mask pendant

#21 - Play off of #12

Percy and Piper start a youtube cover channel where they record them singing songs like ‘Just a Dream’ by Sam Tsui and Kina Grannis or ‘Broken’ by Seether.

Their first video gets a million views in one day and in 5 weeks they become a B-class celeb channel.

After that they kinda stopped making covers because people wanted to see them live and they couldn’t risk the attention from monsters.

Instead they anonymously send an album filled with original songs to a studio in Hollywood. They called the album the ‘Life of Music by the Sea Charms’

Eventually Leo made both of them pendants that masked their scent and they finally started making music again.


DailyGiry’s 500 Follower Giveaway!!

In celebration of 500 followers I decided to do a little giveaway. Thank you again to all the lovely people that decided to follow this blog! Pat yourself on the back for being so awesome!

I’ll be giving away a Meg plushie (1), a Madame Giry plushie (1) and a Phantom mask pendant (1).
Additionally I will be offering two Florence + the Machine CD’s (Ceremonials & How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful [Limited Deluxe Edition]). They are not their own prizes but rather something I will add on top the actual prize if you want it. [1 extra CD per prize]

Regarding the Plushies:
These are not the ones I will be giving away but just prototypes to give you an idea (and to have something for the pic cause the real ones are not done yet). The prize-plushies will be slightly bigger (therefore more detailed) and made from minky (and generally more awesome than these little felt dolls, which are still undeniably cute though).

Rules & Guidelines:
*must be following giryoftheday
*you can enter by liking or reblogging this post - each note earns you a slot in the random winner-drawing I’ll be doing at the end of this giveaway
*you have time until June 28th (that’s my birthday, what a coincidence!)
*winners will be drawn randomly
*I’ll contact the winners around June 29th/30th - please keep your ask/messages open so I can contact you in case you win
*lastly (I shouldn’t actually have to say this) please only enter for your own good - if I have a suspicion that you will just use the prizes in another giveaway, or worse, re-sell them, you will be disqualified

Prizes & Winners:
Winners can choose which prize they want to have: 

*1st place gets to choose first,
*2nd place gets to choose second,
*3rd place will receive what hasn’t been picked by 1st or 2nd

Each of them has a chance to opt for a CD on top of their regular prize. (If of course both 1st and 2nd choose a CD I can no longer offer this option for the 3rd place.)

Good luck and have fun! <3

>>Giveaway will end on June 28th 2016<<