masked rider faiz


[ATTACK: COMBINATION] Grand Impact & Lucifer’s Hammer.

Japanese: グランドインパクト
Romaji: Gurando Inpakuto
User: Kamen Rider Faiz
Weapons required: Faiz Shot, Faiz Phone, Faiz Mission Memory

Japanese: ルシファーズハンマー
Romaji: Rushifaazu Hanmaa
User: Kamen Rider Delta
Weapons required: Delta Blaster, Delta Mission Memory

From: Kamen Rider 555 - Episode 46


Okay, so here’s another quickie, which I’m pretty pleased with given that I managed to draw a Kamen Rider in forty minutes…I’m trying to get myself to draw within a certain time limit because my perfectionist habits are really proving to be my undoing.

Anyway, my contribution for 913 Day. I really don’t want to like Kaixa but dammit, his suit is just so cool and I am a fan of Murakami Kohei, so…