masked dancers

Duk-Duk is a secret society, part of the traditional culture of the Tolai people of the Rabaul area of New Britain, the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea.

Duk-Duk has religious and political objectives, and represents a form of law and order through its presiding spirits. In ritual dances, members of the society invoke the male spirit duk duk and female spirit tubuan depending on which mask the dancer wears. Women and children were forbidden to look at these figures. The society has secret signs and rituals, and festivals which were closed to strangers on pain of death.

Justice was executed, fines extorted, taboos, feasts, taxes and all tribal matters are arranged by the Duk-Duk members. In carrying out punishments, they would burn houses and even kill people. Dancers wearing the tubuan masks were regarded as divine beings whose judgment and actions could never be questioned.

Duk-Duk only appeared with the full moon.

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Clown Princess Headcanons: Diagnosed

Request: (anonymous) Hey I’d like the request some headcannons on what the Joker/Harley would do if CP was diagnosed with Autism. 

  • If she doesn’t smile then Joker and Harley won’t smile so she doesn’t feel out of place or alone, they let her draw lipstick smiles on them and they will draw one on her.
  • When she finds an interest in something they will get anything and everything she needs for it to master it, dedicating an entire room or part of the house to whatever it is.
  • She get’s a particular interest in jesters, crafting statues and string puppets to decorate the house in. It’s where Joker got the inspiration for the golden ones on his car and the tattoo on his back.
  • Joker and Harley refuse to ever let her consider changing the way she is and acts, that being against everything they are and think themselves. Any doctor who tries will be found in the Gotham harbor with every piece of medical equipment they have in their gut.
  • They help her cope with the things she has trouble with, reminding her their clown family is above everyone else and they’l be damned before they change her.
  • Her comfort items include Joker’s gold dice bracelet, she is the only one with the freedom to take it off his wrist when she needs it.
  • When she feels overwhelmed and anxious in situations she carves into Harley’s bat, it’s how it got the markings it has today. 
  • She never has to worry about going unnoticed or worry about how she will get attention for herself because Joker and Harley don’t feel complete unless she is included.
  • She’s more literal in her approaches vs Joker and Harley’s figurative.
  • Has a hard time making friend which hurts her self esteem, Joker and Harley remind her she doesn’t want the friends who don’t recognize her greatness and never let her feel like she doesn’t have them.
  • Any goon that says something bad to her will have their skin peeled off and placed on top of a mannequin to decorate the club with.
  • She’s eccentric in what she does, her parents always encouraging her never to tune it down because it’s exactly how they want their family to be.
  • She get’s sensory overload at the club with the loud music and lights so Joker has a sound proof room decorated just as she likes which connects to his VIP booth. So she can know he’s there but also relax away from that environment.
  • They won’t touch her unless she gives the go ahead, being in her presence is enough for them, reminding her that she is royalty and what she says goes.
  • When she gives permission, Joker takes the opportunity to the fullest and holds her and kisses her cheek where the ends of her smile come.
  • She will always either have Joker to drive her in the purple lamborghini or Frost to drive her behind them, never having to second guess or worry about her motor skills. 
  • When she get’s frustrated or impatient in situations with other people Joker will pull out his gun and shoot them ending it for her so she doesn’t have to deal with it.
  • They don’t want her to feel self conscious when she blurts things out or is very blunt, they remind her how proud they are seeing her be tough and speak up.
  • When she get’s anxious and over thinks, Harley sits with her like she used to do with Joker in arkham and talk it out with her.
  • She has hyper-empathy which acts as the contrast to her parents lack of empathy, she helps them see the other side and conquer situations they otherwise couldn’t. The goons and business associates greatly appreciate her for this.
  • When she has trouble understanding something, Joker is always a master of finding a difference way to phrase it or explain or twisting things to her to help understand and see side she didn’t before.
  • She wants to dance but isn’t confident in her skills or abilities at all, so Harley takes her to the club when it’s closed and teaches her and dances with her however she wants to.
  • When she struggles with communication, Harley will write down what her daughter could be thinking because she’s always the best at guessing. She shows it to her and points until CP signals she has it right.
  • She’s nervous to reveal her big interest in painting things gold, so Joker asks her to paint all the batman masks for his dancers to wear in the club showing her she doesn’t have to be afraid or embarrassed of what she likes.
  • Joker and Harley always leave their door open a crack for when she has difficulty sleeping, she can climb into their bed and wake them up. She usually finds her dad waiting unable to sleep himself.