mask pro

  • bioware: *punches me in the face* say it
  • me, tied to a chair: never
  • bioware: *slaps me* say that the Dalish deserve to be repeatedly portrayed and foolish and wrong and the constant options to wipe them out is warranted. SAY IT
  • me: *spits in their faces* fuck you

It’s not hard to guess who inspired this, hm?



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Got hyped when you talk about make up!! x any new faves?? xx

okay gonna do make up & skin care in the same ask, here we go

I’ve been doing quite a lot of masks and exfoliating cause my skin has breaking out in the last two weeks for some unknown reasons. garnier has three masks that I love out right now - garnier skin naturals pure self-heating sauna mask (pros: cheap, there is really more enough product in the packaging which is almost always not the case w these 1x masks, it heats up and your skin feels light immediately afterwards, I do feel it dries your skin up a bit - it may be cause I leave it on for like 15-20 minutes instead of 3 which is listed in instructions lmao so moisturize appropriately after), second is garnier pure clay mask - I first bought the packaging for only one use but I think I’ll get the real deal now cause I really like how I can feel that my face is refreshed afterwards but it’s not too much? there is three versions - glow mask, purity mask and detox & brighten, I tried the red one which is the glow mask. and the third one is garnier skin active hydra bomb - I’m obsessed with this, I buy like 2 a week cause they really do give you a huge boost. in terms of sheet masks, this one doesn’t provide like a long-term addition to your skin care, it’s more when your skin is going through a rough patch after a night out or so. for something more long-term I invest in karuna, their face masks are insane - my favorite is karuna age-defying+ mask.

okay then we have mario bedescue botanical exfoliating scrub, this I got last week and I already can’t imagine my daily routine without it. it says this scrub is formulated to refine and perfect your complexion, and it basically fights away dullness and at the same time it’s very gentle so it’s really great for daily use.

and last in skin care - u.f.o. sunday riley ultra-clarifying face oil. I swear by face oils and this was a recommendation from a few people. it really does help w break outs for this short time I’ve been using it, from what I’ve heard when you feel like you’re gonna experience bad skin days you should apply more, but usually a small amount goes a long way. and it dries fast!!

as for make up recs, make up factory rosy shine blusher in shade 257 - it gets you that runway rosy cheeks look, and literally I’ve been using it for two months and it’s still like.. as if I just opened it, you need so little of it. it’s also organic which is why I tried make up factory in the first place.

and then for when I’m lazy to do any kind of contour I go for wet n wild coloricon in rose champagne - it’s quite orangey, it says on the packaging it’s a blush but I use it for like half bronzer half blush lol. what I love about wet n wild is that their products are cruelty free and ridiculously cheap, I think this was like 3 euros. they also have a palette called au naturelle pallete which is a really good dupe for urban decay’s naked 2 pallete and it’s also insanely cheap. basically from wet n wild I like eyeshadows and blushes, not into the rest.

and for the last credit goes to @buscandoelparaiso - i heart make up blushing hearts highlighters is literally the best thing I’ve tried when it comes to highlighter, it’s so sparkly and is long lasting. I tried peachy pink kiss and golden goddess so far, I really wanna try unicorn love too. anna says that they do really good dupes for too faced things, especially palettes as well.