A masked Siren approached, under the posh mask all that could be seen was a mouth with the edges turned down and sharpened vampiric teeth which could be seen when he opened his mouth to talk. "Another Siren.... I'm Bradley, leader of Crimson Team. It's good to meet you."

Lizandyr cautiously and sneakily reaches for his mask, just in case.

I wish I can tell him how to earn his wings but I’m afraid he’ll end up hurting himself and become like me if he ever gets injured.. what should I do..? -Rubi
When I become a siren like my Big Brother Ruby, I hope he’ll teach me how to get my wings! I can’t wait to sing! - Autumn

[I drew something that was kinda related to a post of Amelia not letting Faith do that sirenating (ithinkitscalled?) On @emo-rock-tale or the @siren-legion blog I think?]

(Autumn and Ruby belong to Saltvenian!)

(And Autumn’s wearing his big brother’s siren mask =w=b)

You wake up in the ambulance, sirens blaring, mask covering your face, someone’s got a cuff around your arm, inflating it, he’s talking to the driver, shouting vital signs. You hear every noise, the jump of the ambulance as it crosses bumps. You don’t feel the pain, and you see this man who is helping you, but you feel frightened, and you feel so alone.

You’re in the Emergency Department. You’re scared. You’re shivering. There’s dozens of people hovering over you. You feel exposed. They’re shouting. Your eyes feel swollen from the tears, and your body feels frozen from the shock of it all. You feel immense pain, and you’re trying to shout, yet no words come out. You’re surrounded by people, many, many people and you know they’re helping you, but you feel alone.

You’re in X-Ray. Or some big machine, maybe it’s a CT. You can’t really tell. It’s lonely in here. A voice that sounds far away tells you to be still. You want to laugh at the irony; on the inside you’re body is flailing, yet all you feel on the outside is a void. Then a kind radiologist wraps you in warm blankets and you want to thank him, but he’s gone. You’re left alone in the hallway, you have no idea what’s happening. You’re frightened and alone.

You’re in an elevator. There’s some people staring at you, whispering, one has her phone and smiling at what she sees. You sink further into your blankets. You feel frightened, and you feel so alone.

You’re in a room. ICU, maybe. There’s monitors, lots of pumps, rushes of people, tangles of lines, tubes, and it’s only you in this room. Things must be pretty bad if you’re all alone in a room.

It’s nighttime, maybe. There’s a sort of quiet that’s on the unit. Less people around. You look at the ceiling, you look at the monitor, you look at the lines stuck in your arm and chest. You look at the odd sort of pumping thing on your lower legs. Your feet are so cold. You hurt all over. You feel forgotten. The lights are stinging your eyes, and you try to hold back the tears, but you feel them betraying you, sliding down your face. You stare at the hallway as people pass by, busy. You feel so scared, and you feel so alone.

It’s morning, maybe. You can’t remember sleeping, but you must have. You’re eyes feel swollen again. There’s a little box of tissues next to your hand. Where did that come from? You look hopefully out the hallway as traffic and activity picks up. You tentatively lift your arms and legs, they’re not so sore as they were yesterday. Did someone give you pain meds? You can’t remember. You’re wrapped tighter in warm blankets, your head, and your body. When did that happen? You can’t remember. You have warm socks on. When did they do that? You wiggle your toes a little, thankful for the warmth and movement. You no longer have the mask on your face, when did that happen? You test taking a little breath that’s not controlled, and it’s the sweetest feeling. You have a tv on above - it’s on a channel with relaxation music. When was that switched on? The lights are dimmed, but you can’t recall when that happened either. You look at the side of the bed. It has a little post-it that says your nurse’s name, a smiley face, and a little button to push. You push it hestitantly. A nurse walks up to you, looks you directly in the eyes, and touches your hand - and you don’t feel so frightened or alone anymore.