mask of the medusa

Teen Titans Spotlight: Raven TP by Damion Scott & Robert Campanella

Written by Marv Wolfman
Art and cover by Damion Scott & Robert Campanella
Raven wrestles the horrors of high school in this volume collecting DC SPECIAL: RAVEN #1-5. As the Teen Titans’ resident empath faces the ridicule of public school, someone starts killing students and it all ties into the reappearance of the Psycho Pirate’s Medusa Mask!
Advance-solicited; on sale December 31 • 128 pg, FC, $14.99 US

WILD PLL theory: Emily hit Bethany (hear me out!!)

Emily had a flashback that she later claimed was a mixup. In it, she hit Ali with a shovel.. What if she was involved with Bethany getting hit and she doesn’t remember this because she was drugged? Her ending up at a graveyard “that night” with a shovel by Ali’s grave could be a clue to this. Maybe the fact that the mask guy said emily would make a “perfect medusa” and Bethany had a medusa painting is also a clue.. The person who brought emily to the graveyard could have figured out that she hit Bethany young.

Emily got a text that said “I bet you remember me” right after she told Toby about drinking too much and remembering nothing. Jenna was with emily “that night” also. Toby and Bethany are both artistic, maybe a clue to them being related; I’ve theorized about them being twins before. Maybe Toby figured out that Emily hit Bethany but initially did not realize that Ali tricked her into doing it by drugging her. Emily remembered during this flashback hitting someone who looked like Ali, in that yellow top.. Maybe Emily remembered this as hitting Ali because at the time she did not know Bethany existed..

She realized she “mixed up the nightmares” after hearing the sound of sprinklers, but this could be another hint towards those nights being linked..

If Toby and Bethany are twins, it’s possible Jenna knows about Bethany.. She told Emily to tell Toby she never meant to hurt him. Maybe she blames herself for Bethany’s death because of her involvement with Garrett “killing” Ali.. That could be why Jenna turned in page 5; she may have realized it was Bethany in that grave and not Ali.

In the latest claims about Spencer killing Bethany, one of the motives was that she was so desperate that she would do anything for Ali.. But if I had to choose a liar who really felt that way about Ali at the time, I would choose Emily.

I also still think Cece may have spent some time in radley after Ali got her kicked out of school. Toby said he would offer his services to A and maybe that’s what happened. Cece stole the game from Mona because she never really forgave Ali and she wanted revenge, and Toby offered his services. Bethany COULD be the girl who Ali pushed down the stairs.. It’s a long shot, but if it was true then maybe Cece and Bethany were playing Ali.. And Cece still is. If Cece saw Emily hit Bethany for Ali and didn’t realize Emily had been drugged, this would support her theory that the plls/ “she Devils” were in on Ali’s plans to get her kicked out of school too. And this would give her a reason to still HATE the girls.

*also* is it REALLY a coincidence that the Emily/ “perfect medusa” mask was later seen on someone holding a sign that said “guilty?” Maybe that was cece holding the sign.. Another possible clue.

Also it was reminded to me (Amber) that the episode of “that night” was in many ways parallel to the pilot episode which could be another hint that Emily was at the grave.

And: remember when Emily was sent that postcard FROM ALIS GRAVE in French that translated to “stop digging, the police already know it’s you who is capable of murder.” Maybe the word capable is there because Bethany didn’t die directly from the hit, but from getting buried. Also whoever sent Emily that postcard had access to the items in Ali’s grave, perhaps because that’s the person who brought Emily there.

Spencer was the one who emphasized “YOU” when reading this out loud to Emily. There were so many assumptions about Spencer hurting someone with a shovel, and that could have been a clue to focus on Emily.

What do you guys think?