mask of medusa

     “kid, go home before you get hurt. we’ve got this covered.”

Photocollage of John Hejduk’s Berlin Masques

“To the north is the silent audience, to the east the sub-masques for a single male inhabitant (selected by the city of Berlin), to the west a single female inhabitant (selected by the city of Berlin), and to the south, outside, is a steel frame element which support system for light (the sun works in the day) operates at night. Finally, at an entry-exit to the east, metal funnels (past), at the west entry-exit, a Medusa funnels. The male element, being in the past, looks towards the future, the female element, in the future, looks back to the past.” - John Hejduk

[Image from JOHN HEJDUK: MASK OF MEDUSA - WORKS 1947-1983]