mask of sorrows

hometown glory | prologue

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Pairing: taehyung x reader x jungkook

Contains: angst {rockstar!au}

Words: 753

Summary: “I want to hop in the nearest bus I can find, buy a one way ticket and just… make it big.”

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A/N: we’re super excited for this?? hope you guys like it!

⇢ 3 years ago.

Nights like these should have lasted forever.

An atramentous black curtain draped the sky and enveloped it with golden pins that dispersed among the night sky. The twinkling specks danced in patterns as they burned a notch more feverishly than the fire in your heart. You thought about how they resembled fireflies, how you would had liked to keep them all to yourself.

Under the pale luminescence of a weak moonlight, your skin was greeted with a faint breeze, the vague smell of recently cut grass wafting your nose softly. Below you, the trees swinged with delicately, its leaves rustling in the windーthe only sound that broke the quietness of the night, the only factor that proved you that time had not fully stopped. Such moment would have been absolutely perfect if not the melancholy weighting in your chest.

Your legs were tucked under your knees, arms wrapped around them as you peered at your friend since childhood, Taehyung. “So, this is the last night.”

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Okay, another prompt is here! Sorry for not updating sooner, it’s a long fic once again lol! It is sad, angsty (I was listening to a lot of Placebo while writing so yeah) and it turns hot and heavy close to the end but then some fluff concludes it; basically it has it all! :P
Warning for mentions of violence, mild language and sexual themes. I hope you like it darlings and you don’t mind that I combined your awesome prompt ideas! Thank you so much for requesting! And to the rest of you, enjoy! <3

A small summary to tie the three prompts together: After an abrupt break up, Betty is left broken and confused by Jughead’s sudden behavior. Once finding out that he had joined the infamous gang of their small town, the Southside Serpents, Betty sets her mind to sneak into their lair with the only way she knows best. Along with the help of a sudden ally that she comes across on the way, they vow to save Jughead’s soul at all costs. 

(The long dialog in italics is a flashback)

Stars hide your fires;

Let not light see my black and deep desires.

The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be

Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see…

The black velvet of yet another eerie night had spread over the small town of Riverdale, the otherwise picturesque scenery of the alight sky now fearful and pitch black, an ominous sign and a bloodcurdling setting. It coordinated with her jet leather attire, her raven hair and the ghastly temperament that oozed from the cold-blooded sound of heels against dirty and wet asphalt. “Stars hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires…” Every click of stiletto punctuated each word her mind whispered on a loop to the depths of her subconscious, green eyes shining deadly through the darkness, like those of a wolf in hunt for its prey.

If anyone were to run into her on the street, they wouldn’t recognize her; nothing tied her with the image of the nonpareil younger daughter of the Cooper clan. Betty Cooper was dead, locked in the comfort of lavender and chamomile amongst collared sweaters and preppy knitted cardigans. For how long it was yet to be decided but, for tonight, the golden-hearted girl that everyone left behind was put to sleep under the naivety of false ambition and hopeless dreams. Her alter ago was there to deal with the mess the tedious angelic spectrum of her character always seemed to make.

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Zodiac Signs and Sorrow

~More applicable to Moon Signs than Sun Signs~


The Ram is seldom sorrowful. Their natural optimism keeps them cheerful and excitable. Aries is not immune to sorrow, though. Their reaction to such is usually through distractions by being active (think of Tony Stark in Iron Man 3). They’ll keep themselves busy, because doing things is better than feelings things. When their sorrows do bubble to the surface, it is likely they’ll seem angry, because that, too, is easier for them to handle. On the other hand, Aries may cope by discussing their best traits, or the things happening in their life. This, too, is a sort of distraction for them - talking about the good can help them forget about the bad.


Only those who are closest to the Bull will ever see even a glimpse of their sorrow. Taurus individuals prefer to isolate themselves when they are affected by their sorrow. They won’t usually cry unless they are alone. They also have a tendency to temporarily stop talking to everyone as they try to work through whatever has them upset. When around people, Taurus will bury everything, and choose instead to be cheerful, and silly. They’ll focus all of their energy in taking care of every else.


When plagued with sorrow, the twins usually try to ignore it. They aren’t fond of unnecessary emotions. However, when something can’t simply be ignored, it tends to fester under their surface, causing them to erupt with anger and criticism that may seem source-less. When they aren’t lashing out, Gemini can feel an uncomfortable sense of restlessness. They may feel as if they absolutely need to be doing something other than what they are presently doing. This restlessness may manifest as a sort of irritability. When Gemini properly identifies the cause of their anger, they will try to apply logic to it. This can often be seen when they place labels of mental illness upon themselves, or simply by blaming it on the events leading up to it, or the people they believe to have caused it.


When it comes to Sorrow, the Crab has a tendency to hold on tightly. They don’t lack the ability to move past whatever is causing them pain, but often don’t try to. Cancer can be rather reserved, so you may not know the source of their sorrow. However, they do have a tendency to wear their heart on their sleeve. Often, it may be obvious that Cancer is upset, even if the reason is kept to themselves. These people tend to have difficulty seeing past their intense emotions, so may seem recluse during the times that they are burdened with sorrow. However, Cancers also can be very open to people they consider close, and will often talk to their loved one about what’s going on.


Similar to Aries, the Lion isn’t usually burdened by sorrow. When Leo is upset, however, they will not usually make a big display of it. As flamboyant as Leo’s are, they need to protect their public image. Tears aren’t something they want associated with their name. In fact, Leo’s are so skilled at hiding their misery, that they can often hide it from themselves. When behind closed doors, though, they are prone to outburst  Whether it’s via temper tantrums or fits of sobbing can vary greatly from person to person. Typically, these Fire Signs busy themselves by focusing on the affairs of others. 


The ever vigilant perfectionist, the Virgin often see sorrow as a weakness they’d rather do without. That’s not to say they’re impervious to such feelings - they simply have a tendency towards burying it. Virgo’s will often choose productivity instead. Whether that be reorganizing, cleaning, completing, or being productive. Virgo’s aren’t the first to open up about their sorrow, but if you’re close to one, they just might. They aren’t the type to mope and cry about it, but even stating that it exists is a big step for them.


The Scales know balance like the back of their hand, and with that ability they aren’t often weighed down by sorrow. Like the other Air Signs, Libra’s aren’t renown for having feelings run too deeply. They’ll likely think their way through problems, and detach from anything, or anyone, that weighs them down. When their balance is trifled with, Libra’s can find solace in social interaction. Since they are ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, they may find a shopping experiences or surrounding themselves in beauty will help sort things out. Since they aren’t fond of misery, Libra’s will do anything to normalize their balance. Libra’s don’t often express their sorrow, even to those very close to them. Instead, they may withdraw slightly, returning when they are feeling better.


Prone to profoundly deep emotions, whatever the Scorpion feels vibrates through their entire core. Sorrow is no exception. When a Scorpio is plagued by Sorrow, they will usually keep it to themselves. Since they are so secretive, only the people they deem worthy are allowed to see them at anything but their best. Scorpio, ruled by Mars, will seek action to solve their emotional turmoil. This can be through busying themselves, though occasionally they turn to substances. They are, however, also ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation. As such, they have the ability to muster enough will power to move past their sorrow continue with their life.


Optimism runs deep through the Archer, and as a mutable sign, they have a knack for bouncing back. When Sagittarius people are burdened by sorrow, they almost never show it. They choose instead to continue behaving upbeat, friendly, and chipper as ever. If it does ever become too much to handle, the only thing you’ll notice is that they won’t be as talkative as normal. They’ll withdraw into their thoughts, only speaking when spoken to, though their tone will remain light and happy. Those closest to a Sagittarius may be allowed a small insight into their misery, but it isn’t the most common occurrence.


Ever proud, the Sea Goat doesn’t often show signs of sorrow. Equipped with an unceasing gift of logic, many people assume they don’t feel such emotions (or any emotions). Since Capricorn’s are naturally aloof, they often withdraw due to negative emotions. They are not immune to sorrow, though, and are quite often touched by it. Similar to other Earth Signs, Capricorns will usually bury their emotions rather than deal with them up-front. They also don’t show people when they’re down, as they have a public image to preserve. Capricorn’s often try to use logic to expel their negative emotions. Things don’t always blow over as quickly as they like, but it doesn’t usually take very long at all. Capricorns, as mentioned, try to maintain their public image. So only those whom they are closest to will know that anything is wrong at all.


As the Fixed Air Sign, the water bearer doesn’t often feel sorrow too deeply. Usually this intellectual individual thinks through their problems until they find the solutions necessary. If there are people they are close with, and feel that they can open up to emotionally, they may talk out their problems as another way of finding a solution.When upset, Aquarius often uses their aloof nature to mask any sorrow. They’ll continue their philosophical debates and friendly conversations as if there’s nothing at all wrong with the world (save homelessness, and the other humanitarian causes they are involved in).


The fishes feel every emotion intensely. When Sorrow has struck them, it tends to hit them hard.Pisces are stuck between to impulses, when burdened by misery. On one hand, they find it difficult to not wear their heart on their sleeves, and express their emotions. On the other, they don’t want to bother their loved ones, so may often try to bottle things up as an act of self-sacrifice.The Pisces individuals will often seek an escape, whether that’s through fantasy (books, movies, tv, etc) or temporary mood alteration (drugs, alcohol, etc).

You’re Not Her: 6. Fire and Ice

Shout out to @squirrellygirlart for beta reading this for me!!!!

Sorry for the wait everyone!! @polkadotsdesign @justa-dork


Start                                <—– Previously

Marinette was suspended. Her parents were angry of course but once Marinette had explained what had happened they understood. She was, however, grounded for the duration of the week because “violence is never the answer Marinette.” Being grounded was fine by her, it was an excuse to keep from socializing, but that didn’t keep Adrien from stopping by and dropping off notes and instructions for their group project. Marinette wished he would leave her alone. Thus far Adrien had caused her more problems than she currently needed in her life right now. She knew it was irrational to be angry at him for Chloe’s behavior but she couldn’t help but feel a little bitterness towards the model. If he left her alone Chloe would have less incentive to approach Marinette of course after the stunt Marinette had pulled Chloe would probably keep her distance when tormenting her now. Maybe her dislike of Adrien stemmed more from Chloe than it did from his actual actions but Marinette couldn’t find it in herself to change that. She was exhausted by people. Talking to anyone, even friends became a chore. The only emotions that came easily now were overwhelming sadness, anger, or complete apathy. Sometimes it was easier to just mask over one’s sorrows with the all consuming hate that anger brought. It was a reprieve from the drowning misery of grief. All this made it easier to dislike Adrien. He himself might not be the problem but by being associated with him it had caused more face time with the people of her class, and to her utter horror, more biting comments from Chloe- neither of which Marinette wanted.

Unable to intercept Adrien at the front door, since she was grounded, Marinette’s parents scheduled a time for her to come by his place and work with him. Marinette was hoping that she could just do all the work by herself, her parents, however, did not agree that that was fair. So Marinette stood in front of the Agreste Mansion, ready to get through this as quickly as possible. The gate stood slightly ajar. Marinette looked to the telecom used to beep people in and grimaced. She didn’t need any extra interaction today. Talking to people was like forcing herself to chew on glass. It was painful, forced, and left her feeling mangled and raw. With a deep calming breath Marinette pushed the gate open and wound her way up the long walkway to the door. She rapped on the door and waited. There was no answer. Agitated about already having to be here Marinette knocked again this time more forcefully. A tall dark haired woman answered the door a confused and harried expression pulling her face.

“How did you get in?” The woman asked suspiciously.

“The gate was open,” Marinette explained. The woman’s eyebrows shot up, realization crossing her features. “I’m here to see Adrien,” Marinette said expectantly.

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A Thousand Silhouettes - Part Two

Summary: The last thing Brandon Stark remembered was darkness, and it was darkness he woke to.

Brandon Stark survives King’s Landing with scars both physical and emotional. The world as he knew it has changed, and at the center of it all is a bastard boy with his mother’s eyes.

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Fandoms: A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin
Relationships: Brandon Stark & Lyanna Stark, Brandon Stark & Ned Stark, Jon Snow & Brandon Stark
Tags: Brandon Lives, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Hurt/Comfort, Uncle-Nephew Relationship, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, (just in case), Platonic Relationships, Family Dynamics
Chapters: 2/4

Read at AO3, or read here:

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((A follow-up to this.))


Dealing with his father was never easy. Too much defiance made the patriarch overreact and tighten his control, and emotion was seen as weakness and would be used against him. So Sylvain entered his father’s office with an air of practiced nonchalance.

Leo Tolbert was nearing 70, but looked younger. His posture was the proud, straight-shouldered bearing of a soldier, and though his hair was now mostly white instead of black, it remained thick. His eyes, the same pale blue color as Sylvain’s, looked up from the document he was reading.

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Pack Mom:Part 4

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1731

Warning: Slight angst. Insecure Liam. Cute Derek. Little mentions of smut

Summary: Liam has began distancing himself from Y/n and Derek. Y/n is determined to know why


Pack Mom Masterlist

Liam loved y/n. 

He loved Derek too, but y/n was his everything. 

But he still had himself convinced she would just going to be pissed by anything he wanted. 

So he didn’t ask her to go the parent teacher conference, or attend his lacrosse games, or even give him a ride to school. 

He felt after 3 months, the couple were probably realizing they didn’t want him there.

So Liam began pulling back, leaving the room when they both arrived, letting them have their own family time. 

That’s what Derek and y/n were to each other, family. 

After Laura died and Cora left, y/n was the one to pick up the pieces of Derek’s heart and the love she had for him pieced it back together. 

Liam didn’t want to get in the way of this.

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Behind Her Mask (listen)

A Serendibite playlist

1. Catacombs- The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon | 2. Strange House- Pokemon B2W2 | 3. Hazard from the Cave- Maplestory | 4. Conspiracy- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure WORLD | 5. Dr. Kaminko’s Yard- Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness| 6. Who Are You- FF7 | 7. Dreams are Dangerous- Coraline | 8. Strange Sort of Story- Maplestory | 9. Nightmare- Castlevania: Lament of Innocence | 10. Coby’s Speech- One Piece | 11. Anxious Heart- FF7 | 12.Organization XIII- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix | 13. Ghostly Theatre- Castlevania Lament of Innocence | 14. Ending Credits- Coraline | 15. Here We Are- Undertale | 16. Clinging Terror- Puella Magi Madoka Magica | 17. Step Into My Garden- Bioshock | 18. Gem Shards- Steven Universe | 19. Your Best Nightmare- Undertale | 20. Army of Minions- Puella Magi Madoka Magica | 21. Forces to Increase- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure JOURNEY | 22. Agni Kai- Avatar: The Last Airbender | 23. Boss 03- Maplestory 2 | 24. Vector to the Heavens- Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix | 25. Empty House Reprise- Bioshock | 26. Song of Healing Demo- Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask | 27. Sorrow 01- Maplestory 2 | 28. Burned Lands (2)- The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon | 29. Clock Tower- Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask | 30. Distortion World- Pokemon Platinum (PokeRemixStudio)

Headliner (o.2)

SYNOPSIS: When Namjoon wakes up to your face on the front page, he realises that letting you walk away was his worst mistake. But what else can he do, what can he say to try and make you understand it was all just one giant mistake, how can he beg for forgiveness when every newspaper in town is telling you that leaving him was the best choice you ever made.

part 1.



WORDS: 2611.

Namjoon felt sick to his stomach as he looked at the newspaper that morning. Not only did everybody know what he had done, but they knew that you had left him, they knew that you didn’t love him anymore and they had probably guessed that he was still completely in love with you and they probably guessed that he was regretting what he did. And everybody knew by now, that he was probably too late to regain your trust.

How could you smile like that? How could you say that he was single? His brows furrowed, it had only been two minutes since he had noticed the bag on your shoulders, only one minute since you had stepped in the elevator and only thirty seconds since you had told him to basically go sleep with whoever he wanted for publicity, as long as it wasn’t you. And yet, you smiled, you look relieved on the cover of the newspaper that morning. While he sat back in his couch and wished you were beside him, wished that he was grovelling to you instead of sitting alone with nothing but a headline.

He walked to the company that morning, the camera’s swarming outside his apartment building, asking how he felt, what he wanted to say to you, but he simply pulled his hat further down over his face and kept his head low, masking the growing guilt and sorrow on his face with the shadow of his hand. But once he had escaped the media, he was forced to walk past headline after headline, all with the same picture of you underneath, or even worse; old newspapers with pictures of him underneath; the old newspapers which you had thrown onto the coffee table before you left, old newspapers which he had thrown onto the floor in frustration. Old papers and old headlines that should have never happened.

The members were all there when he walked in and Namjoon offered them a fake smile as he sat among them. Jungkook raising a hand to his hyungs back and giving him a pat of assurance. There was gratitude on the rappers face for only a second, but seeing the newspaper on the table next to him, caused him to look away, the feeling of tears stinging his eyes, but he blinked them away; he wouldn’t allow himself to cry, not here, not over this.

“It’ll sort itself out.” Yoongi said, yawning while looking at his phone. “You two have fought before, you always get back together. Headlines don’t mean shit.”

Namjoon lifts his head, surprised at the optimism from the other man, and that’s when Jimin decided to chirp in also.

“I’m going to see her later, if you want me to talk to her about it.” You and Jimin had been friends for a long time, and Namjoon knew it so of course he understood that Jimin was going to have to comfort the both of you through it. And he agreed, but Namjoon wanted to hear it for himself.

“Can you phone me and let me hear what she says?” Namjoon asks, his guilty features causing Jimin to agree. It would hurt anyone to see Namjoon like this. “I want to hear it from Y/N. That’s all.”

Stretching out your arms, you wake up late in your double bed in your hotel room. You look in the mirror and smile at yourself, tilting your head to one side. So this is what it’s like to be refreshed? To not have to wander what headlines would come through your door in the morning, because you knew it was either one of two things. A picture of Namjoon soaked with water which you had tipped on him, or a picture of yourself. And you were right. It was you.

Not needing to read the article, you set the paper on the dressing table and get dressed. Pulling on your converse you go outside, thinking that the best thing you can do is go outside, relax, and let the world get over what you had done yesterday because you were over it already. You had been since the headlines began spilling through your mailbox. Everyone else just had to catch up.

You’re slowed by men with microphones.

“Did you wear converse because you know Namjoon likes them?” They ask you, slowing to match your care free pace.

“No, they’re the only shoes I got the chance to grab.” You shrug, before walking on. The questions don’t cease, all of them about Namjoon and how upset he must be but the only answer you could offer was

“Yeah, poor Namjoon; must be hard to get caught out as a cheat, huh.”

You buy yourself clothes that day, food in case you got bored of the hotel food, some shower gel because you knew the mini ones were bound to run out by tonight, and you run up to your hotel room that evening with your bags and see that there is no more papers, there’s no sleeping Namjoon on your sofa, there’s no guilty aroma in the room. Only fresh smells of a new start.

The door knocks behind you, and you jump. Throwing your bags onto the bed, you pull open the door to see Jimin and you give him a tight hug. Your smile makes him somewhat uncomfortable; mainly because he had spent the vast majority of his day watching Namjoon sulking over you and you seemed fine. 

Though, Jimin looked passed it; and once the movie you decided to watch was so intense that he had completely forgotten about it by the time the second explosion happened. And by the time it was over, he was testing how springy the bed was by jumping on it until he hit his head of the ceiling an falling back to the mattress while you were in stitches on the floor.

“I must have got taller or something.” He laughs, holding his head in his hands

“It’s just a low ceiling.” You say, curling up to try and control your laughter.

Clambering onto the bed, you lay beside him; small bursts of giggles still escaping you both from his mishap. But while your distract with your laughter he phones Namjoon who knows not to speak, just to listen to your conversation. You talk about ceilings for a while, which leads to houses, and then to school and how this kid apparently spent 2 days living in your school ceiling. He didn’t believe you, but you showed him the news article which said it was true. It was almost an hour later until you found comforting silence together, and on the other side of the phone, Namjoon was sitting in silence too; despairing and wishing you could talk to him like that again.

After a few moments of silence, Jimins eyes meet yours and he swallows harshly, bringing gaze back to the ceiling where you were looking.

“Y/N?” he asks.

“Jimin?” You say, smiling at him.

“Do you think you could ever get back with Namjoon— he’s a wreck without you.” 

Your face softens slowly, your smile fading into half of a frown before you turn you attention back to the ceiling, huffing a sigh as you feel Jimin looking to you from the side of his eye. Namjoon is sitting on his couch at home, hands over his mouth, pleading with you in his thoughts, begging you just to forgive him, to give him another chance, to come back and be his fiance again. To let him show you that he’s sorry, that he loves you more than anything else and than anyone else.

“–But I’m happy with-out him.” You say, your eyes dropping from the ceiling before you turn your head to Jimin, frowning. “I’m happy now.”

On the other end of the phone, Namjoon hangs up, his teeth biting hard into his lip so it is close to bleeding as he wrenches his eyes closed and puts his head into his hands; tears breaking through closed lashes and falling down his cheeks, before he covered his sobs with his hand, clenching his other fist and knocking the mobile off the table. Noticing the ring on his finger when he does so, he settles his elbow on his knees, and twists the ring on his finger, remembering the day where he thought nothing would tear you two a part.

Over the dinner table that night he asked you.

 “How long do you plan on loving me?” 

and you said “Forever.” 

But sometimes words are just words. Just how headlines are only headlines. 

And sometimes words are true. Like how when you first started dating he asked you,

“What would you do if I ever cheated?” It was all in curiosity so you gave him the honest answer.

“We’d be over.” You said it and laughed, maybe he underestimated how much you meant it. And maybe he thought that you could love him regardless of what he did, but you couldn’t. The Namjoon you fell in love with would never have hurt you like that. You would forever be in love with the man who asked you to marry him; but that wasn’t Namjoon anymore.

“So much for forever.” He sighs, closing his eyes tight. “But you did say we’d be over. So which one do you mean?” Brows furrowing he sends Jimin a text.

NAMJOON: Hey, when you leave will you wait for me outside the hotel?

JIMIN: Sure, why?

NAMJOON: I have to ask her something.

“Night, Jimin!” You say, waving him off and shutting the door once he reached the elevator; looking at the mess you two had made with the popcorn, you sighed, shaking your head before brushing some of it out of the way, only to hear the door knock again. At first you think it’s Jimin, that he probably forgot something. But as a matter of fact, Jimin was sitting in the lobby; caught between a rock and a hard place. The hard place being you, his best friend, and the rock being Namjoon, his hyung, all Jimin could do now was hope that whatever you and Namjoon would say to each other would go down well. 

You open the door, mildly surprised to be bringing your gaze upward to meet the eyes of your former fiance. Tilting your head, you offer a confused smile as if to ask ‘what are you doing here?’ with out actually having to say it. Namjoon hated when you did that, he hated recognising your confusion and he hated knowing that him standing at your door was something you had to think about now.

Rubbing your shoulder in anxiousness, you simply wait for him to say something; because really you had said everything you needed to say yesterday night.

“Y/N–, can I talk you you?” He asks, gently but also tactically.

“Sure.” You oblige, edging your head in the direction of your room as you let him come in. Sitting on the edge of the bed, you cross your ankles. “What about?”

“I’m sorry. I know I said it before, but I am. Isn’t that enough? I mean, you told me the day I asked you to marry me, that you would love me forever, didn’t you mean that? Through thick and thin.” Namjoon says, hoping you had forgotten the whole ‘we’d be over’ scenario, but he realises that you hadn’t when your neutral expression falls to that of a mixture of disappointment and anger.

“Don’t try and turn this on me, Namjoon. Don’t you remember me saying if someone, you in this case, ever cheated in this relationship, it’d be over? Did you think I would forget about that?” He hated how he loved that about you. How you could remember every detail of every minute of every conversation.

“Well, which was more important to you, the forever or ending us over a stupid mistake.” He retorts, using his hands to express himself by putting them out in front of him.

“You know one cancels out the other Namjoon, you’re smarter than that, stop playing dumb.” You insist. “And it was six– no over a hundred stupid mistakes.” You point out. “Every goddamn news paper that was printed counts as a mistake, and each was your stupid mistake, your stupid publicity stunt.” You feel your fists balling as he irritates you further, but you proceed to calm yourself.

“Everyone makes mistakes! You’re not perfect, you make mistakes; and I forgive them!” He says, his voice raising.

“Yeah. My mistakes are breaking a mug in the sink because it’s slippy, or killing a spider on the wall and it marks the paint. My mistakes don’t ruin relationships.” You breath, taking your eyes off him before he makes you burst with anger, but you spit your words anyway and cast gaze back up to him. “My mistakes, don’t make headlines.”

His teeth clench together, and you can see it; how he brings his gaze to the window and then back to you, trying to regain his cool.

“You really don’t want to fix this, do you?” He seethes.

“I shouldn’t have to.” You fold your arms, and watch as he runs his fingers through his hair and storms away from you, slamming the hotel room door shut behind him. You can practically hear how he stomps toward the elevator but you can’t see how he is on the verge of tears, and you don’t get to because he wipes them from his eyes before they can even reach his cheeks.

Running out of the hotel room, you follow him; just as he done on the night you left, you jam your foot between the two elevator doors, and his attention snaps up at you; his lips parted and eyes looking for some explanation in your face, waiting for you to tell him that you still loved him, still wanted to be together, but instead; you took his hands and placed something in his palm before wrapping his fingers around it and enclosing it within his hand. He knew what it was immediately.

“By the way, Namjoon…”

What ever you said hit him hard in the chest, and the expression on his face was one of ill masked hurt, even he didn’t think you could be so upset with him to say something like that. And even you feel what you said was a little bit harsh, but you remove your foot from the elevator doors and take a step back, watching as he looks to the palm of his hands as the doors close. Maybe what you said hurt him; it was harsh, but he had cheated on you many times, he told the world what he had done. He humiliated you on tabloid after tabloid. And all you did was tell him how it made you feel.

Namjoon stepped out into the lobby where Jimin rushed to find out how it all went, they stepped outside the back entrance in silence, sitting down at the bus shelter in the dreary night light.

“So what did she say?” Jimin asked, trying to get a better look at his hyungs expression.

Uncurling his fingers, Namjoon revealed what you had given him in the elevator. A ring. Not just any ring; but your engagement ring, you gave it back, you didn’t want it anymore, it wasn’t yours anymore, just how your heart was no longer Namjoon’s anymore. Swallowing harshly; he fought to fight back the tears, the words you had said still tearing his heart apart in his chest.

“She said—- by the way, go out the back door…”

“Maybe that way I won’t have to see your face in the headlines tomorrow.”

Every woman has a past. Some were physically abused. Some had violent parents. Some had sexual abuse as a child from their own family members. Some had messed up love stories. Some had been forced into sex in the name of love. Some had been drugged. Some were date raped. Some had been blackmailed by their ex-boyfriend. Some were in an abusive relationship.Some had a broken family. Some had a divorce. Some had an obesity issue. Some had financial droughts. Some had drug or alcohol addiction. Some had a few unsuccessful suicide attempts.
If you see a woman, who went through any of these but had already wiped her tears, tied her hair up, masked her sorrows with a divine smile, stood tall and strong, started walking towards her future because she still has some hope left inside her and has not given up on the concept of love that still exists in this world, do not stab her with her past. Do not confront her. Do not slap her with more abuse. Give way for her and walk beside her. May be hold her hands and walk for a while. You’ll know how sweet that soul is and how strong her hopes are! You’ll be amazed at how she carries herself after all her energy has been sucked out.
She need not always be only the woman next door or from a different home. She could be your own friend, your own sister, your own girlfriend, your own wife, even may be your own mother. Do not judge her by her past. Gift her the peaceful future that she deserves. Hold her hands against the world, which knows only to judge. 
Give her the love that she always yearned for.

scarlet-argent-fire  asked:

Hello I was wondering if you could do where GOM+ kagami+ himoro would react to holding their s/o's hand as they passed away from a long battle with some sort or cancer. Hope you have a nice day and sorry

Goodness, this was really sad to write. I hope you enjoy this! I am sorry I posted this late >: Have a nice day dear! <3


Generation of Miracles

Akashi held your hand tightly in his hands, his thumb drawing little circles on the back of your hand. He wore a lost expression, depression weaving its lines through his face.

“What’s wrong?” you whispered, a faint frown on your face.

“It’s nothing,” he replied quickly.

Too quickly.

“Am I going to die?” you asked, your breath leaving you in a sigh.

He looked torn for a moment before shaking his head decisively.

“Of course not.”

“It’s my body, Sei,” you reminded him gently and his façade seemed to crack.

“The doctors said you… might not have long to live.”

“Sei, how many children do you want?” you changed the topic and he gave a bitter smile.

“I want two. A girl and a boy.”

“They would have your red hair and your beautiful eyes,” you struggled to reach up to his face and he caught your hand, tracing his features with it.

“They would look beautiful as long as you are their mother,” he stated simply, pressing your hand against his cheek.

“I am tired, Sei,” your eyes were drooping and you blinked slowly.

His grip tightened when you spoke but he quickly masked the fleeing sorrow in his eyes.

“Sleep then, love,” he leaned forward to kiss your forehead.

“Mmhm, goodnight Sei. I love you,” you muttered before your eyes closed.

“Goodnight, I love you more,” he replied, fighting to keep the tears at bay.


The moment the short beep beep of the machine changed to a steady long beep, he let them fall.

“I will love you again in my next life,” Akashi whispered as he brushed a kiss across your lips.

I will definitely be there for you.


You could hear Aomine shouting outside your room and a heavy sigh escaped your weakened body.
“What do you mean she cannot be saved? I will pay! No matter how much it costs!”
After a few more moments, his voice calmed down significantly and the door pushed open. 
“Dai-chan,” your tone was slightly reprimanding as he closed the door behind him, a forced smile on his face.
He walked over to you, gathering your hand into his warm one and chafing it.
“You are so cold,” he complained.
“It’s not that I am cold. It’s just that you are hot,” you replied, only realising your mistake when he smirked.
“Just kidding. You are nowhere near hot,” you rolled your eyes.
“Hey, you can’t take it back!" 
"Of course I…” A sudden breath got stuck in your throat and you gasped, eyes widening.
Aomine panicked.
“What is wrong? Are you okay?" 
You shook your head at him to signify that you were okay but you could feel slow stabs of pain all over your body. Your breathing was becoming laboured and you could barely lift your hand.
"I am just… Sleepy. I love you aho,” you finally forced out, tears building at the back of your eyes.
You knew it was ending and it hurts so much.
“No. Don’t leave me. Didn’t you promise me you will beat this and have a life with me? I promise you that we will do whatever you want! We can have enough children to build a soccer team and I swear that I will be there for you no matter what,” his voice was cracking and it was heartbreaking to say the least. 
“I am sorry for leaving first,” you managed a semblance of a smile and tears spilled down your cheeks as he grasped your hand tightly in his.
“Don’t leave. I need you,” he choked out.
His other hand was desperately pressing the nurse’s button. Within seconds, the doctor burst in with the nurse and checked over you for a while.
“I am sorry. Please say your goodbyes to her,” the doctor patted Aomine’s shoulder.
Your eyelids were getting heavier and heavier and you were fighting the urge to sleep so desperately. Aomine rushed to you, bringing your hand to his lips. You could feel the warm wetness on your hand and you fought the urge to sob.
“It’s okay. I… I am…” You gasped through your tears, not wanting to end it like this.
“I love you. I love you. I love you,” he chanted it like a mantra, his other hand brushing your hair away from your face.
“I love you too Aho. So so much,” you smiled.
The urge to sleep was becoming too much and despite his pleas for you to stay awake, you closed your eyes.
When your heart rate flatlined, the doctors tried to bring it back to no avail. Aomine collapsed to his knees in front of your bed, sobbing like a child. His heart had been ripped out in front of him and his fingers clenched, drawing blood.
Why? Why did you have to leave?
Murasakibara knew at least that you were not in extreme pain and that comforted him just a little. He doesn’t understand what was cancer but watching you waste away everyday and becoming a shell of your former self killed him. 
“(F/n)-chin, do you want some?” He wiggled the bag of chips in front of you.
You shook your head, a faint smile curving your lips as you saw him frown a little. He placed his snack away and his large hands enclosed around yours.
“Are you cold?” He asked, rubbing little circles on the back of your hand with his thumb.
“Not really.”
You were getting gradually sleepy but you forced yourself to stay awake, knowing that if you slept you will never wake up.
“Mukkun, you know I love you right?” You rasped.
Your voice was becoming rusty due to disuse. Talking took too much energy out of you nowadays.
“Ne, I love you too,” he replied, bringing your cold hand up to his lips.
“Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t eat so much sweets and think of me now and then,” you teased.
“No, I want you to take care of me,” he pouted.
He knew something really bad was happening and it was forming a ball of dread in the pit of his stomach.
“I am sorry if I can’t stay long enough to. Promise me you will take care of yourself,” your breathing was coming quick and loud now, exhausted by the effort it took to talk.
“(F/n)-chin, can you not leave me please?” His voice was a low plea as his purple irises filled with tears.
“I love you, Mukkun,” you lightly squeezed his hand.
You were losing conscious and your vision was becoming spotty. Not long after you heard him say I love you back, you slipped into unconsciousness.
The moment the beep beep of the machine become one steady beep, people wearing white coats rushed in and seperated you from him. They seemed to be doing something to you but nothing was changing the sound of the steady beep.
“What… What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Murasakibara asked, panic clear in his eyes.
“I am sorry, she is gone,” the doctor said before walking out of the room.
Murasakibara stumbled to you, picking up your cold hand once again. Your pale skin had gotten even paler and fear struck his heart.
“You… Don’t leave. You promised not to leave. (F/n)-chin!” His voice escaped him in a low wail as tears began streaking down his cheeks.
You were gone. Completely and thoroughly gone.

Kise was by your bedside ever since you collapsed that day. He made sure to always be there for you even when you started losing control of your bodily functions and grew weaker everyday. It was embarassing to say the least but he soldiered through it all, taking all your temper tantrumns in stride without complaint.
“Ryouta,” you called.
He applied pressure on your hand slightly and smiled.
“I want to have a picnic outside this room one day.”
“You will. I will bring all the sandwiches and soda for you.”
“I want to eat jelly too!”
“Of course. How could I have missed out jelly?” he grinned.
“And popcorn,” you added.
“Do people eat popcorn during picnics?”
“Hmm… I guess not. Then potato chips?”
“Yes, I will bring your favorite potato chips.”
“I am sleepy, Ryouta,” you yawned, feeling your body weakened by the short conversation you just had.
“Then sleep,” he gently brushed your hair back from your face.
“I love you, Ryouta. I love you,” you forced yourself to raise a hand to caress his face in a quick second.
“I love you too,” he whispered, holding your hand against his cheek.
He was choking back tears. The doctor had said that today might be your last day and it was hurting so much to even let you go.

“Will you be here when I wake?” you murmured sleepily.

“Of course I will,” his voice was breaking as he tightened his grip on your hand.

“Mmhm,” your voice left in a whisper as you fell asleep.


Your monitor flat lined after a while and his tears fell down his cheeks as a low whimper sounded in his throat.

“(f/n)-cchi, we will go on a picnic soon, won’t we?”

Don’t leave me alone.


Life was as frail as a candle blowing in the wind and Midorima definitely knew that. He had seen his share of patients passing away what with his father as a surgeon.

“She doesn’t have long, son,” his father said, clapping him on his back as a sign of comfort.

Midorima stood still for a second at the news, his jaw clenching at the effort of keeping the tears back.

“Shin-chan?” your soft voice brought him back to reality and he glanced down at you, a small smile curving around his lips.


“What are you thinking of?”

“I… I was thinking of…” he stammered, not wanting to tell you the truth.

“How to propose to me?” you teased.

He flushed a bright red the moment you said it.

“Of… Of course not!”

“You don’t want to marry me?”

“Of course I want to! I mean…”

“You don’t love me?”

“Of course I love you!” he blurted before a deeper blush took over his face.

You laughed softly at his embarrassment. Teasing him was so much fun.

“I love you too,” you yawned, feeling your eyes close.

“I am tired,” you murmured and you felt him squeeze your hand gently.

“Wait, don’t sleep,” his voice held a note of panic and your lids fluttered open for a moment.

You had lost all energy for even speaking and you could only frown at him drowsily. There was a look of pain on his face as he leaned over to press a kiss to your lips. In your muddled mind, nothing made sense anymore so you fell back into the arms of unconsciousness.


Midorima could only watch as your heartbeat became slower and slower until it became a straight line. His grip tightened on your hand as he raised it to his head. Tears spilled out of his eyes while he sobbed.

Why did  you have to leave me so soon?


“You don’t have much time to live,” the doctor stated grimly and when you heard the news, tears stung at the back of your eyes.

Kuroko, who was beside you, grasped your hand in his and chafed it mindlessly.

“I am sorry, Tetsu, for leaving first,” you sniffed, tears rolling down your cheeks.

He quickly wiped it away, a look of sorrow in his light blue eyes.

“Don’t apologize,” he was on the verge of crying as well but he wanted to be strong for you.

“You know I love you right?” you forced a smile as it threatened to curl into a wail.

“I love you too. So, so much,” he replied, hugging you to him tightly.

You didn’t even have energy to hug him back and that made you cry even harder.

“Don’t cry. Shh, it will be okay,” he whispered.

You buried your head in the crook of his neck, breathing in the vanilla scent that only seemed to belong to him.

“I am tired, Tetsu, but what if I don’t wake after I sleep?”

He didn’t have a reply for that but simply laid you back down on the bed before brushing kisses all over your hand.

“Remember to take care of yourself, Tetsu. Don’t forget to take your meals because of basketball,” your voice was getting choked up and you couldn’t breathe.

Kuroko simply shook his head continuously until you stopped talking, stopped breathing and just stopped. When your machine flatlined, he gritted his teeth to stop the wail and gathered you to him, finally letting his tears spill.

I love you too. So, so, so much.



Kagami had never been one for goodbyes and knowing that it was going to be a permanent goodbye with you made his heart break. He was scared that he might break down in front of you and that was the absolute last thing he ever wanted to do.

“Taiga?” your weakened voice caught his attention and he quickly looked at you for fear that something might have happened.

“What are you thinking of?” you smiled.

“I… Nothing,” he replied, brushing the back of his hand against your cheek.

“I am sleepy,” you whined, lids fluttering closed.

“Wait!” he yelped and you forced your eyes open again.

“I… I…” he could not find words to express himself and was fumbling for words.

“I love you, Taiga,” you murmured.

“I love you too,” he quickly said, blinking furiously to keep his tears at bay.

“Can you say that a few more times?” you laughed.

“I love you, I love you, I…” his words tapered off as you lost consciousness.


Your heartbeat became slower and slower until it stopped completely and Kagami pressed his fist against his mouth, a low sob escaping his mouth.

Why did you have to leave me so early?


Himuro took a deep breath trying to calm his own emotions before going into your hospital room. He had just returned from the doctor’s office and it was killing him to keep the news about your failing health to himself.

“Tat-chan?” you called out.

He walked briskly to your bedside, pressing a kiss to your forehead before sitting down slowly.

“How are you feeling today?” he asked, trailing his fingers down the side of your face.

“I feel very tired today,” you complained.

“Sleep then,” he smiled.

“I want to eat some cupcakes,” you frowned.

“I will buy them for you later,” he pacified.

“You promise?” you yawned.

He nodded, rubbing circles into the back of your hand.

“I love you,” he blurted.

You gave a weak smile and shut your heavy eyes, another small yawn escaping.

“I love you too…”


He watched as your monitor flat lined and agony clenched at his heart. His hand was still tightly gripping yours and it hurt to even think about letting go.

I love you so much.

The Mysterious Miss Matthews

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Chapter Eleven: Acceptance
Word Count: 3,000

After sending Lucas away Riley walks past her childhood home and it makes her heart ache to see a stranger exiting the front door. Riley continues down the street and approaches her grandparents house. She spots her Uncle Josh’s car in the driveway, she figures he must be visiting his parents. Riley climbs up the front porch and lets herself in with the spare key she’s had since she was a child. Her subtle entrence spooks her uncle who’s sat on the sofa in the living room.

“Riles, I didn’t know you were coming over,” He wipes at his cheeks, evidently he’d been crying, “The rents are out doing old people stuff,” he laughs in an attempt to mask his sorrow.

Riley quietly sits herself by him on the sofa, tucks her feet up beside herself and nuzzles into his side. Josh throws an arm around his niece and rests his head on top of hers.

“I miss him too,” Riley whispers.

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- So Much We Didn’t Say , by  whyidontknow1   : Harry’s near fatal accident exposed the cracks in his and Louis’ eleven year marriage. A serious error in judgement by Louis shattered it completely.

Larry famous - sport - kid fic AU (52k) : Harry and Louis are famous skateboarders, almost retired now. I dont know what to say : it’s a getting back together kind of fic? Very well written, some trigger warning about a bad past for Louis (also, Niall is 68yp and adopted Louis, don’t ask), and a side Ziam. And bottom!Louis. And angsty of course.

- wings to break your fall , by @karamelised:  “I’m glad you like my clothes,” Harry whispers, sliding his arms further along the couch until he’s speaking directly into Louis’ ear. “Would you like me to take them off?” orstrip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.Featuring: spilled drinks, meddling mums, accidental insults, a pivotal plot point masquerading as a private dance, Harry with wings, slow morning sex, a secret relationship, and tea that fixes everything.

Larry stripper AU (102k) : angsty and funny too, and smutty . Ooohh so smutty (kind of share that). so well done !

- Every Story Ever Told , by  Rearviewdreamer: Becoming a best-selling author isn’t as difficult as Louis would have guessed. It seems all you need these days is the perfect blend of alcohol induced philosophy, complete disregard for one’s dignity, a live blog about how fucked love is, and a bored publisher interested enough to offer him a deal.

Larry hate to love AU (54k) : I looooove this fic ! Author!Louis and baker!Harry , hate to love, Twitter interactions, and fluffy, and no smut ! Very well written :)

- maps can be poems when you’re on your own , by @fukcinglouis  “Harry, this is Louis, the guy I was telling you about,” Liam says. “Lou, this is Harry, my roommate.”  Harry looks up and locks eyes with Louis, who is very clearly drunk. Louis just giggles in surprise and claps a hand over his own mouth, widening his eyes at Harry comically.  “Nice to meet you,” Harry croaks, watching as Louis tucks himself more firmly into Liam’s side.Or, Harry falls in love with the guy his best friend is fooling around with.

Larry roomates AU (19k) : okay so don’t read it if you’re not comfortable with a side Lilo AND a bit of cheating. But if you can, go read it, it’s great, and angsty and smutty (bottom!Louis).

- Second Time’s the Charm , by @cherrystreet  : Louis’ mother is convinced she met her son’s soulmate at the market. Louis is extremely hesitant to go on the blind date she’s set up, but she’s persistent, begging and pleading, pulling out all the stops. After all, mothers do know best.(Or maybe they don’t.)

Larry blind date AU (8k) : OMG it was so great ! Amazing plot, and funny , and also car sex is great.

- the dreams you left behind , by @cat33x13 : After Louis returns from a week-long guest spot a US chat show to an empty flat and a ‘Dear John’ letter from Harry, life as he knows it changes completely. Fast-forward two years and Louis has taken to hiding away in a tiny village in the English countryside where he isn’t known as Louis Tomlinson, ex-boybander, and has managed to live a relatively quiet life. That is until Liam, Zayn and Niall come to see him and he remembers everything he has tried to forget.When he reads of Harry’s Christmas engagement in the papers, he does the only thing he knows to mask his sorrow; drinks so much he ends up in hospital. Cue visiting family and a return to London, where he learns not everything is as it seems, the mistakes of the past can be forgiven and that maybe he might get his happy ending after all.

Larry ex to lovers - future fic AU (31k) : awesome and angsty. Like a lot. Both. no smut.

- Portions For Foxes , by  pukeandcry   : You know how Tommo is about dares,” Harry says, laughing once, without any humor.  “An idiot,” Nick supplies, feeling a bit dazed. “But he’s always like that, so.”Or, Louis injures himself, and somehow Nick winds up taking care of him.

Tomlinshaw canon fic (16k) , ex to lovers and hurt!Louis. awwwwwwwww <3

- you’ll remember in the morning , by @hogwartzlou: Louis meets a really cute boy at a party. Said boy is his boyfriend Harry, who he came with, but he doesn’t remember that.

Larry party AU (2k) : drunk!Louis and cute ! no smut.

Like always, you can find all my fic recs in my Fic Rec Masterspost!

Supernatural BSM #40 (Crazy) They have to lock you in the panic room

A/N: I would apologize for missing last week, but I promise you all, it really wasn’t a loss. Nothing I could’ve written last week would be worthy of you amazing guys.

Request: They have to lock you in the panic room

“We’re really sorry Y/N,” Dean said regrettably, as he eased the heavy iron door shut. He rested his forehead against the surface, and he flinched away slightly at the cold.

Sam was breathing heavily next to him, steely resolve trying to mask sorrow and guilt. “I can’t believe we have to do this,” Sam said, voice a heavy rasp.

You hissed at them, sprinting across the circular room, ramming your body against the door. It didn’t move, didn’t even budge, and you grew more and more frustrated the more you kicked and punched the it. A mighty roar left your mouth, eyes flickering through all colors of the rainbows.  

“What the fuck is that?” Dean asked, for the hundredth time that afternoon.

“I still don’t know, Dean,” Sam answered calmly, but the anger was simmering just underneath.

“Right, right,” Dean said with a sigh. He rubbed his forehead with a low groan, blinking his eyes against the light when he opened them again. His green eyes were boring into yours, and you could feel something stirring inside of you. Something human. Something that recognized the person on the other side of your prison. You scratched at your own stomach, relishing in the pain that took your mind off your brief second of vulnerability. The tiny ounce of hope in Dean’s eyes quickly evaporated, and with slumped shoulders, he continued; “will you go do research? I’ll take the first shift here.”

Sam nodded, turning on his heel and heading for the stairs. Dean kicked back in a chair, and when his eyes teared up, he quickly threw his forearm over them so you wouldn’t see. The human inside flickered again, and with a frustrated scream, you threw yourself against the concrete wall before falling to the floor like a ragdoll.

“Y/N?” Dean’s bleary voice carried into the panic room, and the rapidly growing human part inside made you whimper pathetically.

“No!” you yelled, slamming your hand against the floor, laughing manically at the pain shooting up your arm. The human in your stomach withdrew at that, and you continued to pound your fist into the floor until three out of five fingers were crooked horribly and the blood was pouring out a horrid gash running along the length of your pinky finger.

“Please stop, squirt. We need you in one piece when we find out how to fix you.”

I’m not fixable,” you said easily with a voice octaves lower than your regular one. Dean looked slightly taken aback, and his surprise only grew when your lips twisted into an ugly smirk.

“Sam! Please tell me you’ve got something!” Dean called, head tilted slightly to the side so the panic in his voice would carry up the stairs and reach Sam.

“I’ve got squat!” Sam yelled back. Moments later, he came down the stairs, steps heavy and a visible worry line in between his eyebrows. “Could you try for a bit? I need a break.”

Without an answer, Dean left, and Sam took his place in the chair. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, so he could support his chin and keep an eye on you. “I don’t know how this happened,” he admitted in a whisper, and if the fight hadn’t been drained from your body leaving you practically paralyzed, you wouldn’t have heard it. “We were so careful. And yet this damn thing got you and we don’t even know what it is.” He laughed, but it was a heart wrenching sound, that had you curling into a ball on the floor.

Suddenly, something ripped through you, a voice you had no control over. “Sam!” it screamed, and you instantly recognized it as the human.

“Y/N!” Both brothers ran to the ledge in the door, staring through it in an attempt to meet your eyes. You trashed and writhed on the floor, making the most pitiful noises as you struggled against the human. But the human was fighting back twice as hard, and you soon felt yourself losing control.

“It’s me, it’s me!” you yelled, jumping to your feet. You cried out and fell back down, clutching your hand with tears gathering in your eyes.

“Get her out!” Sam demanded, even as Dean was in the middle of struggling with the door.

You threw yourself into Dean’s arms as soon as he stepped a foot over the devil’s trap. “I don’t think I can leave yet,” you squeaked. You forced yourself to back out of Dean’s arms – gently, so he wouldn’t give you that kicked puppy look – and across the room, smiling apologetically. “Lock me up again. Just until you can get rid of this thing for good. What if it comes back?”

“She’s right, Dean,” Sam spoke up when Dean didn’t budge, but simply stared resolutely at you.

“Go. Fix me, yeah?” Finally, Dean relented and turned on his heel. Just as he was outside the devil trap, whatever the hell was inside of you snapped back.

I’m not fixable.”

anonymous asked:

Any drabbles of Klaus finding out no humanity Caroline? (This season) thank you!

“If she wants us to give her time with it off, maybe we should. Look Stefan, it’s not like we’re letting a maniac run rampant.” Elena said. Stefan’s eyes narrowed before he profusely shook his head.

“No. She doesn’t want this, and if I had just answered differently it wouldn’t have happened. We need to fix this, and if we can’t get her to undo it, I’m gonna get someone who can force her to.” He led off calmly. Elena’s eyes squinted before widening in realization. A smirk worked it’s way onto her face.

“She said she’d become our worst nightmare if we kept trying, but she didn’t say anything about Klaus.” She noted, sighing in relief as Stefan pulled his phone out of his pocket.


The grin Klaus had as he glanced down at his daughter’s wandering face was one he thought he could enjoy for at least a bit longer. That is, until his phone rang and snapped him out of his rare happier thoughts. Looking at the name that flashed across the screen he frowned, what could he possibly want. If he was in need of help to save his pathetic gang of imbeciles, he could forget it. He had bigger fish to fry, and donating his time to that lot wasn’t something he was willing to do.

“You better make whatever it is you’re about to say worth my time.” He said truthfully.

“Caroline turned off her humanity and we need you to compel her to turn it back on.” The younger Salvatore said simply. The grip he had on the edge of Hope’s crib tightened, feeling the wood splintering his hand. Loosening his grip he moved to the other side of the room.

“You have five minutes to tell me everything.” He gritted out. And tell him he did. He listened on as Stefan explained the death of Liz Forbes, the implication Caroline’s unreciprocated romantic feelings towards Stefan and how that might have contributed to her decision, as well as her not being able to deal with the grief. He was seeing red as he made his way out of the nursery and into his own room. What he found highly amusing, was just how non-problematic all of this was.

From what he was hearing, Caroline was completely in control of even this version of herself. He couldn’t help the warm smile etched onto his face. Leave it to Caroline to manage to excel even at what should be an uncontrollable situation. She promptly asked for a year of time where she was emotionless. In concept it wasn’t a terrible idea. It was obvious she had no intention of reeking havoc everywhere she went, leave it to her friends to make problems fare much worse than they truly are. His heart also found time to sink as her feelings for Stefan sunk in. That wasn’t something he can say he was ever expecting. Stefan and her would’ve never worked, but she’s young and there will be time for her to learn what might pan out and what wouldn’t. His baby Vampire had much to learn, and he was going to aide that process as best as he could—starting with her flipped switch.

“I’ll be there in a few hours.” He confirmed, ending the call. He contemplated Caroline’s situation. He could compel her to turn it back on, but he understood exactly what she was doing. Perhaps it was best to give her the benefit of the doubt. Leaving a phone call to Elijah, placing him in charge was simple enough. The hard part was determining what he’d do while gone.


“If Stefan wants to save Sarah’s life, all he has to do is shut his humanity off.” Caroline reasoned, her drink grasped firmly in her hand. Stefan’s look of absolute horror dissolved the second he heard a voice he can truly admit he’s never been happier to hear.

“Taking things to the extreme, I see. For someone without the power to compel other Vampire’s into your ideal scenario, you’ve found a rather effective way to reach the same result. I must say that’s awfully brilliant of you, sweetheart.” Klaus too note of as he moved to stand before her. Not for a second missing the look of concern that flashed across her face. Yet just as quickly as it was there, it disappeared.

“Wow. That’s just pathetic, Stefan. I tell you and Elena to leave me alone, so you call for the cavalry?” She asked angrily.

“This is my fault, Caroline. So I’m gonna do everything I can to fix you.” Stefan replied, causing Klaus to emit a low growl. Speeding up to the youngest Salvatore he grasped his neck.

“She doesn’t need to be fixed.” He muttered, before bring up his other hand, effectively snapping his neck. Caroline’s eyes glossed over in amusement.

“You know, before I made my decision I wondered what would happen if I went through with it and they chose to ask you for help. At first I almost didn’t do it because well, what’d be the point, right? They could just call you and my fun would’ve been over before it even started.” She began, sauntering over to him, her eyes filled with lust. “I think I put too much value on your love for me.” She revealed. Klaus frowned, looking at her straight in the eyes.

“On the contrary, love. Besides, you don’t know what I’m here to do. And even when you’re emotionless it’s driving you crazy, isn’t it?” He teased, glancing at the now minuscule space between them.

Caroline lowered her eyes to his lips before returning her gaze to his eyes.

“Well, someone with the power to force my hand shows up, that merits a bit of questioning, don’t you think?” She pondered, wondering if she needed to be concerned at all for his untimely arrival. If he were going to compel her he would’ve done it already. Yet all he’s done so far is rid her of Stefan’s incessant meddling, and reveal that he has yet to stop caring for her. Which is something she’s not sure is a good thing.

“Indulge me.” He requested simply. She stepped back to get a better look at his face, trying to get any reading off of him that would indicate what he’s looking to get out of her.

“If you’re after a repeat of the last time you saw me, believe me, I’ll do a hell of a lot more than indulge.” She revealed, sending them both back to their tryst in the wood. Klaus smirked to mask his sorrow.

“Forgive me, love, but that’s not even remotely tempting.” He countered, much to her disappointment.

“Are you sure about that?” She said, inching their faces closer. “Cause last time, we were at it for hours, and while most of your conquests might not have known what it was to have you at their mercy, I do.” She taunted, heavily noting just how enjoyable their last encounter was for them both. Klaus chuckled as his eyes fluttered close when she softly pressed her lips to the spot below his right ear.

“Allow me to clarify.” He started. “It’s not even remotely tempting—when you’re not really you.” He finished, snapping Caroline right out of her lustful daze. She yanked her head back.

“So then what the hell do you want, Klaus?” She asked, now agitated that she’s been refused twice. First by Enzo, now by Klaus—who would’ve thought?

“You offered your friends a deal, correct?” He asked, referencing her request for a year without emotions.

“Yeah, but you’re here so it’s pretty obvious they didn’t take it.” She answered, not understanding where he was going with this. Klaus lifted his arms and gestured to himself.

“Offer me the same deal.” He promptly said, not missing the soft gasp that escaped her when he did. She smiled mischievously before re-closing the gap between them.

“Fine.” She said. “One year. I want one year without any emotions and then I’ll turn it back on.” She bargained.

“You seem sure you’ll be able to snap out of it in a year’s time.” He noted.

“A year is what I settled on before I did it, so yeah, I’m sure.” She retorted. Klaus cleared his throat before nodding profusely.

“Very well.” He accepted. “Leave with me now and I’ll give you your year.” He offered. Caroline’s eyes looked up in amazement.

“What reason could you possibly have to agree to that?” She asked.

“You made this decision thinking it’s what was best for you. It might be, perhaps it will only make things worse. If it’s a mistake, it’s yours to make and learn from it. You’re immortal, Caroline. You have all the time in the world to be who you really are, just as you have the same amount of time to decide who you’re not.” He said insightfully. Caroline would probably defy the odds and remain more or less the same throughout her infinite number of years. He’s certain he’d still love her no matter how she ends up.

She found herself at a lack of words that the one person who could force her out of this decision is the one person who wasn’t even going to try. It was the ‘revenge or her’ decision all over again. Even when she wasn’t her normal self he still chose her. Her old self would be very conflicted over this realization.

“I really hope you’re not playing me, cause I’d hate to leave a trail of bodies throughout New Orleans.” She threatened, knowing full well that he wasn’t someone you could threaten so lightly.

“I assure you, my offer is quite genuine.” He confirmed. Truth be told she was no threat, even emotionless she wasn’t a killer. His city was the perfect place for someone in her mindset. The city was littered with humans who were quite susceptive to being fed on, and surely the countless parties each night should be more than adequate.

“You’re gonna have people watching me, aren’t you?” She assumed. Klaus chuckled, because to be honest he doubts he’d see much of her unless he seeks her out. So guards are the obvious solution.

“Don’t sound so surprised, love. You won’t even know they’re there.” He countered.

“Well, I guess that’s not the worst condition in the world.” She agreed. “Old me would be very grateful for this.” She said.

“I look forward to hearing from her.” He answered, not missing the odd look that flashed across her face.

“The clock starts now.” She whispered, laughing as he wrapped his arm around her waist and led them out of the bar.

Stefan gasped, his hand reaching up to grasp his neck. He quickly surfaced to his surroundings and looked around for any sign of Caroline. Letting out a low groan, he realized that calling Klaus might have been the worst decision to make. He thought for sure he’d have remedied this, instead he probably encouraged her. His eyes closed as realization sunk in.

They were gone.

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