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history, english, and bahasa notes that i wrote yesterday. 

I summarized a history of tragedy that happened in indonesia long, long time ago, a heart-breaking history. I appreciate how our revolution patriots that fought for Indonesia now and truly disappointed because of people these days that actually try to destroy what our patriots strive for.

Nami’s List of Pop Culture Spells

A long organized list of all of my pop culture spells organized.


🌟 “Almost There” Career Success Spell (Disney Inspired) A spell to bring success and advancement in your job
🌟 “Honor to Us All” Honor Spell (Disney Inspired) a spell to have your peers show you respect 
🌟 “Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell (Disney Inspired) to encourage a consenting person to kiss you
🌟 Voice Theft Curse (Disney Inspired) a spell to stop hateful words and send the negativity back to the person

Ni No Kuni:

🌟 Give Heart (Ni No Kuni Inspired) to bring a friend joy and uplift them


🌟 Blood Money (Pathfinder Inspired) spell to bring financial gain
🌟 Blur (Pathfinder Inspired) to go unnoticed by others
🌟 Enshroud Thoughts (Pathfinder Inspired) protects oneself from divination and scrying easedropping of others
🌟 Invisibility (Pathfinder Inspired) spell to go unnoticed and travel unseen
🌟 Itching Curse (Pathfinder Inspired) cause a person to feel the discomfort they have caused you
🌟 Nightmare Curse (Pathfinder Inspired) cause a person to suffer nightmares
🌟 Shield of Wings (Pathfinder Inspired) to guard against negative words and comments
🌟 Tears to Wine (Pathfinder Inspired) turn one’s sadness into happiness


🌟 Aroma Veil (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to protect user from negative people and attract the attention of positive people
🌟 Aqua Ring (Pokemon Inspried) A bath spell to bring emotional healing and emotional serenity
🌟 Bubble (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to send your wishes out into the universe to seek for them to be answered and granted
🌟 Charm (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to improve your charms and flirting
🌟 Cosmic Power (Pokemon Inspired) Cosmic spell to prepare you for divination and/or astral projection
🌟 Fairy Aura (Pokemon Inspired) to bring your inner beauty out to the surface
🌟 Future Sight (Pokemon Inspired) improve psychic clarity while doing divination work   
🌟 Heart Stamp (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to strengthen passion between you and a consenting lover
🌟 Heatproof (Pokemon Inspired) to help you remain strong under pressure and stress
🌟 Gravity (Pokemon Inspired) a curse to weigh someone down emotionally  
🌟 Honey Gatherer (Pokemon Inspired) to encourage others to compliment you
🌟 Lunar Dance (Pokemon Inspired) banish negativity from yourself after a bad day
🌟 Metal Claws (Pokemon Inspired) to protect against baneful magic
🌟 Milk Drink (Pokemon Inspired) promote beauty
🌟 Morning Sun (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to lift your spirits
🌟 Moxie (Pokemon Inspired) to bring the caster self-confidence
🌟 Rest (Pokemon Inspired) bring deep, restful sleep
🌟 Sunny Day (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to bring a sunny day
🌟 Sweet Scent (Pokemon Inspired) To attract a new friend

Sailor Moon:

🌟 Deep Submerge (Sailor Neptune Inspired) to submerge another in thier own negativity
🌟 Passion of the Rose Spell (Tuxedo Mask Inspired) a spell to increase passion between consenting lovers
🌟 Pink Sugar Heart Spell (Mini Moon Inspired) a spell to promote cuteness and radiance
🌟 World Shaking Curse (Sailor Uranus Inspired) cosmic curse to emotionally shake and shatter someone


🌟 Parabatai Spell (Shadowhunters Inspired) a spell to forge a bond with another consenting person to always be connected

Star Wars:

🌟 “The Force” Energy Work Preparation Spell (Star Wars Inspired) a spell to help prepare for intense energy work

Steven Universe:

🌟 Like a Comet (Steven Universe) to motivate self in achieving and reaching for goals
🌟 Open Your Mind Peridot Spell (Steven Universe Inspired) a spell to open your mind and relieve stubbornness 
🌟 “Strong in the Real Way” (Steven Universe Inspired) spell to bring you emotional strength and courage

Totally Spies:

🌟 Anti-Gravity Propulsion Ring (Totally Spies Inspired) enchant a ring to aid you overcome obstacles and challenges
🌟 Chameleon Eye Shadow (Totally Spies Inspired) a spell to evade unwanted attention from others
🌟 Cherry Lip Bomb (Totally Spies Inspired) to bring confidence in your voice and to overcome vocal obstacles
🌟 Ice Queen Breath Spray a spell to halt someone’s romantic feelings for you
🌟 Red Hot Lozenge (Totally Spies Inspired) makes your words more feiry and intimidating
🌟 Retractable Razor Nail Spell (Totally Spies Inspired) a spell to unbind yourself
🌟 Spiderclaw (Totally Spies Inspired) grab the desire and attention of others


🌟 Golden Pollen (Winx Inspired) binding to prevent another from doing things to emotionally harm you
🌟 Illuminate (Winx Inspired) A spell to bring light to a situation (done before divination)
🌟 Shield (Winx Inspired) a spell to guard against offensive magic
🌟 Sound Cage Binding Spell (Winx Inspired) A spell to keep someone from being heard 
🌟 Web of Confusion (Winx Inspired) cause confusion to anyone trying to pry into your life after you asked them to stop


🌟 Hay Lin’s Carefree Flyer Dream Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired) a spell to bring on dreams of flying and weightlessness
🌟 Irma’s Fog Calling Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired) a spell to conjure up some fog
🌟 Power of the Heart Self Love Spell (W.I.T.C.H Inspired) a spell to open your heart up for self love
🌟 Taranee’s Fire Divination Spell (W.I.T.C.H. Inspired) A spell to improve and empower fire divination/pyromancy


🌟 Graceful Charity Spell (Yugi-Oh) to bring good fortune in desperate/hard times

*All are from my digital and physical grimoires, all spells written by me

Nami’s List of Love Spells

A long organized list of all of my love spells by purpose and categories. It should be known the only love magic I practice and write for is consenting love spells between two partners. I do not support forcing another to have feelings for you. My spells are mostly to improve love, self love, and passion between two individuals.

General Love/Attraction Spells:

💘 Apple Cider Love Bringing Spell welcomes love into your life
💘 To Dream of Romance Spell dream about your romantic future
💘 Eye Catching Glamour Spell a spell to catch the attention of that special someone
💘 “I’m Hot Damn” Fire Charm for Attracting Attention spell to attract attention to your fiery beauty
💘 Siren’s Lipstick Spell make others hold onto every word you speak and be captivated by your voice


💘 Charm (Pokemon Inspired) A spell to improve your charms and flirting
💘 Eye Catching Glamour Spell a spell to catch the attention of that special someone

Healing of the Heart:

💘 Mend the Heart Spell a spell to emotionally heal after rejection


💘 “Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell to encourage a consenting person to kiss you
💘 Magickal Uses for Kisses

Lust and Sex:

💘 Couple’s Bath Spell improve sexual energies between you and a consenting partner


💘 To Dream of Romance Spell dream about your romantic future
💘 Heart Stamp (Pokemon Inspired) a spell to strengthen passion between you and a consenting lover
💘 Passion of the Rose Spell (Tuxedo Mask Inspired) a spell to increase passion between consenting lovers

Relationships and Bonds:

💘 Long Distance Friendship/Relationship Spell to help maintain a long distance connection with someone
💘 Parabatai Spell (Shadowhunters Inspired) a spell to forge a bond with another consenting person to always be connected


💘 Power of the Heart Self Love Spell (W.I.T.C.H Inspired) a spell to open your heart up for self love
💘 Seashell Charm for Self Acceptance aids with self acceptance and encourages self love and care
💘 Sweet Self Love Bath Spell a spell to promote self love

Stopping Love/Unwanted Advances:

💘 Ice Queen Breath Spray a spell to halt someone’s romantic feelings for you 

*All of these are from my digital and physical grimoires. I wrote all of these spells.

Passion of a Rose Spell (Tuxedo Mask Inspired)

A spell between two consenting lovers to increase the passion between them. 

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You Will Need:

🌹 A Red Rose (fake will suffice)
🌹 2 Pieces of Rose Quartz
🌹 1 Red Candle


🌹 cleanse your space and cleanse yourselves, set up an area where you and your lover can sit comfortably across from each other and space between you for your candle and other supplies. Make sure you both can comfortably reach each other’s dominate hands and at a good kissing distance, without having to lean over the candle (please place your candle to the side! I don’t want anyone burning themselves)

🌹 Once set up in your non-dominate hands, each of you hold a piece of rose quartz in it through the entirety of the spell. Place your rose between you both.

🌹 Light your red candle, again make sure during this spell you won’t have to lean over it or that you may knock it over with an elbow. Practice proper fire safety please. If you are on the floor put some wax paper under your candle to keep it from dripping onto the floor 

🌹 Once the candle is lit, with your dominate hand, press your palm to the palm of your lover and lock fingers, look into each others eyes and one at a time speak the following: “I, (insert name), wish to express my passion for you (lover’s name), so I present my love to you with this rose, and my fiery passion for you with this candle.” The first person who says this picks up the rose upon the line mentioning the rose and holds it up between you both. When the second person says the line they reach over and hold onto the rose with the first person so that both of you should be holding the rose together by the end.

🌹 Once finishing these lines hold the rose up at about lip level give or take (depending on height distance) and say together in unison as best as you can. “And I call upon the flame of passion to strengthen between us, so that it burns brighter than before. I ask this rose, to to fuel the fire.” And lean forward together and both kiss the rose between you two gently

🌹 “May this fire continue to burn.” Then kiss each other to end the spell.

Note: If you can you may choose to burn the rose at the end of the spell in a safe place, but if you cannot you can place it in a window to dry all the same. Or do whatever you wish with it. If using a fake rose you may keep it near your bed or anywhere else to keep its influence close.


CyberPunk Youmna

at least I hope this looks cyberpunk enough, maybe I should have gone with another gas mask? I’m having such a hard time with hijab, did I spell that right? 

eye make up and X on mask inspired from youmna’s drawing Here. actually I usually put X’s on these kinds of masks but I at least have a reason now


anonymous asked:

Do you have any fav same age kakasaku fic recs? I remember reading one where Sakura time travels and ends up with kakashi in his Anbu years and he waited for her as she had to travel back to the current time and omg my heart hurt after reading that one. Actually just any fav fic recommendations would be awesome!! I feel like I have devoured everything already...

i actually had to think really long and hard about same age AUs. like, i know that there must be some, but i can’t for the life of me remember anything offhand. as such, i’m paging @itslulu42, my Queen of KakaSaku Knowledge, for help.

i think that the fic you’re thinking of might be In Case of Blue Scroll by Leola Majora (FFN), but i feel like i’ve read another fic with a similar premise as the one you’ve described above. When You Were Young by LittleMoonLover yet (FFN) is another “sakura travels to the past and meets a young kakashi” fic. Roads Untravelled by Pariscores (AO3FFN) is also a same age AU.

i’ll admit that i don’t think i’ve read any of these 3 all the way through, but that’s mostly because i’ve the attention span of a goldfish sometimes, especially for ongoing fic, which i never remember that i can, you know, follow.

(i’m guessing that if you’re here asking me you’ve probably read my own 2 time travel fic things becomings and never weres and untitled time travel short.)

it’s weird, i feel like gen swap AUs are more popular than same age AUs? to be fair, that could be the lovely folk’s of @ksanon artwork and @beyondthemoor‘s Soulmates (AO3FFN) giving me the impression that there’s more quality gen swap stuff than there actually is.

other, non same age AU, recs behind the cut

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namjoon as a boyfriend

  • literally so adorable
  • is extremely soft and always has a smile set on his face
  • cares a whole bunch and wants to make sure you’re alright in every way possible 
  • example!
  • you sad? lmao he got you fam.
  • his solution is candy and your favorite movies
  • (probs will bring pizza too)
  • or if you’re mad, he’ll hug you until all that anger fades away
  • deep and/or intellectual conversations with each other.
  • especially if the topic is on books
  • book store is your sanctuary, literally where anyone will find the both of you
  • something ends up breaking at least once every month (or week)
  • “What was that crashing sound?”
  • I dropped my mug… my Ryan mug…”
  • and gets excited when showing you a new doll or bear he got
  • will want you to wear Ryan pajamas with him, complete with the eye mask lol
  • you are his inspiration when it comes to music
  • like, he could be watching you joke around with the others, when all of a sudden he has a song idea raging through his mind
  • will probably leave to work on it and will not let you anywhere near him or the studio
  • when it’s done though, you’re the first person he shows
  • wants your opinion on everything regarding music
  • “should I change the beat? or maybe add this line here?”
  • honestly, the relationship consists of you making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid
  • because although he is 148IQ, has the weirdest thoughts and ideas sometimes
  • will record you at any moment, so beware
  • probably has a bunch of ugly photos of the both of you
  • will use them for streaks 
  • other than that, y’all have a pretty normal relationship

Ryoko, 37

“I’m wearing an old jacket, tops from Wyatt Tokyo, an Uniqlo turtleneck, pants from Bodysong Tokyo, and shoes by Onitsuka Tiger. The book Maske by Phyllis Galembo inspires me. I like clothes that do not look too expensive.”

May 14, 2017 ∙ Industry City