mask of the sphinx

Ishikawa Kaito (Nine)

“Well then people of Japan – Goodbye.”

soredewa nihon no minasan, sayounara.


A Hopeless Course | V

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Episode 10 Analysis: Transitions, "Resonance", and the True Goal of Sphinx

In comparison to the last episode, this episode was even more packed full of information and constant switching of perspectives—there was even an emotional scene at the end as well. Once again, this show fails to disappoint. However it was much more straightforward than what we are used to seeing, with multiple characters acting at once but with clearer intentions; of course the exception to this is Nine, who is an enigma himself. In this episode we see the conclusion of Five’s “story” (or is it?), Twelve’s great decision, and the final showdown between “Sphinx” and Shibazaki about to commence. Needless to say, the bar has been set and raised with each episode; one can only imagine what the conclusion will have in store for us.


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Ninja Features: Nine & Twelve from Zankyou no Terror

We can’t choose between Nine & Twelve, because they must come as a pair - Sphinx! So instead of featuring just one character, we shall feature two this month!

Nine & Twelve are the kind prodigy terrorists from Zankyou no Terror. This may sound like a contradiction for those who haven’t watched the anime, but if you had, you’d know what I mean. They are the anti-heroes who aren’t doing terrorism without a good reason. In fact, they are risking their lives to reveal the truth to the world.

And we love them because of many reasons, including…

How dangerous they are

Yet, they never want to kill anyone

How intelligent they can be

Their mysterious past which isn’t fully revealed as a back story, and it’s beautiful that way.

Yet they can still have fun like little kids

Talking about behaving like kids, we love their sadistic jokes too

We love the viral trailers they put up, and the riddles they gave as Sphinx!
P.S. Can we get those  Sphinx masks?

Lastly, we love them as a pair - Nine & Twelve!


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"Ohoh! Who are you?~"the teenager asked, tilting his head. ((Hope you don't mind!~))

Kayo had stumbled upon this guy on accident. She was running from some creepy guys who were chasing her and ducked into this area. “Mind telling me who you are first?” she asked, her lavender eyes full of weariness. She wasn’t sure if he would go after her as well or what would happen. 


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"You! Don't touch them! They're dangerous!"Twelve shouted and ran closer to the pink-haired girl who was going to touch the toys. There was bombs inside the toys, and it would ruin the plan if she'd touch them.

“Ah? Dangerous? C'mon, they’re toys,” Arianna spoke as she turned her focus back to the toys, though kept him warning in mind and didn’t touch them. She glanced at the gray haired boy out from the corner of her eyes, having them narrowed slightly. Sheesh, what was up with him?